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23rd April 2014, 04:30

(TBTB = The B"st@rds That Be)


They seem to be losing. They are getting increasingly sloppy.
Are they desperate?
Perhaps they see that their power is ebbing away every day, and are desperate
to achieve key objectives, like Gun control in the US, before they are swamped
by any number of rising challenges facing TBTB.

Some months ago, "Plane" on Time Monk Radio proposed a strategy for beating them.

This is a good discussion, especially the last 1/4 or so, after 1 hour:

The Plane Truth ~ Hollywoodization of Terror/News - PTS 3052

= wxwtS-wd0qk =

(an under-appreciated conversation with only 567 views, and 6 likes,
perhaps people did not hear the vital last part after 1:03.)

Strategy #1: Beat them to show the public are Aware of the Conspiracy
(and the ridicule factor will melt away)

At 1:21 hours, a few minutes before the end, Plane says:

(I paraphrase here):
"We need to find an issue where we can clearly beat them....
Where we can get the support of 20% or more, and defeat their agenda."

Once we do that, the Ridicule Factor, "one of their biggest weapons" will melt away.

IMO, Malaysia 370 has a decent chance of being THAT needed issue, and on a Global basis.

(This was originally posted on the Matthias Chang thread):

23rd April 2014, 05:16
Just walk away.


23rd April 2014, 05:38
Nice one!

Strategy#2 : WALK AWAY from "their" candidates

I may work. It can work.
But unfortunately, if you walk away from One of the Two Major parties in the US,
and vote for a guy leading the Other major party: You are still supporting one of the two Ruling Class Parties.

For some decades in the US, the President has not been Elected, he has been SELECTED, with both major
parties running politicians who are "owned" in some fashion by TBTB, the top elites.

What do we see in 2016?
Do you really want to have to pick between Hillary Clinton, and Jeb Bush?
Is that any sort of choice?

So walk away?
Yes ! But walk so far away, that you are not walking into another flytrap constructed by TBTB.

23rd April 2014, 12:34
They are getting sloppy because they don't care. They think they have already won. They think there is no way that we can stop them. but... they are wrong.

23rd April 2014, 12:44
Nice one!

But unfortunately, if you walk away from One of the Two Major parties in the US,
and vote for a guy leading the Other major party: You are still supporting one of the two Ruling Class Parties.

That's not walking away.
That is making a different choice in their game.

23rd April 2014, 12:58
#1- Quit being afraid. #2-Drop judgement of each other and unify. #3-Stay connected to Creator and walk the walk every day. That's a start.

23rd April 2014, 13:56
Strategy#3 : Live without Fear; act from a connection to the Creator

Too many fear the elite, and are unwilling to oppose them.
Fear-based intimidation has been a strong weapon used by the elites. The more that challenge them (in an effective way), the less effective their intimidation will be.

This is why I have suggested the creation of a New SAFE HAVEN for whistleblowers - to reduce the risks that whistleblowers take,
so they will have less fear of recriminations:


23rd April 2014, 14:14
Strategy#4 : The "NO FLY List"

I have to give Neal Keenan credit for this idea. He spoke about it in his latest Update.

He is saying a "No Fly List" will be drawn up, to keep cabal members from getting on aircraft

NFK update 20140415 01: No Fly Lists

= 9KQ0qW1-qGc =

"It's almost over. The Chinese and Russians are working together."
"They are looking to Buy things without using the Petro-Dollar."
"When we catch them doing things they should not be doing, we should arrest them."
"We should not be talking about conciliatory meetings... They do not want that; they want WW3."

"We need NO FLY LISTS... so the Elites cannot fly around the world stirring up trouble."
= =

It seems like a good idea.
- And FAR safer to discuss this than violence - a non-productive and dangerous strategy.

He could mean something more serious, than simply stopping their flights - most have private aircraft anyway.
Perhaps he really means a list of people who should be exiled or ...
(in some fashion) removed from positions of power. We don't want them to be giving orders any more.

23rd April 2014, 15:21
No fly list for the cabal!!! lol, ridiculous, they have private jets, jump rooms to Mars and Moon, flying saucers, what is the no fly list on technologies dating from 2 centuries ago?

23rd April 2014, 15:23
Read it carefully, Flash.

Would you rather he call the List something else
-- a "List of Dangerous People", a Cabal List, or an Enemies-of-Democracy List, perhaps ?

I think calling it a No Fly List is a true stroke of genius.
Not so dangerous for Neal to talk about that, as if he had called it something else.

Perhaps it would be worthwhile to compile such a list.
But if you do, I suggest putting NO NAMES on it, maybe just describing the sort
of behavior would get someone's name put on to it.