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6th May 2014, 20:14
Forgiveness is the slight of hand attributed to friends who made a mistake. Forgiveness is not the support of an ongoing campaign that ignores abuse.

It is not the call of butchered scripture, requiring a million concessions as they stab a dull knife in the side of bleeding spleens.

Forgiveness is not what we wish for, nor is it something we hope to transpose upon our children. It is a state that we apply, with the hope of rectification, to situations that ain't quite right.

Forgiveness is the forging of pain into love.

(Song of the Year: Father and Son.)

Frederick Jackson
6th May 2014, 23:12
Yeah, forgiving 7 X 70 times as Jesus suggests is a bit much, even for a zoned out saint. If the person is really important to you try three times maybe. Forgiveness to me means again opening the heart toward the person who offended thus making you vulnerable again to any future abuse. And my experience is that when a person sticks it to you just like that out of the blue, they will do it again. As in the fable of the scorpion crossing the river. "It is in my nature." Better we try to avoid the person and otherwise forget and move on. I speak like I am good at this. I am not. I mean I have a hard tome forgetting and moving on.

6th May 2014, 23:18
(Song of the Year: Father and Son.)


6th May 2014, 23:35
You're right. Unending forgiveness is simply becoming a doormat. Standing up for yourself is a good idea after a while.

I have more to say on this. Over the past half century we've learned a lot about both the church and Jesus. Frankly, there is no guarantee that Jesus said we should forgive infinitely. Instead, that philosophy seems to be the perfect recipe for pacifism.

A little known fact is that Michael Jackson was about to go on a world talking tour to disclose that the powers that be have altered our history books. (It looks like he too eventually woke up.) Before he could he was labeled a child molester and murdered. He was also heavily mind controlled most of his life, and the kids that came over to his house probably were too.

If what he was going to say was true, and I suspected it was true a while before he went public, then we cannot trust the books we have. Considering the Bible was privately published by the Catholic church for over a thousand years (upon penalty of torture and death), and compiled hundreds of years after the life of Jesus, it's pretty safe to say that it is a corrupt book. It is a mixture of truth and social engineering perfected over millenia.