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30th August 2014, 02:48
Its been a long time since I logged into this forum – but the recent email about Avalon's birthday triggered the admiration I had/have for Bill, so I thought I'd talk a little about the 5th Interview of Dr Neruda.
here are 2 tiny segments from the 5th Interview.
Quote: Our soul is not the life force that powers the human consciousness. That is the Sovereign Integral. That is what each of us is when we are stripped naked of all illusion, of all deceptions, of all limitations, of all veils, of all functional implants—including the soul. …...Humanity needs a new start. A point in which they can synchronise in one realisation, and that is the expression of I AM WE ARE. Living those words as behaviour, meaning each individual being is responsible for this. Source Intelligence isn’t going to come down from the heavens and correct human faults or obstacles. Humans need to take responsibility for this...unquote. And later: Love is the unification force. It is only that, and yet, in many ways, that is everything. From the Wing Makers perspective it is a very important word-concept, even though they use it sparingly. The six heart virtues I mentioned are considered the different ways in which love manifests in our behaviours. To this extent, love is expressed in these virtuous behaviours like gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and humility. In that context, the six heart virtues, collectively, are the expression of love in the human dimension.........The heart is a metaphor for the portal within each individual.

30th August 2014, 11:06
Thanks for posting this thread Lyn. I really resonate with it.

I'm certain we are truly all healers of each other through expressing understanding, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and humility towards each other in the knowledge that we are really all one. Love is the unification force for mankind.

Lefty Dave
30th August 2014, 16:06
Truly appreciate this release of the fifth interview...will let you know after reading, how it 'feels'...I found WingMakers in '99, and , until the advent of James, was truly fascinated by the material ...and met SO many wonderful people on the forum, some of us are still e-friends...blessings.
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31st August 2014, 00:28
I too followed the Wingamkers back in the 90s, but can't remember exactly why I let it all slide - maybe as you say it had something to do with James? I find it so interesting that that 5th interview was done a few months after Lady Di's death but has not been released till now. This makes the whole thing feel very real because back then none of us could have coped with what was being suggested - but now .....wow! What a difference a decade makes!

31st August 2014, 01:03
Hi lynwillmott,

Aside from some YouTube videos several years back, I'm new to the WingMakers Material. I read the fifth first and caught up with the other four. I use what works, like the six heart virtues.

The background is a small part of a feather collection. People have flower gardens, I make feather ones when I go on walks.

RunningDeer <3

PS Welcome back. :)



31st August 2014, 01:24



Lefty Dave
1st September 2014, 00:59
just finished the fifth interview...it felt right to me...
I'll think on it for a few days, probably re read it...
thanks again, Lyn....
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