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20th April 2014, 16:30
I've been listening to a few of these podcasts by New Earth Nation I particularly like this one because of the syncronicities in it. Michael Tellinger comes on to talk about the Ubuntu movement having just paid a fine imposed upon him by the South African authorities, could have been the end of his campaign if he didn't find the money.

I was wondering what people here thought of The Ubuntu movement is it a viable way of life for the future for all of us, or people like us here on this forum anyway, I personally think it is they've joined forces with New Earth Nation aswell what do people think about this?


20th April 2014, 17:51
I love the concept - especially the underlying sovereign human being message of the new earth nation. This is something I'm going to be following intently regarding how their communities actually evolve. Can't seem to find any references to their communities being in operation in the UK yet though... Funnily enough I emailed Sacha stone earlier today to ask about their progress in the UK

20th April 2014, 18:20
It seems more and more like the logical evolution for us as we disentangle ourselves from this centralised governance to self governance, would be interested to know what Sacha Stone has to say, as you said very little going on in the UK at the moment. I've started a discussion group locally to me, I'm introducing these subjects slowly but feel a lot of resistance to them from relatively awake people, I think attitudes will change as more is revealed to us.

20th April 2014, 18:28
I'll let you know if/when i get a reply from Sacha. :)

20th April 2014, 18:29
I have great respect for Michael Tellinger and his Ubuntu party. He is a courageous man. I do not vote as a rule but would break it for a Ubuntu candidate.

Thanks for the youtube link another long one. I am familiar with his work, though unaware of the fine. Could you say briefly why he was fined.

20th April 2014, 18:47
It seems the authorities hit him while he was away on a trip in Europe. He was unprepared for this so had to borrow off a friend and get it to whatever government agency the next day, sounds like their usual kind of tactics as the money wasn't due in for a while. It is a long one but well worth the time Andrew Bartzis is the host and there is plenty of good advice given about freewill sovereignty etc. Time well invested if you ask me.

20th April 2014, 19:04
One of the messages that I gleaned from looking at the Ubuntu movement is that the sensibilities of it arose organically from the way of life of the People that was most beautiful and it was not manufactured abstractly. I live in the US and my intention is of a sensibility that arises form the "Americans" and one based on the best of what is indigenous HERE. For example before the Us constitution and Bill of rights an ancient Confederacy had established Peace in a time of warring "nations". Benjamin Franklin did have close relationship with the Iroquois and appreciation for that political system.

I would need to describe the Iroquois he knew, not celluloid caricatures concocted from bogus history, but well-organized polities governed by a system that one contemporary of Franklin's, Cadwallader Colden, wrote had "outdone the Romans." Colden was writing of a social and political system so old that the immigrant Europeans knew nothing of its origins -- a federal union of five (and later six) Indian nations that had put into practice concepts of popular participation and natural rights that the European savants had thus far only theorized. The Iroquoian system, expressed through its constitution, "The Great Law of Peace," rested on assumptions foreign to the monarchies of Europe: it regarded leaders as servants of the people, rather than their masters, and made provisions for the leaders' impeachment for errant behavior. The Iroquois' law and custom upheld freedom of expression in political and religious matters, and it forbade the unauthorized entry of homes. It provided for political participation by women and the relatively equitable distribution of wealth. These distinctly democratic tendencies sound familiar in light of subsequent American political history -- yet few people today (other than American Indians and students of their heritage) know that a republic existed on our soil before anyone here had ever heard of John Locke, or Cato, the Magna Charta, Rousseau, Franklin, or Jefferson. http://www.ratical.org/many_worlds/6Nations/FFintro.html

My present understanding of reality is that there is a teleology of intention that is for a blossoming of knowing we are one, being true to difference and celebrating variety. It might not make sense to ever transfer any idea whole from one "place" to another in the world. But once We have greater coherent "sense" of value (and I mean the distilling of what we know is of importance), we can compare and contrast with other value systems.

IMO peace is concerning a state where one person or another person has great respect for the other having equal value. this is where heierarchy falls apart. It means too that we don't try to manage others and in turning to self, become whole. Then we interact with other wholes.

All this of my ideation has my own beliefs. I do not see "reality" made up of a homgenous sameness to be transferred one to another. What I see is that we each create a reality but based on the same ideasthat are principles. The principles are what IMO we will now uncover. then when a valued principle is embraced, we can see where it appears and if it looks like a means, adopt the means.

One principle I think that is not appreciated is the freedom we have to each explore without impinging on others. libertarians try to convey that freedom. But IF I believe what another does and believes must be changed, I will set about to place all my attention on manipulating that other. it is so small a scale when two individuals intend to change one another. It is huge when whole nations seek to change other nations "for the sake of beliefs".

Then there is the idea of limitation, scarcity, the innate "properness"of competition.

IMO a way of life that has the revelation that not only is there no need to "fight" for resources, but by sharing we enhance the flow of resource will be much more truly indigenous here. Like the Pacific Coast Nations where the "give away" was a way of achieving status, we can turn to our ancient wisdom of the Americas.

The first People who developed a wonderful understanding of the laws of peace did learn how to share as evidenced by the Confederacy that was stable for a thousand years before Europeans created the USA.

IMO there is a generosity here in the US that is part of our heritage.

Since this is about the Ubuntu movement, I do think that when we embrace anything with our whole heart we create its being TRUE. I have a great deal of faith that this IS the future...knowing our role in creation of everything that then becomes the life we lead. So people can start embracing their values and that is the future. Much love to Ubuntu and all who love it real, Maggie

20th April 2014, 19:39
Thanks for helping me feel into values.
I think nature is consciousness in the real matrix of our ground. it doen't matter to me how it was created because I do not expect to know.
However, I think it has made itself known in direct ways and in the great words of those who heard nature speak to them.

One of the disagreements I see in focus on a 'conspiracy" to prevent the workings of the "GOOD" is that it has backwards the agency of how "the future" is made. The future calls us in intention that we throw out and it then makes itself according to lawful acting out of the priciples in the intention.

IMO "Back to the land" is a GOOD. But my intention for it does not come from fear that drives me "out of the city" to hide from disaster. I see people who fear the future then cannot embrace the GOOD. For instance, why would I want to go to an "intentional community?" If I am afraid that I must create a "safe" place against the hordes, that vibration is embedded in the community. It will make the people fearful in its very intention.

So I think I would appreciate people in a community who "Just because" it is freeing to share, beautiful to grow food and keep chickens and ride horses, milk goats and be friends with the Devas, delightful (my mantra) to share labor and intimacy is fun come together to share that intention. Without needing to create a charter to regulate against freeloading, against shirkers and shifters, making laws to "prevent" bad behavior, the Poeple who know they value the experience are the RIGHT vibration to just have this vision of peace, harmony, abundance and free time.

IMO "Back to the Land" is a "place" to feel the connection of the sentience of consciousness in nature. But I do not believe we have to ditch modern conveniences, just make them more elegant and learn from those who heard Nature already.

So there is a "new" way of life I dream about that is "the new earth" and draws only the digested parts of the old. It does not need the old stories to use forward. The New earth relationship finds us in intimate conscious partnership and it FEELS wonderful to be alive in communion.

IMO the strange moment we are in now is that there are people like me who can FEEL the Good is palpable and are losing fear that the "Dream" we each have can happen. The New Earth will accommodate billions of versions and they will be harmonic.

20th April 2014, 20:11
What a beautiful and insightful post Delight, you covered a lot of ground there I think that where you are coming from is universal and will be more and more apparent in the coming months and years. I'm not that familiar with the US and what America was originally but the UK is a country that is full of stuffy tradition of pomp ceremony and pontificating philosophers but I believe underneath that lies a land and a heart that used to be inhabited by druids and witches, people who worked with energy and lived in communities, its still here its just been covered by layer upon layer of lies and deception since the Romans got here. That personal freedom which you speak of is still here too, people haven't forgotten and many are now rising from their slumber so what to do?

At the moment everything seems so treacly, you know that feeling of wading through mud, all of the false pretences that people have picked up through centuries of servitude are still very much in place, open discussions about subjects such as spirituality often end in disagreement and anger as we hold on to our belief systems and ideas of how love works, but changes are definitely a foot. I'm excited about this movement as at its core as you point out its about people making the decisions and I also find the concept of a new exchange for energy system that Tellinger goes into very interesting. I want to align the discussion group with these ideologies but like I say I'm getting resistance at the moment, maybe this grand crosss alignment will break down the energy fields and inundate us with long lost knowledge from our respective cultures regarding how to build and sustain communities incorporating technology and ego's after all these years of suppression. Doesn't seem so crazy now ;)

20th April 2014, 20:27
Yes Delight, that's what I get from Bartzis, Tellinger etc they all talk about sovereign freewill at the core of their message doing things for the purpose of evolution not survival, I can imagine the horses the chickens the music, harmony and organic food, everything is there waiting for us but we do have to extricate ourselves from the system of domination and control and IMO that is both an individual and collective phenomena. Are you familiar with Andrew Bartzis' contract removal documents?

20th April 2014, 21:08
Yes Delight, that's what I get from Bartzis, Tellinger etc they all talk about sovereign freewill at the core of their message doing things for the purpose of evolution not survival, I can imagine the horses the chickens the music, harmony and organic food, everything is there waiting for us but we do have to extricate ourselves from the system of domination and control and IMO that is both an individual and collective phenomena. Are you familiar with Andrew Bartzis' contract removal documents?

I do know about Bartzis. Do the contract removals work for you? I am focusing on "agreement release" too because I find that the hierarchy and system beliefs are in my core.

I am in some extremes. For instance, I feel an outlaw but I willing to wrestle with my fears at the moment of breaking the law. Not knowing how "things" will work out, I still feel supported by my whole being in ignoring the government.

My value is that all the licenses we are asked to maintain feel oppressive and get more complicated every day. A couple of years ago, my drivers license expired and I needed to prove myself by having a birth certificate as a citizen. It felt so onerous to have to get this and I lost my birth certificate. The path of least resistance was "ignore it". The treacley feeling you referenced is exactly the way it feels. Since then I have been revoking my acceptance (and acceptance goes DEEP) and let all my documentation and everything just lapse.

I am not setting out to do anything, but to let go of all my beliefs I MUST do anything. I do FEEL that this will Break out in a GOOD way because I am not supporting what feels unwelcome.

Personally I cannot work in the system. So I stopped working and at the moment have NO idea how this will work out and it actually looks precarious. But I sense my reality creation stands in my own values as revealed by the way it FEELS.

It came to me that this is my radical stand for just ignoring what I do not accept is workable. I see a world where we know one another by signatures. It is border-less in government, community and heritage in preferences. But it is a conscious preference.

We don't believe we are Brits or Americans or have labels. We have knowing of what "works" to evolve as beings and have passed by the need to legislate for management. Yes, it is radical. When I check in with myself, I feel integrity in that just because it feels "good", I will just do that. ALSO, I am willing to change my mind and everyday I am in prayer that wisdom and the means show up.

So next week, I may get all licensed up if that makes sense. Who knows how my mind an be changed and my heart say YES...get that license. I feel response-able.

20th April 2014, 21:43
Great to hear you Delight, I enjoy reading your posts, I believe we understand each other.
I have had some encouraging results from the revocations, to start with nothing really happened I mean people talk about energetic shifts and whilst I don't doubt them, I didn't really have an automatic reaction to saying them out loud. However since I started using them lots of good things have started happening that go along with living in tune with nature and less with the centralised system of domination and control.

I've started singing in a band which feels very freeing, I've also changed a lot regarding diet I've been feeling powerless for quite some time now but definitely feel more empowered as a result and again this wasn't from one day to another its kind of unfolding over time, its almost as if I've got to the stage that I can see the entanglement (bills, contracts, false people etc) I can work out how to undo the knot after a very long time of the knot being so ****ing complicated that I kept on giving up on it.

I dont know how much of a influence the revocations are having in the bigger picture, but I certainly feel they are helping me, as the energies shift on this planet they are helping me see things from a perspective of, I don't need that way of thinking anymore, I am being given permission to dream again something I haven't done in earnest for a long time now.

20th April 2014, 21:45
Just one more post about "contracts". I had a friend who was a mystic and a shadow worker. She was a most lovely person and her energy was fearless. She took on helping people with the split off parts of self trauma pushes into the Underworld. She also helped revoke contracts by taking them to what she invisioned as a real "Universal Court". the way I recall her description is like a judges bench where energies "sit". She would go and plead the case for releasing the contracts. It involved tension as she saw "light"and "dark" energies to persuade.

When she helped release energies of clients, she felt the energies herself. When she developed cancer, she told me that she thought it was that she had retained darkness she helped others release.

However long before she was "ill",she told me she was sick of being in dense form. Therefore I think she chose a way to depart form the body. She was not afraid of death at all. On the other hand, she had not had a wonderful a time on earth with a lover, a great home life and being playing with people who understood her. IMO we can have the "life" we want and there we used to argue a bit.

I also will subscribe to energies but i see them all as reflected form US as multidimensional fully realized energteic beings. So my take on Universal Court is that it is my court. Also, I believe in the power to renegotiate with ourselves and that we can each retrieve the hidden aspects "under" ground we were unable to acknowledge "before" we retrieve them.

So the way I picture it, I have a contract with authority. I believe it exists even though i don't like it. Rebelling is the other side of the coin. My rebellion has lasted eons and has had deep wounds from fighting. I am asking that authority and rebellion be dissolved.

I show up at Universal court with this contract and find a circle of my own energy and take a place of awareness. I present the contract and with each aspect of me, take the "time" to neutralize the agreement.

To have no laws means I must trust my honesty and integrity and most of all the Benevolence at work for Good.
To have no borders means the frame of reference "cannot keep out" others.
To need no police, I must have no idea of needing protection.
To have no license actually means I would not expect anyone else to prove they are "entitled".....

I see how this goes for me is dealing with my trust in my own integrity. For me, contract revocation is being conscious in the whole of me...Is this contract still relevant? It is not "for no reason" that I ever entered into these agreements (with MYSELF). If the reason is no longer valid, I feel the contract dissolves totally. That is what my story says.

20th April 2014, 22:18
I've been listening to a few of these podcasts by New Earth Nation I particularly like this one because of the syncronicities in it. Michael Tellinger comes on to talk about the Ubuntu movement having just paid a fine imposed upon him by the South African authorities, could have been the end of his campaign if he didn't find the money.

I was wondering what people here thought of The Ubuntu movement is it a viable way of life for the future for all of us, or people like us here on this forum anyway, I personally think it is they've joined forces with New Earth Nation as well what do people think about this?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FGWE2HXwfA&feature=player_embedded#t=0I don't know anything about the New Earth Nation (first time I've heard of it) and I haven't listened to the interview (yet), but I've been a proponent of Michael Tellinger's Contributionist Society (aka Ubuntu Movement) for a few years now and have posted a few things on PA regarding it. Unfortunately, there seems to be very little support for such a movement--even among Avalonians (maybe we aren't quite as enlightened and caring about each other and our environment as we pretend to be).

While I won't go so far as to say it is our Shangri-La, I do believe it is light years beyond our current governmental/monetary control systems. Could such a system be corrupted and perverted as our current systems obviously have been? Possibly, but I think it would be far harder to do so. And I have yet to hear a convincing argument as to why it wouldn't or couldn't work, but there are plenty who will dismiss it out of hand for all kinds of non-sensible reasons. I don't know whether people don't want to consider such a concept because they are afraid of such a radical departure from what they've known all their life, or if it's because they really (perhaps subconsciously) still like the idea of possession, classes, hierarchy and authoritarian control.

I think we all have a lot of soul searching to do before we truly begin to understand who we are and why we so desperately cling to ideas and behaviors that are clearly at odds with our environment and living in peace and harmony with each other.

21st April 2014, 07:33
Nicely put ceetee, the concept does seem to be overlooked by many as a possible alternative, but I do believe the numbers are growing, slowly at the moment, but in the not too distant future as the system we currently abide by crashes and burns and we are forced to look at our evolution then I believe there will be more urgency.

I agree with you about having to cut ties and not wanting to until absolutely necessary, we are energetically so entwined in the system of domination and control and for so long now that in order for us to turn our backs on it and walk away we need to see right through it and to its roots so we can understand what has happened, I believe this will enable us to live together in harmony once again, it might take a while but the outline from Bartzis, Tellinger, Stone etc seems viable to me especially when you bring things like free energy to the table.

Apart from the fear of the unknown I think people have a fear of having all that space to get to know themselves, less urgency and energy given to the way the current system eats up our time and more emphasis on doing the inner work the shadow work that is conveniently avoided by having full lives in the present paradigm.

22nd April 2014, 12:47
Bump! Come on Avalon, weigh in on this. Surely most of you will have an opinion on this system. Let's here it.