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Victoria Tintagel
20th October 2010, 08:37
Hmmm, after reading your post Mike, introducing yourself in this first post of yours, in such a beautiful way, I wondered "Have I done that, when entering the Avalon Forum? Usually I enter public space by stepping in without saying anything....even with people around. It's simply my right to be present.......royalty squeeking...... The King's jester role is my favorite, as a play, mind you!

Do I have to introduce myself, really? Yes, that's what I felt I should do, this morning. Okay, here I am. Full of beans, Dutch beans from the clay, that's where I live, Holland. Trying to dance on wooden shoes.

The Project Camelot website, sept. 2009, I was happy to find, so much dedication and love, to speak and share the truth, Bill Ryan, Kerry Cassidy and daring whistleblowers. I haven't stepped in totally green, but oh boy, what a ride....:)

At first I was shocked and questioning, like "Is this really true, how can that be?"
Finding layers and layers of info beneath the artificial world out there and the Daily Mail paper. Like Richard Hoagland says "The lie is different on each and every level" That's profound, thanks Richard! I find that by stepping in the Camelot pledge and this Avalon Forum, life is changing for the better, taking up my responsiblity in a lighthearted way. Wonderful! The less I force myself to DO something about ANYTHING, the easier life flows.
It's such a great and funny side of life, showing me joy and humour, learning this from her. I find we live in interesting times, very intense as change is happening. Huge change. But in a wonderful soft and loving way. For me there's lots of soothing energy coming from the great Lady Gaia. We are so deeply connected! I love her so very much! I know I am from the Stars also, but boy....girl..I mean...how much I love you, lady Gaia :)

Here's something about the practical side of my life: My business is called The Art of Care and I am working as a Nanny, 5 days a week, combining care and food advise, as I am a healthfood consultant too. Since june this year, so new initiatives are on their way, to show people the joy and value of real food, to be enjoyed and shared, simply that. I am finding lots of treasures about life and myself, the connection with all life, gates opening, stargates? whatever......doors of hobbit homes....:)

Not that much interested in UFO's or ET's, although I love to meet some. I have been dreaming about one in the eighties, huge one, flying over tremendously big, filled up the whole sky, lots of colored lights and detail, about 300 meters high above a huge city. Stillness and the slowly floating of this spaceship, a bit like in Close Encounter of a third kind. Then a sound was in the air, a high vibration. The moment I heard that sound, I started walking, I had to be somewhere.....very mysterious. And while walking through the crowds, eyes met and knew....the ones that heard the sound, or CALL, knew...they were connected. Change was in the air, love was meant to reign again.

I would love to meet ET's, to introduce myself to them, like I am doing now, to them and you human beings, here on the Forum... massive grin.....
I'm not afraid for what's OUT THERE, or here on the Forum. What's IN HERE is more challenging for me, although I am beginning to have soul confidence. This is typical Tint again.....lighten up, Tint, will you :) Hey do you know me? How strange.......:) Typical? How? Where? Who are you?

Once, in a hostel on Dartmoor England I entered the living room with a lovely fire in the stove, looking into everybodies eyes, deciding to make a connection, saying "Hello". The room lit up with joy, like we lifted off the floor. Light entered.
Hmmm, food for thought, didn't know I had it in me......

This is my introduction, which is rather late...I think. I learned something today.
Much much love to you all, Avaloneans, people, hearts opening......I am enjoying myself tremendously with you guys and dolls! Wanna be friends now, Richard? :)
:) Tint. My 3D name is Marian.

Closing with an introduction of Drunvalo's Living in the Heart workshop.

20th October 2010, 08:43
nice to meet you Marian

I'm Shaun

20th October 2010, 11:08
Greetings Marian! That was lovely.
I'm Vicki (or Ki to my friends :^) )

also, greetings as well to you Shaun.

20th October 2010, 11:53
Hello Marian I'm morguana :) (and yes it is my real name lol) like to be called mogs
belated welcome responding to a belated hello

might be a nice thing to have a sub forum for introductions and hellos
will put to team :)


20th October 2010, 12:00
nice to meet you Ki

20th October 2010, 14:08
So, where are the tea and cookies?

;) Welcome.

20th October 2010, 14:44
Very nice to meet you! That was a delightful introduction! :hug:

Victoria Tintagel
20th October 2010, 15:21
Thank you, Nenuphar and all of you....:) hmmm, I am very happy I introduced myself.....makes a difference! Nice idea to make a special thread on introductions, Morguana, thanks!
Much love to you today, blessed be, Tint.

20th October 2010, 16:10
I have to drive across the island in the morning since a couple of weeks ... There is an older guy who gave himself a very important job:
He sits on his fence and waves to all the passing cars ... It's a nice thing to start the day with.

It's not trivial ... he lives miles away from where I live ... so he doesn't know me as local. And yet I met him recently in a bank.
He recognized me and I recognized him ... we saluted each other and another friendly moment again !

These simple things are actually so important ... and they won't cost you a penny.

Another thing I learned from my daily drive is a 'game' that I play/practice so I spend my time well while driving:
It's very busy on the road and people are friendly here to give way to others ... but sometimes people have to cross the road
to get in their lane. I try to mentally signal the other side to stop too so both directions give way ...
It's fun to do, STO and a good way to use my time that would otherwise be useless.

21st October 2010, 03:51
:)Tint. My 3D name is Marian.

Beautiful post Marian! What is your 5D name? :)


Victoria Tintagel
21st October 2010, 08:32
Beautiful post Marian! What is your 5D name?

Thank you, Truthseekerdan! Tell me your 5D name!

Today, I choose this 5D name for myself:

Alis volat propriis
She flies with her own wings

I found this one on a latin slogan site, I love this language very much, the following text was included and I think it's exactly true and spot on :)

Honestly, would it make much sense if someone attempted to fly not by her or his own wings? What does this even mean? Is it a sign of some great achievement, to fly with your own wings? It's like speaking with your own voice and so on. I suppose this reveals some degree of self-sufficiency, but not exactly enough to be perceived as a personal trait that would get you noticed...

Hope this is an answer, Dan? For me it is....:) I am finding answers all the time without even asking...:)
Not very familiar with 5D vibrations.......yet. Are you Dan? Don't know where the elevator stops.......
Oh, of course, I have to push the buttons...hmmmmm!
Where am I? :)
Carpe Diem :) Happy Tint.

Elandiel BernElve
21st October 2010, 09:30
I'm proud of ya;)

Victoria Tintagel
21st October 2010, 09:41
Thanks, ElandielBernElve Lightwarrior, that means a lot to me...coming from you :).....I'm proud of you too :)
Welcome to the helper's brigade :) in the "human department"
It's so funny to be shaken, at least I can feel the shaking, in finding being helped when focussing on helping others.

There's such beauty in that, humour too, and I feel it's very moving. ....feeling the wind under my wings...to enjoy life and love.....
It's time to enjoy and celebrate life...welcome to you all! Happy inner smiling Tint.