View Full Version : 1,111 members here at avalon

25th October 2010, 03:16
just logged on n saw that. hm. wowie! maybe that's somethin to do with 11:11? ya think?

25th October 2010, 03:31
nah , can't be , the punctuation's in the wrong place lol

27th October 2010, 20:01
i have always found 11:11 interesting. i have been seeing (noticing,feeling) it since i was 19 or so.
it comes in waves which some of my friends have also experienced for many years.
I often get a very calming sensation when i see it...a synchronous feeling, a feeling of
being in the right place, a sense of reassurance etc.
Josie, did you get a similar feeling when you logged on and saw those numbers? :)