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30th April 2014, 10:11
Interesting article from The Tap

When Garibaldi’s armies marched into Rome in 1848, it was found that the Roman Catholic Church was walling-up, burning alive and also lowering victims - heretics and liberals, into giant ovens.
The Vatican Church dungeons, discovered there, were opened up for the public to see (interestingly similar to what was done after WW2 when the Nazi camps were also opened for public viewing?)
Although I have seen, in a film, pictures of just what was displayed to the public, I can’t find anything on a www image search.
Has there been an attempt to delete these events, and the photographic record, from history?
These events and the pictures are detailed in a film by Adulum Productions called ‘Tares Among the Wheat’


The film also details the discovery that the Inquisition was still in full operation at the Convent of Santo Domingo in Mexico, exposed by H Grattan Guinness in his book City of Seven Hills, (1891).
The evidence was presented in an English Baptist Church publication called The Sword and the Trowel’, spring edition 1873 (see link below)
The article was written by the ‘Prince of Preachers’ Mr Charles Spurgeon, minister of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, in South London.
The Sword and the Trowel is still in publication - although todays reverent gentlemen at the Metropolitan Tabernacle are peculiarly reluctant to discuss this and other related matters.
Have the Jesuits infiltrated ALL the Protestant churches? Even the godly Baptist Churches, and London’s famous ‘Met Tab’? I suspect, sadly, yes.
The following is from the Metropolitan Tabernacle publication called ‘The Sword and Trowel’, January 1873:

"The times changed, and being no longer able to burn the heretics and the excommunicated publicly, the holy office found means of putting them to death without the shedding of blood and for the glory of God, by means of walling-up and ovens."The walling-up was of two kinds, the propria, andimpropria, or complete and incomplete. By the first they punished dogmatists, by the second, the professors of witchcraft and sorcery. To punish the former they made a niche in a wall, where standing upright on his feet, they placed the condemned, binding him well to the wall with cords and chains, so that he could not move in the least. They then began to build from the feet to the knees, and every day they raised the wall a course, at the same time giving the prisoner to eat and to drink. When he died, and God knows with what agonies, the wall was built up. But dead or alive, it was closed in such a manner that no one could see where the niche had been and that a body remained there. "The incomplete walling-up, or enclosure, was made by sitting the condemned in a pit bound hand and foot, so that his head only was above ground. The pit was then filled up with quicklime, and moisture from the body soon acting on it, converted it into fire, and the miserable wretch was burnt alive with the most frightful torture. "As knowledge and civilization increased, and the people began to see through the impostures of the priests, they feared lest, spite of their secrecy, such atrocities might creep abroad amongst the corrupt sons of the age, and in order to retain the knowledge of these holy proceedings amongst a few, they dismissed the building-up, and adopted a plan more anticipative of the pains of hell, and this was by burning the condemned without flame, and without shedding of blood. They invented ovens, or furnaces, which being made red-hot, they lowered the condemned into them, bound hand and foot, and immediately closed over them the mouth of the furnace. This barbarous punishment was substituted for the burning pile, and in 1849, these furnaces at Rome were laid open to public view in the dungeons of the holy Roman Inquisition, near the great church of the Vatican…”

And - believe it or not - the Holy Roman Inquisition is still in existence today, but has been renamed several times.
It’s now called Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith(C.D.F.). You will find all the details here on Wikipedia:
“I denounce you as the enemy and the anti-Christ and all your false doctrine. I denounce you! I denounce you, as Christ’s enemy!”
Dr Ian Paisley, speaking from the audience of the European Parliament, addressing Pope John Paul II in 1988, who was addressing the European Parliament. Dr Paisley was violently removed from the building.
No peace with ROME”
Charles Spurgeon, Sword and the Trowel, January 1873.