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1st May 2014, 00:22
I give plasma for money weekly I pick up 65.00 which helps.I researched plasma and have not found any negative talk or conspiracy related to it.It's a big business and today something interesting came on the news about plasma.A veterinarian was arrested for taking a dogs plasma story didn't go into details.......strange and makes me wonder.

Fairy Friend
1st May 2014, 00:40
I gave plasma for money in my lifetime to help feed my kid. Grandma now. In the short run I think it can even help stimulate your immune system but in the long run it will take a lot out of you.
Plasma has many uses ?? Not sure why a vet what do that.

1st May 2014, 09:47
The DUMBS don't have enough human blood plasma for the clones. If they are injured in a war, and are hybrids, their plasma will need to be replenished? Yes, and this is the part where I express possibilities of the use? Are they corporately collecting enough to get through a geothermic mini ice age, or another war they won't listen the people with? If these same scoundrels have pissed ET off w/out our knowledge, is the a repercussion where they will sacrifice us to a malevolent race of beings they stirred the hive with. Mars was known as the war planet, but maybe, it's the warrior planet as I read the other day? They are planning a colony, did they do as the Israeli's did and plow over someone's world and now they are coming to confront the bad neighbors next door? We've got to find out what they've been doing on those planets and polar bases. That's what I'm thinking the are trying to save their lives with the plasma if they go to war. Sitting ducks are we, as Yoda would say, if we allow them to continue to do this in our names/Earthlings/Gaians.
So many possibilities in the rabbit hole, and the trail is out there. They boast so, it's in a desertation or paper somewhere.:nod:

Hmmm...is it possible, of course. Would they do it? Of course. Is the time for the shtf shortly? Very possible to upset and distract before elections, if their guy doesn't stand a chance of getting in because the aware ones are telling every evil stunt they did?

Plasma....hmm... it's used when high blood supplies through wounds are needed. What the heck is the dark side planning, since the world is rejecting their thin air fiat credit, and backing the dollar by the labor and skilled worker price of living standards and gold and silver?

You brothers dig on the gold side, and I'll delve into the medical plasma side of the rabbit hole.:hat:

I may find a few bread crumbs from "Grettel and Hans." LOL
My husband donates and I would hate to have a nano put in through the needle without his knowledge. They are getting desperate as they lose control of our minds, because we aren't trusting everything out their mouths, as they doothedoo before our eyes.:wacko:

PS, another bone to chew on but it's off topic. Nevermind I'll post it where it belongs. This part of a search is deep enough. I wish they would use the plasma to treat chronic illnesses with holistic drips that are more acceptable to the body/vehicle, and just fix the bones. Most illnesses are cured with a ph alkaline body which fever and disease can't exist.

Here's to baking soda, garlic, honey, apple cider vinegar and water.:yo: