View Full Version : In The Middle of a Crime-Ridden Area, a Spiritual Community Blossoms and Transforms the Neighborhood

21st August 2014, 14:26
East Oakland, California, is infested by four major gangs, one of them being the police. In order to make a difference, a group of people decided to take a radical approach. They founded Casa de Paz, which is part of the Canticle Farm (http://canticlefarm.wordpress.com/) where community members “look for the light and amplify it” and where people are invited to experience life with them. They meditate together, grow food in their yards, give away some of their produce to people outside their community and live a life that is rooted in love. The Canticle Farm is spread over three plots with five houses, and their model of living in peace is very much appreciated by residents of their neighborhood who are tired of violence. Thus the members of the Canticle Farm are changing the world “one heart at a time, one house at a time, one block at a time.”


via learninglove.org (http://learninglove.org/casa-de-paz/)

21st August 2014, 18:03
Beautiful hearts and a beautiful message!

Joe Sustaire
21st August 2014, 20:10
What a beautiful story, such beautiful people!
That's the world we all want to be a part of!

Help it spread....

22nd August 2014, 01:50
They ripped the fences down between their houses. That proves you don't need to raise 100 grand and buy a huge plot of land somewhere.

If one group proves it, we can all do it.

Peace on Earth.