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How do you think the minority control the majority?

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Psychological, and sociological conditioning is another ploy, people are best controlled when they don't even know they are being controlled, and keeping each other in check without the need for government interference.

28th April 2014, 02:17
In other words, as the CIA motto has it: Trust No One.

Perfect way to screw over every single bit of actual information, too. (Oddly enough....:p) This document is the perfect description of how to sow doubt and take down every legitimate source, every time. A CIA Guidebook.

A thousand shades of doubt, no doubt...... Works every time. "We told you so, beforehand, publically. Illuminati Code of Honor, sucker."

Good (and bad) advice.

Read and think beyond, my friends. See clearly at all times.



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The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies (http://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm)

Curses! Some of these were my secret 'win a losing argument' tricks! Curse the PTB for tainting my shenanigens!!!

Yes, absolutely essential reading. (grumble grumble grumble)

28th April 2014, 04:20
It's a very good book IMO, we actually discussed it last year on another thread (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?62264-Discerning-Alien-Disinformation) but it's worth a 'bump'.
This statement:

Disinformation also uses selective evidence to support false conclusions.
reminds me of a friend who was telling me that our bodies' "vibrational frequencies" are rising because the Schumann Resonance of the planet is rising...so we would be ascending real soon...this was around 2007...I thought he had a point :o

28th April 2014, 11:39
Excellent Post and a very good start to a conversation that will be healthy but uncomfortable for many... Especially for some of those who subscribe strongly to certain TYPES of information about our past and coming future that has come from sources mentioned in the first post above! IMHO. Some people hold on to Channeling and RV like it is a religion.

I practiced RV for many years an know how powerful it is, and also know how powerful Remote Influencers are who can taint data... as well as the AI and technical abilities that black op's groups have to make any individual FEEL they are being contacted and channeling information from "Elders", "Ancients" you name it. These few statements alone will anger some so I will stop there as to not loose sight of the message of the thread... Discernment! :tape2:

Very timely thread as we are smack in the middle of a Massive Disinfo Project right now by the Cabal to pre-empt information coming out very soon about them.

28th April 2014, 21:04
This has good points to bear in mind. We should always have discernment when dealing with any source. But at the same time, just because you can conceive of a way that something could be disinformation, doesn't mean that it is. So often people treat their suspicions as evidence of something. Well, I have a suspicion....that this document could have been written to sow doubt on sources of information revealing too much truth. It can lead people to despair that there is no way to ever get at the truth, because all there is just layers and layers of shams within shams that are indistinguishable from truths. It's a good way to keep people afraid to ever trust anything, no matter how convincing. Actually, the more convincing something is, it may just be seen by some as evidence that it was designed to be convincing and must be something hatched by a devious evil genius with unlimited resources and abilities. It's a great way to make people feel like they are wandering in a giant maze with no exit. You know....just a suspicion.

I could probably conceive of a way that everything I think I know is a lie, but that doesn't make it so. So what can you do? Who can you trust? There's no easy answer, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to say. I would say inquire within....listen to your gut, your heart, your intellect in the form of critical thinking, and your intuition. Not everyone, of course, will have developed these things enough to be able to rely on them. So, I would say first work on yourself, and work on your mind. And learn how to temporarily suspend your disbelief and belief in order to explore various sources and claims. And also try to bear in mind that something can be disinfo, but unintentionally so. Some things can be psyops, but psyops that we are performing on ourselves. And also, sometimes disbelief can be even more gullible than belief, if it leads you to overlook the fine particulars of something which should indicate truthfulness.