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31st August 2014, 17:14
Thread already exists on Project Avalon a thread re the remote viewing of Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

31st August 2014, 18:31
What is that link please... :)
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31st August 2014, 19:08
Nevermind, found it under "Crusifixion Ruse"...

I hope despite the title of the Thread it can be a civil discussion that doesn't turn into "Christian" or similar belief bashing and can be an objective discussion on the RV Data (People have different idea's on what is "objective" though).

Some of it just seems off puting and turn's people/visitors off to Threads and possibly the site all together. IMHO.

I enjoy listening/reading to all of the different views of members here that are so vastly different than my own.

Especially if there is no sting to them, it keeps one's Ego from being reactionary and shutting down and continueing to read the entire post without planning a stinging response...

Avalon is such a wonderful melting pot I love it that so many people with so many beliefs come together here respectfully of eachothers belief's 99.9% of the time.

Now to find time to watch this long video...


31st August 2014, 20:43
The point is this....Dr Brown's remote viewing is silent on whether the 'Jesus' that the RV picked up is an avatar or an ordinary human ....

31st August 2014, 22:32
The point is this....Dr Brown's remote viewing is silent on whether the 'Jesus' that the RV picked up is an avatar or an ordinary human ....

or just his imagination, or information projected into his "path" by another entity with greater manipulative control...

31st August 2014, 22:47
That is a good point Sigma6,

RV data is only as good as it's protocol's and methods as well as the targets "astral security".

This is a real issue with RV that was detected in the late 80's and early 90's. It usually occurred on RI or AI protected "Target's", but is a real phenomenon.

Protocols were developed by using multiple teams among other countermeasures (EEG's prior/post session) to prevent artificial constructs from being presented to the RV'er who was tasked with a blind target.

This institutes targets and data have been pretty interesting to follow though.

The point is this....Dr Brown's remote viewing is silent on whether the 'Jesus' that the RV picked up is an avatar or an ordinary human ....

or just his imagination, or information projected into his "path" by another entity with greater manipulative control...

jake gittes
31st August 2014, 22:52
Courtney Brown lost me and many others several months ago with his "implications postings," promising an announcement of a "world-changing" event. When it was finally time for the big something, the announcement turned out to be that his DVD was on sale. I have no use for charlatans.

1st September 2014, 08:31
I’ve not watched the video, but here are three other sources for anyone interested in making comparisons.
1) Courtney Brown personally remote viewed Jesus twice in 1994 – see chapters 15 and 18 of Cosmic Voyage.

Cosmic Voyage (http://www.courtneybrown.com/publications/CosmicVoyageByCourtneyBrown.pdf) & Cosmic Explorers (Part II) (http://www.courtneybrown.com/publications/CosmicExplorersByCourtneyBrown.pdf) - Courtney Brown PHD.

2) Andrew Basiago used time travel technology to view the crucifixion:

Andrew D Basiago Talks About Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha-mashiach) Crucifixion & Resurrection being shown on a screen using Timetravel Technology of the real event !!


Orginal Video
Andrew D. Basiago - 2 & 3 Nov. 2013 - Project Pegasus & The Mars Project

3) Dolores Cannon used her trance technique on someone with a past life in which she witnessed the crucifixion from a distance.

I mentioned earlier the similarity between remote viewing and the deep trance past-life regression enabled by someone like Dolores Cannon. Regression is altogether a much richer experience, I gather, than RV, but it is restricted to a soul’s point of view in previous lifetimes. You cannot for example examine Atlantis on the ocean bed. However, Dolores Cannon trains people who train other people and as a result many clients have been regressed in this manner. I have no idea how many, but there must be quite a groundswell by now. Be that as it may, these sessions have been honing in on a quite a lot of interesting scenes from the past, mainly because it is possible to skip the majority of drab lifetimes where nothing much happens. It may be too that gifted people are coming forward precisely because they have this information to share.

Dolores Cannon is at pains to show how, in addition to seeking all kinds of corroboration, her protocol weeds out stories fantasized by clients for their own presentday reasons, as opposed to genuine testimony from others who rather shy away from it. In They Walked With Jesus, she reports on a woman called Anna who has great difficulty accepting (even listening to) her own story, as a young cousin and follower of ‘the Nazarene’ called Naomi, who had close personal contact with him on a number of occasions. As an American reformed Jew she knew nothing about Christianity and precious little about orthodox Judaism. When she was told that a lake she mentioned by name is also known as the Sea of Galilee, she didn’t know what the Sea of Galilee was.

There is an episode in this story when the normal regression procedure as it were piggybacks the RV method in the sense that the point of view changes. This girl Naomi was not present at the crucifixion, but her father, Jesus’s half-brother, was, and what she reports from their conversation together is graphically explained as seeing through her father’s eyes. But the whole point of the story is the almost unbelievable quality of the physical event witnessed, where physicality itself comes into doubt. She can identify with her father’s viewpoint when he describes seeing Jesus after his death, because she has had exactly the same experience herself. The resurrection itself is just hearsay and speculation. But the actual crucifixion is when the actual disconnect occurs before their eyes between the physical body and the not disembodied spirit.

A: (Sadly) They saw him up on the cross. And they prayed. My father said there was a time when he looked up, and their eyes met. He said he felt... he felt a warmth and a love. (Emotionally) And it was not of this world, he said.
A: It is as if I am seeing it through my father's eyes. He said that when they took him down he saw a vision of his brother in a clean robe, as if in another body... (crying) as if the physical body went one way, and this other body that appeared as he knew it when it was whole and healthy, went another way. He saw the same thing I saw on the road.
D: Well, to me it makes sense that he wouldn’t experience anything, because he would be able to remove himself from that.
A: Yes, and I think he was doing that even before he was put up on the cross. I could see it through my father's eyes. Now all these things are coming back. I can feel my father making eye contact with him. When their eyes met, it was as if his eyes were the eyes of... somebody else. I mean they were his eyes, but they weren’t in pain. They were filling my father with warmth and love, and saying it was okay. The difference between this and Courtney Brown’s RV technique is of course the direct eye contact between loving humans as the physical interface with this different sort of physicality. On these terms, the message of Jesus is that the spiritual is much closer to the physical than we tend to think. It is not totally immaterial in its usable form. It may sound like a paradoxical lesson to say that dematerialization is not the way to go: we are still talking about hard copy. This is precisely what is being avoided in RV protocols such as forwarding pseudo-coordinates via email. Any questioning of what Courtney Brown is proposing needs to be set in such human terms.

Anna eventually came to terms with her story on reading the transcripts. The healing she witnessed from Jesus and took part in came home to roost in her here and now. And that is basically what this is all about. How much healing will we get from remote viewing?

1st September 2014, 11:51
Look up "jesus in india" in Google and you will find references to documentaries, articles but also debunking material
about a figure that supposedly existed and could be used as a 'model' for the biblical Jesus.

I was a bit disappointed that the RV project's targets were not based to objectively view what happened during the
crucifixion (provided it happened at all and all persons DID indeed exist). Instead the targets were based to verify a
preset view by 'Seth'. Although the results should be the same it gives a kind of feeling like the targets were working
toward a desired result ...

I don't know, I am still neutral to this all. Hard to tell conclusively what exactly happened.