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18th October 2010, 09:16
So, a very good friend of mine is now freaking out.

He's actualy the one who first started me on my path of awakening by telling me about the NWO/Illuminati (the first i had ever heard of them)

In 2008 he got a bit drunk one night, ended up trying to climb a fence and failing, resulting in a pitchfork like cut in his arm. He was held in hospital for 3 days before they released him. he never thought much of it.

he notices a bump behind his left ear. the bump was noticed from wearing sunglasses - the back of the glasses around the ear pushing into said bump.

The bump's been there for about 2 years, when you push on it the bump moves under the skin.

If one was worried that this bump may be an implant - is there anything one can do to help find out if this bump is indeed an implant?

only thing i can think of is him finding a strong magnet and putting it near the bump to see if its attracted - but i dont even know if rfid chips are made with a metal that's attracted to magnets?

Other than that i've suggested he goes to a doctor claiming he fell and hit his head, and demands/wont settle for anything less than an Xray to prove everything is all ok?


18th October 2010, 10:01
Hello ! :)

That is not a implant, because of the size. Implants are on a infra - milimiter scale. He better check out the doctor. Must be a cist of sorts.


18th October 2010, 10:40
It is quite possible that the lump is nothing more than a cyst or a localised oedema. My suggestion is to go to your local doctor and get it checked out.

18th October 2010, 10:45
It is quite possible that the lump is nothing more than a cyst or a localised oedema. My suggestion is to go to your local doctor and get it checked out.

more likely it's his unborn twin..

18th October 2010, 11:52
I have pondered this question myself.
Surely if such a device is capable of communicating something to something then there must be some sort of frequency that would be emmited?
Seems to be a lot of highly qualified electronic sorts of folks on here so, maybe someone could look into it, if ofcourse someone volunteered to be a guinniepig for the tests!!

I would volunteer but dont believe I have any,,,,,,,, yet..

Lost Soul
18th October 2010, 13:02
more likely it's his unborn twin..


19th October 2010, 04:52
I once accidentally dislodged an implant from my sinuses. I woke one morning, aware that I had been abducted during the night. My mouth was full of blood and my nose was bleeding. I was ill for nearly 3 month's with what appeared to be the sinus infection from hell...which also included extreme lethargy, joint pain, ear pain and eye infection. I was sleeping nearly 20 hours a day. Nothing seemed to work. (I even resorted to several rounds of antibiotics.) Dr claimed it was a viral sinus infection.
I eventually took to using a Netty pot and flushing my sinuses with saline wash, 4 - 5 times a day, which offered some relief. On the third day of this, while flushing, I heard a 'clink' sound hit the sink with the fluids. It was a tiny (half the size of a grain of rice), oblong shaped, clear 'thing'. I could see little red filaments inside it. I tried to destroy it with a hammer...unsuccessfully...and finally flushed it down the toilet. I began to feel better almost immediately.
Most implants are in the sinuses, ears or behind the eye.
No need to invent a story about falling. All your friend has to do is go to his Dr and tell him he wants the lump removed and biopsied. If it is an implant ... it will be apparent when it is removed.
If it is an implant and it's removed...they'll come back so tell him to be prepared.

19th October 2010, 05:11
Thanks for all the helpfull replies :)

My friend HATES doctors more than i, even mentioning him going to get it checked out made his face turn red :rolleyes:

probably wont get a chance to talk to him till thisarvo, stuck at work :(

He's suspecting its an implant after he thought back on the incident and couldent account to why he was held in hospital for 3 days - that and only noticing it after the hopital visit...

if he does go and get it removed will post back with what it was :)

I did have a look around his ear - i diddnt notice any scarr tissue - i told him that but he told me they plant them in like you're getting a vaccine , just jab you with a needle :(

I have been around my friends place - its weird, i sort of feel he's over-reacting or a tad bit too paranoid myself - but ive been over his house, ive seen the cops drive past, very, very slowly, in both marked and unmarked cars. I've also seen what appeared to be the occasional camera flash now and then coming from around the trees/plants in the neigbors backyard when we were out the back having a smoke.

And my mate is just that... a little bit naughty because of smoke... that is it... yet ive seen them literaly stalking him like he's a killer.

So i realy dont think im able to completely exclude the fact it may just be nothing?

19th October 2010, 06:13
You need to grab your friend by the shoulders, shake him, and scream in his face to see the doctor. It is absolutely good to investigate the ulterior motives of societies control groups, but dammit dude, when something is growing on your body that shouldn't be there then go to the doctor!

I wouldn't necessarily demand an X-Ray. Just go see what the doctor says. I am no doctor but from my experience the ear seems to attract nasty little problems like you described.

19th October 2010, 07:07
ok, mate has jumped on.....

explain that its not THAT big
u need 2 explain its not a growth
its not getting biggger or smaller
its just a small bump
and doctors wont do ****
ive told a few doctors bout it and they r just sus

28th October 2010, 21:14
Have you thought of searching for a UFO researcher who may be able to advise a doctor within the ufo field who might take him on as
a subject???
You never know mate....

Blessings to you and your friend


28th October 2010, 21:20
It was a tiny (half the size of a grain of rice), oblong shaped, clear 'thing'. I could see little red filaments inside it. I tried to destroy it with a hammer.

Did you observe this under a microscope?



28th October 2010, 21:58
Is there any methods to finding if you have an implant on you?
It was mentioned earlier in a post that most implants are located around the ears, eyes, and nose?
I have never had any issues with my eyes, but the past few months, my eyes seem to be itchy, irratated, twitchy, etc. Ive just been ignoring this to stress or whatever, but I am curious if there would be some way to check? (Yes Ive seen a doctor, I was told its probably just dust in the air at home, but Im OCD about keeping my place clean, so I dunno).
Maybe nothing, but Id like to know for sure!

Ethereal Blue Being
28th October 2010, 22:01
If this lump is on the side of his head where he holds his cell phone he should be even more worried. Also, there is info that sunglasses, jewelry and other plastics/metals especially coming out of China are causing sores and lumps on people,(they are rubbing off particles INTO the skin), the same for shoes and handbags some women have gotten horrible rashes, sores and lumps on top of the top of their shoulder (where the strap usually goes) and on the inside of their arm and sides of ribs from toxic dyes ( the Chinese were using printing ink instead of leather dyes to get that slightly metallic quality to the leather ) and where jewelry and belt buckles touch the skin. PS DO NOT trust the UVA UVB 100 %) label on your sunglasses unless it is of high quality and a well known brand. there are numerous consumer product recall websites to check on items you own.

28th October 2010, 22:02
Dont know about eye twitching with implants but, I usually get eye twitches just as a warning that im about to come down with something nasty, !!

28th October 2010, 22:04
an interesting thread on verichip http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?3477-Verichip....you-will-be-assimilated
i know not alian implant but one i feel is a bigger threat and its found in a city near you

28th October 2010, 22:05
Etheral blue being, I find I am alergic sum what to plated stuff, I have to wear either gold, silver or stainless steel, nickle brings me out bad , really bad in rashes and very bad open sores....

Not nice