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29th August 2014, 11:43

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Remote Viewing Interviews with Members of 18 Extraterrestrial (E.T.) Races

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to talk to our cosmic neighbors? Drs. Scott Jones and Angela Smith did and found that what they have to say is exciting and challenging! We discussed remote viewing/telepathic interviews with members of 18 extraterrestrial (ET) races, including the Large Grays, Nordics, Small Grays, Annunaki and others. These interviews provide answers to some of the perennial ET questions such as: "Who are they?", "Where are they from?", "What, if anything, is their agenda?", "Are they friendly or unfriendly?", "Do they have an interest and stake in sound human development processes on Earth?"

Also addressed is the ET link with the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty. This treaty bans all space-based weapons and at their request, Cosmic Cultures are identified as Parties to the treaty. Crafted by Jones, Dr. Carol Rosin, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and other colleagues, it is clear that the ETs are concerned with keeping space a weapon free zone. It is a safe assumption that the ETs can easily verify that the Treaty is being honored. Their request to be included in the Treaty is a very positive sign that other cooperative ventures are in our future.

The guests are joined by the ETs in a call for a pre-disclosure dialogue on the anticipated consequences of established contact, and a detailed plan of how this can be accomplished is provided. Academe at all levels must play a leading role.

Drs. Jones and Smith have drawn from a lifetime of contact and moved into a rich, largely unexplored area of research. Direct communication and dialogue with sentient life in the cosmos that is complex, ancient, and apparently waiting for the opportunity to tell their stories. Followers of this field and those who are ready to join this enlightened community will be fascinated by what the little Grays say about what most earth authors call abductions, and the purpose of them. These "take and return" operations are to produce a hybrid race of pioneers that explores and settles throughout multiple universes.

Drs. Jones and Smith are uncommon in their contributions that come from both heart and mind. Their combined experience supports critical assessment of the Planetary Plight and the activities of military and government leaders. This is presented with courage, competence and compassion. The huge bonus of this book is the unfiltered voices from the cosmos."

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Dr. Angela Thompson Smith, Ph.D. describes her life as taking place in three parts: the first part dealt with the Physical: working as a nurse, social worker, and medical researcher in the U.K. and the U.S.; the second part of her life focused on the Mind: when she worked at the PEAR Lab at Princeton University and studied psychology at Saybrook Graduate School; and the third part of her life has focused on Spirit. Dr. Smith was recently ordained as a shamanic practitioner. Her website can be found at mindwiseconsulting.com

Published on Aug 29, 2014

:ear: Listen here (http://www.veritasradio.com/guests/2014/08aug/VS-140828-asmith-p.php)

29th August 2014, 16:25
Thanks for that, Very fascinating and thought provoking interview

watch mars
29th August 2014, 19:46
Yes, this is a truly fascinating insight into the Multiverse. Like our spirit family in the Spirit World, ET's are but a thought away using the universal conduit of consciousness. Dr Steven Greer uses thought to connect with our cosmic cousins and anyone can try this! Focus your mind with positive energy and sincerity. Ask for them to say hello by showing their craft above you on a clear night - they really will, I tried it and they really did, which was the first time I have ever seen an ET craft in my life and when they do you will feel their love in your heart, it really is amazing!

30th August 2014, 02:54
She has a very neutral, nonjudgemental approach to all of the ET beings. Very wonderful to listen to. In this cosmic dance all races are unique and serve a purpose. Thanks!

30th August 2014, 12:11

Leave that iguana in the jungle, expert tells Costa Rica

http://i290.photobucket.com/albums/ll256/PaldenLhamo/95f9e745796bf6981ff477d109641a8288c6bb6c_zpse886c4 77.jpg (http://s290.photobucket.com/user/PaldenLhamo/media/95f9e745796bf6981ff477d109641a8288c6bb6c_zpse886c4 77.jpg.html)

Thousands of parrots, monkeys, iguanas, toucans, turtles and other rainforest animals are kept as exotic pets in Costa Rica, a practice putting some species at risk, according to experts.
The Central American country, famous for its rich biodiversity, won plaudits from conservationists two years ago for banning sport hunting in a pioneering move to protect wild animals.
But scientists and activists -- gathered this week for the country's first-ever conference on the issue of captive wildlife -- say tropical animals face another major threat in Costa Ricans' long-time love of exotic pets.
"There are no precise figures, but we know it's a problem of great magnitude, because a study by the environment ministry found that 25 percent of households have a parrot or a parakeet as a pet," said Andrea Aguilar of the Instituto Asis, a key figure behind the conference.
That would add up to nearly 400,000 exotic birds in cages, she said.
Aguilar's institute runs a shelter for wild animals in La Fortuna de San Carlos, a lush region in northern Costa Rica that draws large numbers of foreign tourists with its famous wildlife and tropical vegetation.
The shelter takes in wild animals kept as pets that fall sick or are wounded by people, cars or electric shocks.
It gives them veterinary care and, when possible, prepares them for an eventual return to the wild.
"Costa Rican law forbids keeping wild species as pets, but the law isn't enough because there's a very deep-rooted custom. People don't realize that wild animals are not and cannot be pets," Aguilar told AFP in an interview ahead of the First Congress on Wildlife Rescue, Recovery and Freedom in San Jose.
She said people have a range of reasons for keeping pets such as white-faced capuchin monkeys, green iguanas or songbirds. They are drawn to the animals' beauty, they want to entertain their children or they feel it brings them social status.
But the underlying problem is that people are largely ignorant of the animals' diets, growth, life span, habitat, diseases and behavior.
"A family falls in love with a baby white-faced capuchin because it's funny and affectionate, but when it reaches two years old its behavior will change. It will become aggressive, bite and pull people's hair. That's when it becomes a problem at home," she said.
Such animals often end up being mistreated or killed, or, with luck, in a shelter, she said.
By that point returning them to their native environment is difficult. They lack survival skills and are unlikely to be accepted by other members of their species.
- Traffic in exotic animals -
The international traffic in exotic animals exacerbates the problem.
The illegal $20-billion-a-year trade has taken a major toll on Costa Rica's biodiversity, as animals are captured and sold abroad, Aguilar said.
One of the goals of the three-day conference is to prod the Costa Rican government to expand environmental education programs for locals, foreign visitors and ecotourism operators.
"It's important to make people understand that wild animals have to live in the forest, because they have different needs from domesticated animals," said Aguilar.
Protecting the environment is also key for the Costa Rican economy, which depends heavily on tourism and attracted 2.4 million visitors last year -- many of them drawn by the country's tropical wildlife and forests.

With light sense of sarcasm , I found this article particularly fitting for the purposes of PA /ET discussion level , not saying this thread or that thread ,
could be one of the threads and topics ( and people ) who feel called and entitled to introduce the 'reptilian agenda' to human environment .


30th August 2014, 15:20
Good interview. The fact that she sat on this for seven years is interesting, adds some value in my estimation. Also work done for a Wall Street guy who became skittish after a bit on all this and dropped it..