View Full Version : Horror prank on girlfriend

29th August 2014, 00:47
Imagine waking up to this!...;)


29th August 2014, 00:51
Not cool waking somebody up like that.

If I was this girl's brother, I would kick this dude's ass.

29th August 2014, 00:54

29th August 2014, 01:34
Am too polite to say what my verbal response would be to this...
but can tell you that if it were I, it would involve a nut crushing implement!


29th August 2014, 03:14
Omg That was truly sick. I'm sure the girl must of soiled herself. I know I would of. ;)

29th August 2014, 03:32
That was sooo mean. Like really mean. ;) I bet he didn't get laid for over a month. I wonder if she got revenge? That would be a good video ... ;)

29th August 2014, 04:31
Yeah, this one has been shared before.

In essence, you know when you encounter a real scream. It's easy to tell the difference, you know it when you hear it. That was a real scream. Ie, 'being eaten in half by a shark' kinda scream. Aka the real thing.

That is what makes it so wrong.

29th August 2014, 05:06
Yep, terrible!
Not funny to do to anyone. I'm sure the implications of that type of trauma run deeper than our own knowledge of the human psyche.

29th August 2014, 16:29
Did anyone notice - girl's screaming face @ 1:35 ? when they are showing view from the TV --- her face looked like mask from Scream movie -- what do you say ?

29th August 2014, 16:58
I have never understood the person that finds creating fear in another human to be funny - even the "little" prank of jumping out from behind a door and startling someone. Not Funny to Cause Fear!

29th August 2014, 17:28
It's staged. People don't react like that when they see something like that after abruptly jolting into an awake state. The normal reaction would have been to flee. It's not like it was on top of her. As for the continuous screaming over and over again like that... only in hollywood folks...sorry. lol

In college, my apt. was broken into in the wee morning hours. There was a group of them and I jolted awake when one of them put his hand over my mouth.... I didn't scream. I froze. It was a burglary.

Then years later, my apt. was broken into again and in that case I jolted awake after someone turned off the light in the room (I had fallen asleep with the light "on"). The next thing I know, this guy who turned out to live in my neighborhood was on top of me with his pants half off and his fingers around my neck. So what did I do? I didn't scream.... but I kicked and kept kicking till I somehow managed to kick him off of me and then I ran out of the building and I didn't stop running until I reached a nearby fire station to call the police.

30th August 2014, 17:34
Real or not, that is so cruel, and if my boyfriend (or anyone) did that to me, I would be very, very upset with him.