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Nicola N
29th August 2014, 12:00
Looking to some sections I felt like when I look at the sun, I didn't expected to feel something like that, even thought my own experience mainly come from lucid dreams and very narrow experience come from "real", ufo sightning aside, and methaphics event too I mean to this place my main experience come from dreams, but looking at the E.T. sections my heart was starting to full itself of warm air, like when I watch the sun, not as strong but similar to that, understanding the chanse I have and the importance of that I will say.

I am as you all in path of change maybe a little more active by now then before, I do experience contacts, mostly mental, with those life forms we mostly don't recognize as alive even thought the don't have a body.

It's difficoult to me say if those times are part of a grate plan of the unknow, I'm not religious but our victimism make us easly look to the easy one way of view, or maybe not or them both at once.
In the days I was waiting the response of my registration request I applied per e-mail to another group here in Italy where I live, and right when I sent the e-mail arrived a guy from a company of air-conditioning, checked the house to see the better spot. Almost good but another checking was required. As the e-mail I send to the group I mentioned. That maked me understand that what I am searching in this subject I already know in part, I have some fear in aknowledge the reality of this even thought I live it almost every day, and that I don't have problem of abductions, I may had some problem in the past minor problem if mirrored to others experience, but now I have the Will to not being crashed from any situation can happen to me, I may not be strong enough at first catch, but after a little while I can re-take in my own hand the situation.

So why, am I here? To share, to understand my own dreams, my own experience and in that make other see that this could happen not only to them and that other too experienced that.

:lol: Yesterday I felt like a earthquake, was strange, was like my room moved alone, no one felt the earth moving. The bed and table moved one time as there was a air moving, toward - inward one time, stopped. Was strong but just one time. Maybe it's my soul.

---- I wanted to share, if I could in short termn, my recent experience that lead me to reseach a place, and looking at Simon P. interview I remembered ther might be a place.

I started a healing circle, I am not interest in this kind of things but through many synchronical events I found a person that makes me understand that it's Important if I do that experience. Through the cicle, at the | I just understood (while writing) what this event could meant for | 2nd one the 10 Augost I found a girl that had in her name Marte's theme.

It sound so crazy to me to explain in plain, but I try cause right now, having understood myself the meaning feel energetically irrelevant continue the writing.

I met her and noticed anything at first, I was concentrate on my own experience, but the day after that I started to feel her energetically and she too started to feel me as well, she said that like a week after, when we finally met on facebook, in the day of my birthday, what a nice gift may I say. Understand me when I say (dejavu apart) that I can't define if the event you go through it's pure accidently one, projected one, or life projected cause it seems all of them at once and none of them at the same time in my head. She has a boyfriend. She said that I resemble a guy she met in London, and she colled me Nino don't knowing my full name, Ni - No, it's part of my full name, and its also the nickname of the ex-husband of the woman that I started a cicle of experience with from March 2013(start) to August 2014(end). I mean there's link to the preview experienced. I don't know how this happen, but it's pretty extreme, seem like a preparation for this event, looking to the final outcome.

The 15 Augost my mind was full of alien pattern thought. I do know and experienced that when I have so many thought without any explainable cause that's because I'm about to live this theme in my real life. Maybe that example I will do it in another discussion. I was full of that thoughts and I lost controll, I choose "ok take me, I want to make experience", I go outside for a walking to the mountain, and in a hour I returned with nothing happened aside of my choice of "ok...". That night I saw a ufo in the sky, it's pretty strange cause even thought this low feeling state happen sometimes but it never lead until now to see a ufo the same day.
I dreamt about a circular plaza where at the center had come a spide, big spider 50 centimeter, a friend at my right side started to strike him with arrows and at the third he was done. I felt as from the left was coming those spiders or this danger. And from that direction a big man passed me by, was 2,40 meters, completly red, passes me by. I can feel him it's pretty strong feeling, my first time I feel something this "heavy", I feel it at my left side body. And the dream end that my soul and spirit give me the broom to take out the mental worm I let in... was right, I've done the mistake the choice, I take the responsability of my actions.

The 18th I made my 24th birthday and MArt... come to me. And the 22th I saw the 2nd ufo, his light was red, hard not to see a red light moving in the sky... I took the camera, pressed for video, and it stopped... It doesn't change what he was, the important thing is another. 1hr before me that person I was link until some weeks agos saw it too, she thinked of fire ball. She live 400km from me. That Giant Red in my dream was so linking the Giant Red planet, Marte or Mars(in english). As she's name. It's hard to explain all, many dreams are in place and many detail are hard to sommon just now.

All this seem to end when I firstly kicked him out. But this event was like a easy chance for me to un-link from this woman. I make through my mind the action of came into mart... body being me and that woman as being into her. The next day that person felt unblocked, like the pass on the baton was succesfully done, like I transfered her duty on Mart.... My experience with her was more like a messenger, I do think our experience are done by now.

This is a example, I hope you could understand the experience with this little details, but this is a example where many coincidence come in one big event and I can't really say this experience is bad is good is evil it's whatever it could be, because it does make sense also in me inner evolution, but it's like I (ended my usefulness) passed what was her duty to another person.

Does it sound so crazy? I don't have any Idea of what are the doing of those life forms I can understand what happened to me until now and evolve, maybe the key of reading is incorrect, but many details I feel them right.

Have a nice morning/noon/night.