View Full Version : Sharula Dux. Agarthan diplomat from Telos? Credible testimonial?

8th September 2014, 09:09
As the HE discussion has degenerated into an argument over physics, here's something much more difficult to debunk. A city in Mt Shasta, California, full of Lemurians, Hydroponics and Replicators. Listen to her voice. Very odd intonation...

Is 80 per cent of modern UFOlogy a distraction from this massive truth?


4th November 2014, 08:46
No one's interested? One of the most believable testimonials EVER.


4th November 2014, 08:54
No one's interested? One of the most believable testimonials EVER.


This post just got my attention and I'm watching now. :nod:

4th November 2014, 08:55
Hope you enjoy it IW!

Spiral of Light
4th November 2014, 09:41
Very interesting OP. I'm going to check out her website and look for more information about Telos.

I've been told that I have past-life ties to Lemuria, and the subject intrigues me.

Thanks for this, Daozen. ;)

4th November 2014, 10:00
Pleasure, Spiral. There's a lot to dig into there...

4th November 2014, 10:30
Missed the OP when it was posted. I have put it on my list and will have a listen as soon as I
have time (I'm too busy lately).

A Voice from the Mountains
4th November 2014, 21:27
She'd be good to do guided meditations, her voice is so relaxing. :o

9th November 2014, 02:32
Thanks for posting this. There's a lot to that link, twelve episodes of about ten mins each.. Interesting history, personally other than the obvious lesson on the use of nukes in particular and war in general, I don't care too much. Even if we study history as a profession we are still doomed to repeat it.

However, the descriptions of their way of life was intreaging to say the least. It's hard to imagine a world without the need for defensive thoughts or behavior, it's hard to say barter or peace or love, with a swat team boot in your face.. Emulating such a society would be tricky right now as the board is set, however, IF her tale is to be taken at face value, seismic shifts and changes await us all, perhaps it will shake up the game?

Interesting thoughts on society, whoever came up with them... N