View Full Version : Open Letter To Julian Assange: Curing Heart Disease and Arrhythmia with Nutrition

31st August 2014, 01:52
Dear Julian,

No idea how to get in touch with you so this is an open letter. I'd be very grateful if someone could pass this on. I nearly died from arrhythmia and valve weakness this spring. I had symptoms so bad I couldn't climb the stairs. It took me 10 minutes to climb 6 flights. Every 30 minutes I felt someone was stabbing me with an electric Stanley knife. I thought I was going to die every time I went to sleep. No oxygen. The doctors were terrible. I cured myself with (in order of importance):

SSKI (Potassium Iodide)
Vitamin C (Liposomal C + Pauling Therapy is best.)
Magnesium Chloride Oil (See Mark Sircus)
Fish Oil and/or Eating more fish/meat. (I used to be nearly vegan)

+ A few other things.

Now I'm as strong as an ox, can do 20-25 pushups and run everywhere again. Heart disease *may be* a combination of Vit C, Iodide, Chromium, MSM and Omega 3 deficiency. Linus Pauling, and other doctors covered in the links below, worked out how to reverse cardiac problems decades ago.

3 Links That Might Help

Full story here:


Check out this video on Vit C.


Six Doctors for a Medical Revolution


Any problems, please write to me on Project Avalon, or here on Medium.



bruno dante
31st August 2014, 15:11
That's great to hear Daozen! I'm so pleased you've gotten yourself well.

P.s. I might add coq10 and carnitine to that list, along with pqq

2nd September 2014, 07:22
Oh I take coq10 every day. It's amazing stuff. Carnitine? I didn't get really well til I started eating meat again.

I think vegetarians and vegans are awesome people, but my heart didn't feel right til I started letting myself eat chicken, beef and fish.

The heart can totally repair itself, given the right nutrients.


2nd September 2014, 18:28
Do not forget quality B vitamins. Many heart ailments are pre-stage Beri beri.

4th September 2014, 08:35
I wouldn't be surprised conk. I took B's yesterday, thx for reminding me. Now it makes sense that meat makes me feel better. Linus Pauling worked out the scurvy/heart disease link.

EDIT: Plenty of evidence about Beri Beri and Heart Disease online. Good find.

SSKI is my favourite cure, it's phenomenal, but you need a full complement of vitamins.

4th September 2014, 09:11
Hi all,

I used to be vegetarian (11 years), but my health deteriorated so badly, I was always tired, fainting, lack of energy all the time, and getting viruses left right and center always!

Ever since I've started eating meat (since Feb 2014), WOW...what a transformation in just 7 months!
I feel really strong and I have not been ill since I've started eating meat.

I also apply magnesium oil to my skin, take liposomal vitamin C, noni extract and turpentine oil (4 times a year), I drink bentonite clay daily.
I have not change anything else in my diet nor do I take any other supplements.

Vegeterianism is OK for anybody that wants to pursue that avenue, ...I've being there done it and it did not work for me, healthwise!
But much respect to them.

4th September 2014, 09:45
Same here: I still eat tons of fruit and veg, but I let myself eat meat now. Feeling stronger by the day. My kidney pains went virtually overnight when I started eating yogurt + flaxseed and drinking milk. You could maybe get away with veganism if you were a PhD in nutrition, and had 300 bucks a month for supplements.

I have a ton of respect for all the raw food crowd, like David Wolfe. Those guys are amazing.