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23rd April 2014, 14:17
as time goes on seeing the world right now and where is heading just make me sick...i can't stand it any longer with this crap.

as i have hearing our lovely Australia Goverment going to raise age pension to 70 and going to hit hard on lower-middle class especially those on welfare which cost so called freaking tax payers money. This make my blood boiled even more.why are we focusing too much on economics numbers but not how we can have quality of life? why life have to get tougher and tougher? We human going backward.

i simply don't freaking get it...people are just so into physicality full of illusions.

i said few time about dying, i'm not thinking about sucide anything and this might sound bad when i said it but just how i feel..recently on the news mention people died, i was happy for them and i glad they died leave this earth. they will dearly miss and bless them.

IF there's selection of depopulation program thing happen or any death require involve i be first guy to sign up...some people fear of Doomsday event but i don't. i'm so god damn tired and sick of earth.

23rd April 2014, 14:24
:frusty: :hug:

I know gooey smilies don't cut it, but hey...

With Love

23rd April 2014, 14:26
The solution and the ONLY solution that will make ALL of this go away is for the PEOPLE to wake up!
But unfortunately, that is the hardest thing to accomplish (yes I know, many are waking up) and until that time, things will spiral down and life will only get tougher. It's sad to say but nevertheless it is the truth. :(

23rd April 2014, 14:28
A good portion of people will not live to see their pensions due to all the poisons in our food, water and skies slowly killing our bodies.... The ptb can keep churning out the so called data that people are living longer - but this is not true.

Raising the age of retirement also ensures longer enslavement with people feeling insecure where jobs are becoming scarce and keeping people in fear and unsure of their future. It creates a modus operendi that one works for the machine until you drop dead.

And I bet they will not stop at 70 - the age will just keep rising, adding more tax dollars to a kitty very few will ever get to reap.

Yeah... It all stinks.

23rd April 2014, 14:36
"Allow yourself to have any emotion that comes up! Most of suffering is caused by suppression! " -Teal Swan- 2013-05-16

Know that this too shall pass. :hug:

23rd April 2014, 14:43

things going to get worst in Australia both Federal and State level.

23rd April 2014, 14:56
Australia is run by Freemasonry. It is a police state. Population have no rights other than to obey.
Just like the EU and US.
All run from Switzerland through the agencies of the Vatican, DC, C of London etc. ALL are committed to our extermination. And the people still watch telly! lol

It isn't the politicians that are at fault, not directly, the focus of change should be the replacement of the lobbyists who impact influence on the politicians. Making them disappear is your challenge.

Pointless, killing yourself anyway, unless martyrdom to cleansing political lobbying should become your epitaph.

You are not alone, the UK is crap too.

23rd April 2014, 15:16
I feel you, I was thinking of that this morning. It's graduation time therefore, test time. Riding the emotional nerves of all that's around you and trying to stay aware and not let the problems bring you down. I get it, but what stops me from actually asking for it to end, is that since I've awakened, I know there is still a little more truth to spread in areas that aren't being considered now, in my neck of the woods. Some are there, but their ego says, "Oh yeah, I remember seeking. Been there, done that type attitude. They don't congratulate others who have just begun to discover the veil on their minds.

Oh well, until the mission is done, my children and grandchildren need me to spread the corruption files of the last century to the farthest hills and urban areas of music.

=[Post Update]=

Can we make them disappear, or is that going in the dark side to cause harm? I wonder about that sometimes, since they want us to disappear and just leave the docile and ignorant to follow orders the corporate influence pay to put in.

I imagine those rituals are for something. Beit plane crash, fire home or auto crash, they aren't sacrificing children for nothing.

23rd April 2014, 15:16
Don't worry, an arm of the Hunab Ku is currently passing through us fixing known bugs in the human race so don't be excessively concerned about it.

Lots of people live very healthy and fulfilling lives. There are plenty of great things going on.

Raising the pension age to 70 is just a reflection on the fact that folks are living longer. I hope I'm still working at 70 cos I'd probably die of boredom otherwise - either that or take off cycling round the world :)

I don't know if you're old enough to remember the Soviet Union, but it was the biggest Empire even known to man one day and gone the next. So the things you are identifying as 'rotten' may just be the outer crust of a dying age which is actually protecting the inner embryo of a new one till it's mature enough to emerge and break off it's shell.

Everything will be fine.

23rd April 2014, 15:19

things going to get worst in Australia both Federal and State level.

And I will work night and day, hand in glove to stop this corporate privatize jerk. I'll never put my life in a corporate for profit's hands, unless it's the ER, because of all I know. I use natural holistic foods and herbs and now they want control of that too. They'll strip the good and put in the bad for higher profits, no doubt. Can't be trusted, because they've been busted. Be a fool to listen to these people, but it's good to KNOW who they are and their intent so they never set foot in the government offices to do the harm intended.

23rd April 2014, 15:21
It isn't the politicians that are at fault, not directly, the focus of change should be the replacement of the lobbyists who impact influence on the politicians. Making them disappear is your challenge.

The lobbyists aren't the problem as much as whoever it is with the literal or metaphorical gun to the head of the given politician. I think elites around the world are getting scared... of something.

23rd April 2014, 15:27
It isn't the politicians that are at fault, not directly, the focus of change should be the replacement of the lobbyists who impact influence on the politicians. Making them disappear is your challenge.

The lobbyists aren't the problem as much as whoever it is with the literal or metaphorical gun to the head of the given politician. I think elites around the world are getting scared... of something.

I quite agree to a point, however, using your analogy why don't we point our literal and metaphorical efforts to the head of each of our politicians. Let us be the lobbyists. Let us write the laws.

23rd April 2014, 15:29
Put the wires under the ground, or have direct connection underground box connection waterproof. Fiber optics is what they use under the dumbs, eh? Perhaps it's time to change the way the electricity is distributed. I've seen the distribution charges and if you look this is high and they act like they have to come out and light the grid power to your home every month when all they do is flip the switch and read the meter. Robbing us blind in state, federal and now(corporate taxes) fees for serving. Like a tip taken from your wallet w/out permission. If you'd have known this would also require paying for distribution every month for every home or business for years and years on end and they never "consider a cleaner energy source besides dirty coal, fractured surface gassing, and offshore oil spilling as a solution. They even bomb countries that don't want to play their oil currency game, at the expense of their children and grandchildren's clean air or water.

Sick, sick, sick minds with the god of $$ are disturbed/maladjusted beyond reason.

23rd April 2014, 15:33
I think of the old paradigm as "the sack" around the child that "will" rupture and give birth to a whole new world, whether they want it or not, and they KNOW IT.

In fact, I KNOW IT. I FEEL it and it's so good, you can taste it. Freedom, peace, justice, rights for the future and LOVE for the planet and all of it's living beings on the planet, and that scares them the most.

23rd April 2014, 15:49
Happens to AAmericans all the time. Barely ever make it to retirement age and any funds left in the kitty, if a family member is doing hard times, they aren't able to access it, unless they are mentally disabled. If they become disabled before the age, they have to have had at least 10 years of work in for the lowest amount which is about 397.00 below poverty line and then go for benefits. If they have a deceased parent they may if you ask them go into that fund to ensure that the person has a income monthly. If a car accident puts them in a wheel chair, that's the benefit amount they receive, if they use their parent's and don't have enough years of labor/work or retirement savings put aside. Really sad part about it is all the money goes to these monopolized entities, and when you can't pay they take your assets, instead of adjust it to your income with substidized rent.
there is a balance from the first day you worked, with the company's and the federal government's share matched for Social Security, because the government sometimes steals, borrows, or taps into that Trust. WE learned that when Reagan Republicans changed the "DO NOT TOUCH TRUST LAWS" and he and Bush 1 "IOU's left us in 2 trillion deficit.

So that is just one of the people's TRUST loopholes that needs to be closed so the politicians can't use it for "kitty/assets" for borrowing against. They will sell the house out from under us, if we don't stop them. Democrats can be TOLD AND THEY KNOW THEY BETTER LISTEN TO KEEP THEIR CINCHY JOBS AND BENEFITS. KOCH republicants don't worry because their lobbyist staff, keeps their coffers full to stop truth. WE just love the battle of truth and consequences for "telling lies to the voters." LOL

It's silly season again, and they're chipping away to try and gain hoodwinking traction to keep the Stale stagnant Senate, and House.

Boy, I can't wait to dish up all the truth I've found in their WS connections. Chris Christie wouldn't have stood a chance anyway. He helped cause the mortgage crisis on wall street and KNEW the bubble was about to burst before it did. He'll do that same dirty deed for Joisey or the nation with the same KOCH Realtor companies sinking the economy again. Hope people learned to throw the bums out, even if they are in their own party, because it was the ONLY way Democrats ears perked up and heard our loud mouths of conviction. Republicans have at least 300 corporate/people to throw out in their party that want nothing but conquest and oil wars, minus regulation that keeps them from stealing from US.

I like Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders. Bernie because he's independent and thinks about the WHOLE COUNTRY, not the one percent who are doing just great pillaging since the recession caused by Republican Rubber Stampers.

23rd April 2014, 16:05
Allow the negative emotions to be expressed for a few moments, then be done with them. Focus on all the things for which you are grateful. I promise you that you will never find the end of your gratitude list. The list is infinite. The list of sorrows and regrets can be labeled and counted in short order. Embrace the wonders of this life and all it has to offer. They are not yet in control of every single aspect of our lives, and certainly not of our thoughts. Do not allow them to control your emotions. Chose to be in this world, not of it.

Again, give short attention to issues that directly affect you and make a plan for use in handling them. Only allow a small percentage of your waking hours to be devoted to negativity. Remember, that which you resist will persist. Create a world you desire by simply thinking of it continuously. Sounds trite, but it is the essence of truth in this universe. We create our own reality and experience, no one else can.

Love and blessing, Conk

23rd April 2014, 16:13
More will be demanded of us to sustain the system of those that manipulate, lie and deceive their populations. They will pollute the air that we breath, they will contaminate the water that the population drinks, they will do what ever it takes to sustain the system for their own self centred purposes, for political and economic power. Ultimately it will back fire on them, but they will be the last to be affected, so they believe. But a time will come and is approaching when they will get a big shock, and the system of lies and deceit will crumble and become like dust.

23rd April 2014, 18:19
as time goes on seeing the world right now and where is heading just make me sick...i can't stand it any longer with this crap.

A question, not asked in jest, in disagreement or out of spite:

If you play by other people's rules and suffer, why do you keep on playing?

As for your rhetorical question: economic growth supports our debt-interest monetary system which underpins our current way to run economies which are based on social history.

Is there a better way? A Different way?


When will we transition? When this one has run it's course - in due time.

23rd April 2014, 18:20
Some of the older Marvel comics show the NWO destroying Australia first.
There was a weird one about Alien Invasion, but the point of the comic was that Australia was some sort of testing ground and would suffer far more than the rest of the so-called Civilized World.

It showed weather warfare and all sorts of awful things, people being rounded up and killed, etc.

But back to the thread title, yes! I too am sick of the crap -- it's not fair to the elderly.
People in Israel self-immolated recently over the lack of help for disabled and elderly in some situations...

It's horrible to think that this will be happening everywhere.
that this sort of pressure has become mainstream and somehow Normal.

it's NOT natural, normal... it's EVIL pure and simple.

i would love to see those people rot in hell, the ones doing this to the poor and the elderly and disabled.

23rd April 2014, 18:58
The way they are going you will have to work until you find out you have six months to live , then they will say you can retire ...it errks me to see the little ole lady at 75 yrs old working the checkout at Wal-Mart ... I came to the same conclusion two days ago , I made peace with it all , I'm ready to go , death is really a birth and an end to suffering the evil of earth mankind ... spending your life working for the dollar is not living , growing in intellect , experiencing art , watching the sunset , wading in a creek , hiking a beautiful countryside , putting your toes in the sand and feeling the warmth of the sun on your face ,the first cup of joe , the last of the ice cream , or just stargazing in silence in july laying on the grass , now that's living , everything else is a distraction ...

24th April 2014, 01:00
I empathize 100%

I've invested most of my life in a new way of being, believing it to be just around the corner. Instead of which, things have only got worse and worse. Ugh - I won't write any more about how I feel.

Hang on in there Apokalypse - things are bad, but that actually is a sign that a new dawn is approaching. If that day should be after you and I have finished here, so be it. Whatever happens, hang on to your personal integrity and KNOW that you are right even though those around you don't yet know it. :wizard:

Dennis Leahy
24th April 2014, 02:13
There was a lot of research involved in writing/editing The Reset Button (and it really is a synthesis of many thinker's thoughts), but there was also a lot of pondering and analysis done once there was sufficient data to see a "big picture."

That document was written specifically for the US citizens, simply because each country has laws, traditions, and quirks that have to be considered. The exact same thing that could work in the US would not work in Australia or France, or Canada... (without diving deeply into the national legal differences, and changing them.)

But, that said, under the microscope, there are some realities that are shared between nations:
The "representatives" do not represent the people, are not "of" the people, and were not really selected by the people. The representatives (PMs in Oz or Congresspersons in the US, for example) were carefully and quietly vetted by the Elite to make sure they are "of the Elite agenda." They were pre-selected by the Elite, and then citizens have the illusion of a democratic election by choosing between candidates who were ALL pre-selected by the Elite.

We make a mistake when we see these as genuine and good people who have their arms twisted by bribes and lobbying. They are not "good guys temped to do bad things", they are already "bad guys", corrupt the day they are pre-selected, vetted, and anointed by the Elite whom they dream to be part of and to whom they hold complete loyalty.

So, there is no way to "fix" them. They are not broken and need of repair - they are crooked, aligned with the Elite, and in need of having their asses kicked out of government, permanently.

This is universal. However, the notion that anyone and everyone who would seek to be (or would acquiesce to the service of being) a representative of the people is on a path to corruption is NOT correct. There is a very good reason that it appears to be this way: the corrupt Elite OWN/CONTROL the electoral paradigm, and funnel corrupt people into government positions as their representatives. Like George Carlin says, "It's a big club, and you ain't in it!" That club is the Elite, and they currently control the entire electoral paradigm in [_______________] <--- (insert your country name here.)

So, you can pick out one specific problem and make it your niche activism, if you want to frustrate yourself to death, or you can look at the big picture and recognize that your government (and my government) is filled with people that represent the Elite, and must be simultaneously dismissed - all of them. Secondly, the entire entire electoral paradigm of your nation (the structure and mechanism of elections - especially the quietly hidden parts), needs to be transformed into a new system that actually ensures that everyone in office represents citizens, and NO ONE in office represents the Elite. Then, and only then, a new election is held.

Does that solve all problems? No. But it takes the Elite out of control, and allows citizens to actually work toward solutions to the problems - solutions the Elite's representatives would NEVER have touched, because what ordinary citizens see as real problems are never seen as problems by the Elite. For them, they are "opportunities" that work in their favor.

Bottom-up, community-based solutions are a critical part of the overall solution as well, but are not the entire solution. The top-down solution cannot just be ignored because it is too hard - or else some very bad people will remain in control of all of the biggest domestic and foreign policy issues.

So, what does all of this have to do with this thread's original post? I see a good, compassionate person ("apokalypse") that desperately wants change to happen. There are thousands, maybe even millions, of people like us and we need direction. An effective plan and a comprehensive strategy toward real change.


24th April 2014, 11:48
i'm watching that right now as i type...Max Igan is spot on what he said around 5:40:00 "we have taught through education system, this is the has to be way and we have never set figure out on our own". that statement is so true...people around me discussing within the system never outside of the system but if go outside then considering you conspiracies nut.

Seeing my cousin study 24/7 such at young age just make me sick. instead of focusing on spirituality which never will or focusing on getting them have critical thinking but study abc-123 to become something when they grow up, some of you know how Asian study ready hard and parents working hard spent alot of money on tutorial for their kids.

don't know what you guys think of Max Igan but he speak from my heart and feel deeply from inside...he's a real deal one of us.