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24th August 2014, 20:39
At around 1:45 p.m. Sat. 8-23-14 I felt this wave go threw my body like there was a shift that had just accord. I relayed to a friend of mine and this was confirmed that a shift had indeed accord, and that she had felt it 30 minutes prior.

At around 6:45 p.m. A set of what felt like waves go threw my body but not at the same time. I felt like i was me but at the same time not me, more like an augmented version of myself, I felt physically bigger and taller. And became so observant about myself and things around me that it literally felt like things as a whole felt stunningly false in reality and yet strangely and fully coherent. I some how had managed to experience this planet as I guess what would be consider a totally different being.. (If any of that makes sense)..

These waves in reality shifts hung on for about 3 hours.

The reason why i took so long to post was to reflect at the awesomeness of the experience.

24th August 2014, 21:29
So how does one describe the feeling of observance threw the eyes of wonder and curiosity, as tho a wondrous child, in a never before experienced world, and yet at the same time, totally aware that this is you but not you, but a part of you from a vast multidimensional reality that you are a part of, visiting threw your mind and body.

childs hood end
24th August 2014, 21:55
M5.9 Solar Flare - Sunspot 2151 (8/24/2014)

might be a connection.

24th August 2014, 22:27
That is strange. About 2-3pm yesterday after getting up for a drink of water I had a sudden anxiety attack that came on without any warning. I had to lay down on the floor and relax for half an hour.
I've never felt anything like this before. At the time I was thinking something was happening outside of my control and that I was just feeling it. I subsequently passed it off as a fluke but maybe there was something to it?

24th August 2014, 22:54
About one month ago , I got what I thought were vision problems ... I could see close up down to the microscope level , tiny little specs of white light , millions of them , then backing out I could see the particles in the fluid in my eyes when I looked left to right I could see them move ...This is the only place I can talk about it without people thinking I'm crazy ... today we went outdoors and the waves are soooo calm , scary calm , like a calm before the storm ... lots of little signs lately, we only fear what we don't understand , to understand it we must experience ... understanding comes later ... IMO junk DNA activated by the sun is slowly slowly working it's way back together , changing the human being into a new species ... don't question it , embrace it ... And science fiction thinks superman is the only one who gets power from the sun ??? the sun affects everything , it is the life giver , cosmic rays of our sun and the central sun are working in harmony , it's been happening since 1844 , the beginning of the third millennium ... We are connected to our earth , she grows we feel it ... earth is connected to the sun , the sun burst and earth feels it ...the circle of life , begins with the light ... look at it's beauty , deep inside the sun thousands of degrees of plasma builds up reaches the surface , heats up to a million degrees , releases in a burst out into space , travels to earth , mixes with her magnetic field , shakes her core , she has a quake , the waves release and we feel them ...it's all connected , we are connected , all life on earth is connected ... from the single cell level ...

24th August 2014, 23:29
How beautiful, Shadow. The world is imbued with a certain poignancy recently I have also experienced.

They seem to be quiet revelations, not many are talking about them in depth but they are resulting in such a dynamic period of growth. Working at the lake the waters and the living things speak to me, the turtles and the tilapia have been expectant, the sick great blue irritable and medieval with the crawdads. The bass are schooling more, the gar avoid the boats, everyone seem to be watching humanity. Around 4 o'clock yesterday, sitting on one of the boats talking with other interpreters a baby squirrel fell from a 250 yr old bald cypress to crack it skull on the concrete not 10 feet away. It died quickly and as the other boat drivers clamored around, I sat and watched, wondering. When it had passed on, another driver and myself buried it beneath an oak, the grasslands will make quick work of the carcass. She placed a grassy spiral over the grave and we left it.

Today, there were acorns scattered about it and upon the grave. Squirrels were leaving them there all day.

We are indeed connected.

24th August 2014, 23:38
The experiences you guys are sharing are so beautiful and wonderful, we need to keep this thread going, to help inspire others.

24th August 2014, 23:41
I have also been feeling the waves, experiencing the revelations! I have also been having headaches that seem (coincidence) like they are related to the sun's CME's.

24th August 2014, 23:51
That was your Immortal Spirit Self, stepping out of body to say hello, and show you a touch of reality.:wizard:

25th August 2014, 00:20
In the last 14-18 hours, Iíve had a lot of animals not only in my mindís eye, but the periphery, in real time and dreams. In one dream where was this energy that was intent on creating fear because it sees/senses we are awakening to our power.

This energy force filled the air with bugs, but none landed on me. Then in my home the force blew out all the windows with hurricane winds. Yet, the wind was unable to enter. Everything was calm inside. Then as the dream progressed, what I thought was my ex-husband dressed in womanís clothing, was an ET like the ones I saw going off to sleep two weeks ago. (see photo and link below for account)

The most recent animals were a male lion, german shepherd, talkative black crow, dolphins, and sea lions. There's some friendly dragons and huge serpents, too. Though not in the last 14-18 hours.

Itíll be interesting to see if anything transpires. At the very least, I appreciated the opportunity to see how powerful we are, and how fear isnít present when Iím present and aware.

What all these animals have in common are:

Expect a big change very soon.
Youíre about to get a glimpse into some future event that affects you directly.

Oh, I forgot, I saw two small silver orbs outside my window in the day light.

A year ago, I wouldnít have been ready for all thatís unfolding. Now because of changes in perceptions, Iím seeing more worlds that surround and interact.


She's from Agape's thread. (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?73495-The-Proof-of-Evidence-Thread&p=863455&viewfull=1#post863455)

25th August 2014, 01:08
Waves you say? I've been experiencing those waves going through my body for the past few days and they have made me feel strange at times, to put it mildly. Usually they induce nausea when the energy waves mess with the vestibular system. Yesterday and the day before I had some powerful body sensations, some pleasant and others quite unpleasant, I had heart palpitations too. Since last week I've been feeling some kind of a shift in the energies and now those big quakes and the flare happened. They always affect everyone, however some are more sensitive when it comes to sensing the changes.

25th August 2014, 01:23
I checked my calendar. I had those chest/back pains, Tuesday, August 19th. Though they weren't as bad as I've had in the past.

william r sanford72
25th August 2014, 01:58
My frogs are back..:o no matter my location..where ever..they will appear sometime during my sleep.sometimes I will wake up with a tree frog stuck to me or in bed.or couch.. warned becca before we married.she didn't believe me until it happened in the city the first time tho she thought I had somehow found it and brought it to bed..after this occurred several times she became convinced.they only do this once or twice a year during the warmer seasons maybe..In the last 2 weeks three frogs have manifested.the first was a tree frog stuck to my shirt while I slept..the second was green med sized pond frog on my left shoulder..a first..i did not know it was there.becca woke up and rolled over and there she was face to face with the frog...:eek:she shook me awake disturbing the frog..early morning frog chase.:doh:..anyways....the third was 2 days ago by the couch were I slept..becca found a yellowish odd frog..albino almost..:confused:she didn't wake me for that one and said rose the cat had found it before her tho rose was just sitting there staring..well this never happens this many times in such a short time frame..never..do know frog totems and such mean a few things in different cultures.as is this is the first ive shared this and thought it relevant.atleast mee gut and heart say it is..??
great thread shadowstalker!!thanks for sharing. been feeling them/waves off and on for sometime now.

truth and balance.

25th August 2014, 02:32
@william r sanford72 Impressive story, I use to have white cats and dogs just show up at my door and want to move in from time to time.
Once they moved in (at separate times or the same time.) they would stick around for a week or two then vanish, or suddenly there owner would show up, And how would the owner know to come to me, I sometimes wondered if any of them where messengers. one time one cat and one dog show up at my window and just stared at me for about 30 seconds then poofed away.

Shifts I have always felt but never had confirmation before, wave is something new for me.

25th August 2014, 02:38
Saturday afternoon a wave hit me as well. I was going out for dinner with my husband and all of a sudden a powerful wave caused my head to swim a little. I felt somewhat off for a hour or so and spent the most beautiful night outside at a concert listening to beautiful music and watching the dragonflies dance. It was magical. As we were leaving the concert around 9:30pm I saw my first meteor fall.

25th August 2014, 02:55
Frogs, cats and dogs...
FYI: Shadowstalker and William, hereís several spirit animal sites:

Power Animals, Totems, Spirit Guides (http://www.shamanicjourney.com/display-category/100-0-30/power_animals_totems_spirit_guides)

Animal Totems and Animal Symbolism (http://www.whats-your-sign.com/animal-totems.html)

Essential Information on Spirit Animals (http://www.kellyeckert.com/essential-information-on-spirit-animals/)

Spirit Animals and Totems and the Messages They Bring (http://spirit-animals.com)


25th August 2014, 03:12
Frogs, cats and dogs...
FYI: Shadowstalker and William, hereís several spirit animal sites:

Power Animals, Totems, Spirit Guides (http://www.shamanicjourney.com/display-category/100-0-30/power_animals_totems_spirit_guides)

Animal Totems and Animal Symbolism (http://www.whats-your-sign.com/animal-totems.html)

Essential Information on Spirit Animals (http://www.kellyeckert.com/essential-information-on-spirit-animals/)

Spirit Animals and Totems and the Messages They Bring (http://spirit-animals.com)


Sweet Thank you

25th August 2014, 03:53
I've taken a lot of inspiration recently from Buddha at the gas pump. Unsure about the whole TM movement but I believe in meditation and looking inside for answers rather than getting sucked into the seemingly infinite vast waves of external information that is being projected at us.

25th August 2014, 04:43
I am so glad you started this thread today shadowstalker, I too felt something very odd today. I was walking to my outside garage only 20 or so feet away and I felt a wave that made everything look like it was under water, I stopped walking and looked around and calibrated my balance to see if I was dizzy or nauseated, I was not, then the moment was gone - but while I was walking back I looked up at the sky and thought, "okay is this it, the shift?" I have experienced dizziness, nausea, panic, anxiety, earthquake rumblings etc., but this was something I have NEVER experienced... was very visual, looked like a wave in reality. thank you for this thread.

25th August 2014, 08:40
I had a strange day yesterday because I was very sick. I'm almost never sick, and it wasn't a bug because it didn't have the feel of a virus or food poisoning, but waves of nausea which kept me bedbound all day. Today I am better thank goodness because it was most unpleasant.

25th August 2014, 19:49
For me, my wife has started to become more open to my "perspective". Slowly but surely. Heck the other day when I was sleeping apparently I was telling somebody to "use the fairy dust." My wife was laughing at me (I talk in my sleep). I can't recall any dream of the sort. I thought that was interesting. Lol

It's only getting better! An exciting time to be in.

25th August 2014, 21:18
Well, I'm not in the United States, and therefore in a different time zone. However, now that I think about it, there was a point during the night from Friday on Saturday (in my time) where I suddenly felt a bit "light in the head", like when you're a little tipsy and your sense of balance is off. It only lasted for about 5 to 10 seconds, though.

A friend of mine has also been nauseous and sick to her stomach since Friday. She's in a timezone one hour ahead of me, but given that Europe observes daylight savings time whereas her country - South Africa - does not, the time on her clock is now the same as ours over here.