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25th April 2014, 09:32

"Published on Sep 21, 2013
Thank you for tuning in and sharing!

Throughout history, numerous clues and hints regarding geometry and frequency have been staring at us, calling to us, and waiting for us to put them into place like pieces of a giant puzzle. Here at the dawn of a new age, this sonic-geometric puzzle is finally nearing completion, revealing the building blocks of a language based on energy, frequency and form.
How will we use it? With whom will we be communicating? Now that we know the basics of this new language, maybe we are ready to begin the conversation.... again?

(This Video has been cut for youtube requirements, please stay tuned for a full 11:11 minute version of the sonic tones! Thank you for watching...)"

25th April 2014, 10:02
that is quite something -- you might also like this: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?68229-The-Oracle-Chamber-of-Malta-2500-B.C.-Archaeoacoustics-Account-for-Miracle-Technology&p=794677&highlight=malta+oracle+chamber#post794677

7th February 2014 13:28

weirdly posted right before the first recent Avalon broadcast from Malta, which put me in a snit lol


"when the speaker is in the oracle room, his voice is heard throughout the entire complex"

isn't that the creepiest thing considering?


12th February 2014 15:19

only 5 days apart, haha

and now:


Yesterday 10:25

something important is happening :(

edit: can't stop thinking of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skynet_(satellite) lol

With technical assistance from Philco Ford
Launched with Astra 1A, the first of the European Astra satellite constellation
Marconi Space Systems merged to form Matra Marconi Space in 1990. MMS acquired BAe Space Systems in 1994.
In 2000 MMS merged with DASA's space division to form Astrium.
BAE Systems sold its 25% share of Astrium, renamed EADS Astrium


Skynet (Terminator) name coincidence for a sinister Military Defense computer network in the Terminator movie series, which becomes self-aware and tries to wipe out humanity. The film was written many years after the first Skynet satellite launched.

Skynet is a fictional, self-aware artificial intelligence system which features centrally in the Terminator franchise and serves as the franchise's main antagonist. Rarely depicted visually in any of the Terminator media, Skynet's operations are almost exclusively performed by war-machines, cyborgs (usually a Terminator), and other computer systems, with the goal of exterminating the human race.