View Full Version : Avalon Free Press! Micro Translation Project.

23rd August 2014, 11:42
Lots of linguists here. I can help with Spanish, a little Czech, and later, Mandarin.

Does anyone know how to start a translation wiki? Just a very simple public scratch pad with no password. Wikitranslate needs a password and ppl get irritated signing up.


1) Post a short slogan, saying, paragraph or one page micro-article. Try and keep it short.
2) Try and include a computer translation if you can.
3) Computer translations work well with short, clipped sentences. They start getting confused with relative clauses.
4) Browse the thread, if you see writing that inspires you, correct the translation.


I'll start:

1) Linus Pauling discovered the cure for heart disease decades ago.

- Linus Pauling descubrio la cura para enfermedad del corazon hace decadas.

I've got a feeling that's really bad Spanish, but I can't open a dictionary on this phone.

Anyone else want to translate that into their native tongue?

I'm looking forward to helping ppl reach Asia.

Peace on Earth.