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5th April 2010, 16:13
I should not be shocked by anything these mad people at greenpeace come up with, but even this for them is out of the norm.


To make that type of threat, surley now the authoritise will have to act, if even to save face. I bet you will not find this all over the mainstream media.

Be safe


Daft Ada
5th April 2010, 16:29
Sounds like a threat to me, and that's just not acceptable is it. :-(

5th April 2010, 16:32
Daft Ada, not only a threat, but under their current laws it would match as a threat of terrorism.

"Shortly after the article was retracted, a comment traced back to another prominent global warming activist which appeared on the Climate Progress blog threatened Skeptics that “an entire generation that will soon be ready to strangle you and your kind while you sleep in your beds.” Website owner Joe Romm defended the comment as “clearly not a threat but a prediction”.

Daft Ada
5th April 2010, 17:48
Well now, in my life experience, the people who shout the loudest and make the nastiest threats are those who stand to lose most, so this makes me question the roll of Green Peace. Were they expecting to make a vast amount of money out of global warming I wonder, or indeed are they part of something larger which has a hidden agenda in global warming and all the billions the countries would have paid to "Save the planet"

5th April 2010, 18:50
Daft Ada, I agree and think this little article will seapk alot about greenpace.


Be Safe


5th April 2010, 18:59
Haha, "green peace", I always thought that were funny.

5th April 2010, 20:53
This does not sound very greenpeacish so I figured I would dig a bit deeper,
This may shed some light on the subject:

Update: Where you live

A lot of folks commenting are sizing on the words, "we know where you live".
Gene has a tendency towards the dramatic. So at first I didn't think anything much about them. After all, I know he's a peaceful kind of guy, I know Greenpeace is a peaceful organization (http://www.greenpeace.org/international/about/our-core-values) and I know what he's got on his mind.
It's no coincidence that Gene's blog post came out just two days after we published a report about how one giant corporation, Koch Industries, is secretly funding the climate denial machine (http://www.greenpeace.org/international/news/dirty-money-climate-30032010).
In that report, we name names (specifically David and Charles Koch). We're going to hold powerful people like them accountable for their actions - through protest, civil disobedience and other forms of peaceful direct action.
That's all Gene is saying we should do.
But then I got to thinking: Would we ever protest at someones house? And would that be OK? Of course it would be a peaceful protest. But would it be ethical?
There are only two cases I can think of where Greenpeace protesters actually showed up at someone's home:

Union Carbide chairman - arrest warrant served (http://www.greenpeace.org/international/news/justice-for-warren-anderson)
Warren Anderson was the chairman of Union Carbide at the time of the Bhopal plant explosion, which killed thousands. He was charged with culpable homicide, but fled India and has refused to return to face justice. When asked to turn him over, the US government's position was that they could not find Anderson.
We found him, went to his house and served an arrest warrant (http://www.greenpeace.org/international/news/justice-for-warren-anderson).

Solar panels for Australia's Prime Minister (http://www.greenpeace.org/australia/news-and-events/media/releases/climate-change/kirribilli-activists-fined-des)
In 1997, Greenpeace activists showed up at the Prime Minister's house with a gift - solar panels, which they installed on the roof. The activists were arrested for trespass. I'm not sure if the solar panels stayed on the roof (I somehow doubt it), but a lot of attention was brought to the potential of solar power in Australia. (Read more (http://www.greenpeace.org/australia/news-and-events/media/releases/climate-change/kirribilli-activists-fined-des))

Personally, I think both of these protests were pretty cool. I've heard they were very controversial at the time though, and there was a lot of debate about whether we'd crossed a line.
What do you think about cases like these?

-- Andrew Davies, Greenpeace web producer


5th April 2010, 21:39
Looks like they are rolling in the dough, Irishspring. I wonder how much they pay themselves? And, that is why I never give to an organizations.

Greenpeace probably started out cool, but as usual, got infiltrated.

6th April 2010, 10:03

I agree. They seem to be making quite alot of money and that is where the trouble starts. When making that kind of money, yiu gotta ask yourself what is the force behind it?


6th April 2010, 19:34
It's hard to fight "knowledge" ............ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuovqFwUtDc

7th April 2010, 01:46
This article may also be misinformation, as is certainly very prevalent these days.

Humble Janitor
7th April 2010, 06:42
It's now the in-thing to hate Greenpeace.

It's too bad they get the attention that should be going to organizations that have an ounce of sanity. That and you're allowing yourself to get distracted.

7th April 2010, 09:27
Extremists are never a good thing, no matter what they are extreme about.

By all means, let's do our part for the sake of our nature...but resorting to extreme action, or shock and awe tactics to scare people into doing their bidding...well, it falls on deaf ears with me at least.
It's all terrorism one way or the other, regardless if MSM want us to believe that there is only one way to perform an act of terrorism.