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13th September 2014, 20:23
Strange liquid from my right nostril
Since a week it started out of nowhere running liquid from my right nostril. It could be OK if color was normal for nose's problems, even blood, but it was yellow water, some times more orange as mango! Last 20-30 seconds and stops. Nothing else, up to next day. Usually mornings or evenings. No cold, no running nose, no pain, no any other symptoms! Just starts out of nowhere yellow-orange water. That is! I checked internet, lot of similar cases, mostly the right nostril, lot of advises, nobody has explanation, nobody share doctors opinion. Just guesses! Any idea? Anybody else with the same problems?
Any idea ?

14th September 2014, 02:11
Been abducted lately?? chuckle chuckle
sorry, couldn't resist. ccc.

14th September 2014, 02:28
Very interesting. I was just reading up on yellow nose discharge earlier today because it had happened to me for three days last week and I was concerned....wondered what to heck it was all about because I had not had a cold or anything. I stumbled upon this discussion of the very same thing and am passing this link along for anyone interested....it does not so much give any explanation but offers a few ideas...Hope this is helpful, but even if not, sometimes it is just good to know that we are not the only one that has had this happen. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Neurology/Bright-Yellow-Liquid-from-nose/show/392788

14th September 2014, 03:10
Thanks, sirdip, thanks marique
I did read this and became more "questionable" - why so - no cold, no any health problems since months, for the first time such a strange color, etc. I have an experience with the "sinus" games. And yes, it too happened last week with me!
About abductions - don't know, or probably don't remember! If my dreams are kind of such, than Yes, every night!
Thank you for replies!

Fellow Aspirant
14th September 2014, 04:50
From my personal experience, I'd say that one of your sinuses is draining, probably to rid yourself of a low-grade infection. In the short run, two to three weeks, probably nothing to worry about.



14th September 2014, 06:56
Chemtrails anyone? Just sayin.

14th September 2014, 15:29
There was a 'case' posted somewhere not too long ago about a man who discovered the drainage was his brain fluid. A small hole was allowing the liquid to run into his sinus'...not trying to alarm anyone.

14th September 2014, 15:29
What does it smell like?

I was taught in the military that any liquid coming from the ears or nose that was yellowish in colour and smelt like "hay" then it is most likely cerebral fluid and this obviously should NOT be leaking. Get checked ASAP!

15th September 2014, 01:00
Thank you everyone! 3 days already nothing happened! Next time it appears will push me to doc. Obviously could be not something "small". Has to be checked!
Thank you