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30th April 2014, 21:29
So in this place, I am all and nothing. All because I create my reality and nothing because it is an illusion.
Whether this helps or not, is of ego or not, is a truth or falsehood or not, is not for me to define, it is for you.
The existence I am subject to in this realm is of an intentional servile dogma. This place, although my 'life' here has been only gently caressed by harm, is a beautiful hell beyond any I have previous knowledge of.
It took 6 of the years here, from my birth, to die, then to live again here always feeling out of place.
The concept of thought is interesting, but one must ask, are words thought or indoctrination?
I found that words indeed have power, that words also are symbols, that the sounds created by the words, when used with the correct symbol create reality, in this place.
For you researchers, look to incorporate prime numbers with an old runic alphabet (which was enhanced by 5 symbols) and the appropriate sound, in the correct vibration? Remember all is of frequency here!
To the point, finally you may say, I at a time found that most of my thoughts were not of me. This was because I found that I had thoughts which would question the morality of the thought which I had just had. This went on for a while then I noticed that I had thoughts which had to question the second thoughts I had.
It was as if my first thought was trying to 'adopt' the second thoughts authority so a third check, thought, was necessary?
After time of this, the mind I had went VERY quiet.
I began to not think in words but in images. This was rather confusing, as it is quite hard to determine the precise meaning of an image to others in words. It would be so much easer to have them share the image itself.
Question? How did humans have thoughts before the written word?
I also found that my images became of this place very quickly.
I ask you to try and think in images rather than words! You will find it quite hard but once you become able, you will find that your burden becomes vastly less and the 'chatter' stops.
Thought and written language are I feel a limiting factor here and should be swiped aside by imagery.
You are surrounded by words, you listen to others, you listen to the radio or television, you read words, you write words and sadly you think and create your life in words!

When you use words you use some thing else s 'monetary system' to enslave your own being.

The pen is mightier than the sword.


I know you have been in this place a long amount of time....it has been.......interesting to say the least.

In this life....you came here again with nothing, but my argument of morals.......I still have that which I entered here with.

I find it difficult to interact now that others are no longer individual but have become a same mass.

I find the dishonor abhorrent....yet hope that thought will return.

It is not my right to function as a barometer of others gauge of self....although I hope that this form of mine will expire in a state of knowing that the self within held it and all else which had honor upon this 'earth' beyond that of fear

my love in death

I'm nearly there....

While I commend your attempts to 'unravel' the history of this place.......

a dream within a dream is still but a dream

If I am correct.......big if....then all that we experience is a creation of our limited thought.

In essence.......a 'thought' which has been blanketed by external of us.

This thought we create, but the 'will' within the thought is anothers.

If correct within this place then attempts to 'feel' truth of the past of this place are also corrupt.

dream within dream

again I ask

Question: What are you?

Question: What are others?

Side note: when I was younger, I wrote poetry....sad sad lines of text, my mother asked me how I could
write such words.......my answer was "I can feel ALL the pain around the world".

So I stopped, writing, and feeling to an extent

When I read your words on this forum....I understand that I have been trying to be something I'm not.......two things in the same place
two experiences of the same time within one further experience of that same time

One real, one enforced, one to be chosen

The enforced one, I will never be as I cannot allow it

The real one....has cried again all day

this is good.

Back to the questions, what are you?

So here we stand again with my written words, meaningless some would state.......ah but the written word, once read within a mind
creates a vibrational effect, which will create externally of the physical form which utters, even if the utterances are internal.

Illusion never can change into reality....if you HAVE a fictional book and began reading at chapter 47.......in 'reading' the previous
chapters you may learn the 'true' nature of the book....but you are still limited to the story within the book.

Put the book down and ask

What am I

What is another

It would seem to matter not what is written.......what matters is whether one can 'put the book down' ....or not

Lets get love correct....

"All you need is love"

is this true?

well 'love' for a start is NOT just nice

love will kill, love is vengeful, love can consume,.......on and on and on

Which ever way you look at 'love' as its defined in this place, its NOT nice in all its aspects.

Yes 'love' can also be VERY giving and have a form which constructs GOOD in this place....but 'love' is not limited to this niceness.

Do you still love me?


Still rambling, is that which is you stil reading....sorry lol

....so I may be wrong

You probably now know that for a time I have considered this world hell

One of the main reasons being the interaction, seen, of nature.......while disregarding human actions
(for which if one looks truly can on the whole only be said to be 'harmful')

So....the rest of nature upon this planet, requires the consumption or utilization of another awareness to exist.

bar none.

So of course along with myths and human indoctrination.......this lead me to consider this place hell

Now....regarding attempting to be two different things in the same point of being,
I could 'see' that this was as I was. So I tried to change and be one.

Then.......went well ok interaction is actually necessary between all

So then I considered my two cats....

They 'act' in the same manner as I act and feel, on a minute by minute basis.......

If that is true then all of nature acts as we feel (I have read reports of this regarding plants which re-act
to a 'humans' intention)

So then, if true, this planet may not be hell but is a refection of our combined emotional state.

All of nature, in effect the planet and surrounding system, imitating us.

Rather than live from water (memory) and light (energy)....we consume all else, so naturally
everything else upon this earth, acts in this manner.

You may say that our physical forms are constructed to eat, just look at an autopsy

But using the concept of 'collapsing the wave when measured' who is to say that this is not
just 'Pandora's box'?

I may be wrong....AGAIN LOL

My 'fear' is though....if 'true' and we are responsible for not just all else.......but RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF ALL ELSE

then I think I would 'prefer' this to just be hell....

It would 'seem' that love is only a reflection of fear, that compassion states a feeling of grandeur over that which is the focus of said given compassion....

That empathy for another is the singular dual.......

Lets have a quick look....

Love can be given but may not be returned
one sided and harmful.

Compassion is a chosen act, whom to have compassion for and why
Choices choices, decisions decisions.

Empathy is a part of one.......there or not

Empathy for another or all else....is not of a choice.......it is part of you, or you do not have it.

While all else is a choice to 'BE' with another....empathy completes you by being a part of all else.

.......there is that which I am, there is all else which is not me

Empathy....for want of a better word.......is BEING both

30th April 2014, 21:45

Dennis Leahy
30th April 2014, 22:05
If this is a goodby speech, then "good luck and be well!"

If this is a "goodbye cruel world" speech, then step back from the ledge. If you want the world (or Avalon) to be different, add your difference.