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The One
28th October 2010, 15:26
Sorry guys another long post but a must read

In our world, we have a number of completely unexplainable phenomena. Although science cannot explain these, a large body of evidence seems to prove these events and observations are real and must exist. Science declares that we have to see it and touch it to know something is real. You cannot “see” electricity, and if the voltage is not high enough you won’t even feel it. And yet we are certain electricity exists and respect what it can do to better our lives.

To the inquisitive mind certain events, places and objects in our world are troubling when an explanation isn’t forthcoming from science. We will briefly review some phenomena in this essay which the reader will undoubtedly be familiar with. The purpose for doing so is to bring some phenomena to the forefront of the reader’s mind to consider some possibilities which I will present later.

There is no currently known explanation for crop circles, yet these exist. Someone or something must be creating them. Massive complex, perfectly geometrical formations of crop patterns take place overnight. Exploded, burned nodes on billions of individual wheat plants along with the inter-weaving of grain certainly cannot be done by any hoaxer with a board and rope. So we know these things must be taking place.

There is also Big Foot. The state of Oklahoma by itself is home to hundreds of sightings across the entire state. These creatures have been spotted in almost every state in the United States. Some have been seen as close as 30ft. by numerous eyewitnesses. Many witnesses have been pelted with rocks apparently hurled by the creatures. Giving off a very bad odor, these creatures have been reported to have either brown-black or brown-red hair and stand approximately 8ft tall.
Numerous casts of footprints have been made. Soil compression tests where footprint impressions were found indicate a body weight of approximately 800 pounds. No man wearing fake, oversize feet could hope to fake these. Yet these footprints exist and are real, although no dead bodies have ever been found or retrieved. This creature is not unique to North America. It has been sighted in Europe, too. In the Himalayas, a white furry version of Bigfoot (Yeti) has been occasionally sighted by locals and hikers. Like Bigfoot, Yeti also leaves footprints even although no body has ever been found or photographed. It’s difficult to imagine a hoaxer in the Himalayas, creating these footprints in the desolate, high altitude frigid landscape- then hide behind a rock for months or years waiting for a hiker to come along.

Another area of the bizarre should also be included in our exploration * ghosts.
We are expected to believe a disgruntled person dies and lingers for decades or even hundreds of years, appearing endless times to strangers that they don’t even know. It seems that most ghost hunters never question the illogical nature of such an assumption, expecting ghosts to appear on demand after they set up numerous cameras and wait just a few hours for one night. If nothing is seen or heard ghost hunters often walk away like beaten animals. They feel like a circus animal trainer with an animal that doesn’t perform as expected. If we were to die an early, unexpected death would anyone stay around for decades or even centuries to harass people we don’t even know? What good would that do? Somehow it seems that few ponder these obvious questions as they skulk around old houses and buildings at night looking for ghosts to perform for them. Turning all the lights off to record such events when almost all eyewitness accounts of ghostly activity take place with the lights on or even occur during the day, makes today’s ghost hunting paradigm even more absurd. But this doesn’t stop anyone from doing it over and over.

There are many other phenomena with no absolute explanations such as UFO activity. In this essay we will mainly deal with ground-based phenomena, since the source of UFOs has an almost unlimited number of origins. However, we will make one exception to ground-based events. Are the numerous orbiting ships captured on video by John Walson in the UK just illusions or are they real? Since he has been video recording them with a telescope and video camera from his home, his home, his home has been buzzed by Chinook military helicopters which he has also photographed and posted on the web.

If we are to accept these bizarre phenomena as taking place, then an explanation for their existence must somehow apply. We should first look at common threads associated with these and other phenomena, and then try to postulate what can satisfy these observations.
Crop circles * These appear to form seemingly from nowhere during the night. There is just one supposed film of a crop circle creation taking place, but there is some doubt as to the authenticity of the film.

Big foot * These creatures seem to appear almost from nowhere, usually deep in wooded and forest areas. Sightings are usually brief, often measured in seconds. This writer doesn’t know of any home for these creatures that has been officially discovered for certain to date in any wooded area or cave for these beings. Yeti * Like Bigfoot, these also seem to come and go from nowhere. Even more strange are footprints found in snow which just seem to end going no where.
Ghosts – Elusive and unpredictable. Many theories exist about what or who they are and where they obtain their energy from. Flashlights, camcorders and cameras are known to suddenly quit when batteries are exhausted. Does this categorically prove ghost entities obtain energy from batteries to manifest themselves * or is their appearance disturbing local space-time which is what depletes the batteries? Or is there an external intelligence involved that depletes the batteries to make the ghost’s appearance convincing? Ghosts also seem to come from thin air and leave the same way.

Ships in orbit * With no known point of origin or destination, these ships are similar in nature to the four categories listed above. The semi-transparent nature of these vehicles should raise questions in any rational mind, yet apparently does not.

There may be a common thread with all these events. All of these appear to prove something is happening, often stimulating some or all of the five senses in thousands of eyewitnesses – and yet each of these phenomena have no known origin or destination. Perhaps there are separate explanations for each one, with a common thread for all of these or some combination of both.
One such possibility for the existence of these phenomena and others is a Reality Simulation. We’ll just refer to the reality simulation as R-Sim for short.

Imagine for a moment, that you are the master of an R-Sim generated world. If your race is that advanced, it wouldn’t use a computer as we know it to control it. You and your race have been running this R-Sim for countless millennia as an on-going experiment. In this world you have created planets, stars, a local Sun for the one planet with intelligent life along millions of diverse life-forms including numerous insects and plants. Some life-forms are highly intelligent (known as humans) while others in the R-Sim are not so intelligent. Your and your ancestors that created the R-Sim gave each animal just enough intelligence for it to survive and no more, and the simulation has been running for countless millennia. Those that created it are long dead.
Now things are getting quite boring and mundane, while the humans on the planet are increasing in their capabilities. You might decide to stir up some unexpected events and phenomena on the one planet with life (Earth.) Only the humans would take notice of strange events. Other animals and life-forms don’t really care what you do, since they are not capable of thinking on higher levels. You might create strange life-forms and events like big foot, Yeti, crop circles, ghosts, miracles and UFOs to see how the humans will react, then sit back and watch what happens.
When pilots and astronauts are tested in full motion simulation cockpits, trainers and examiners cause simulated system failures in one or more systems to see how the emergency is handled. Pilots and astronauts have noted that these simulations are so real that they began to sweat and can even feel fear which they must control. When a computer-controlled simulation is well designed and life-like, this is what happens.

Cockpit and other simulations force a controlled reality upon test subjects. Some years ago at an amusement park, I was standing inside 180 degree projection dome theatre holding on to a railing while watching an action film. We were near the back of the room watching a speeding hair-raising motorcycle chase as it wound through the narrow twisting streets of an alpine village. The audience was swaying back and forth during the film as their personal visual system was overwhelmed. The flood of information quickly takes over the brain, influencing body movements as though the audience itself is riding in the motorcycle.

If you are charged with running the R-Sim, from time to time your race abducts a cross section of human beings for testing during their sleep. Memory is usually wiped out to prevent disturbing their waking lives, even though a vivid memory of the event is stored in the abductee’s memory. Humans will assume your workers (i.e., data collectors) are from another planet or galaxy, or even from Earth’s future. Humans must be allowed to believe what they want for the testing and science work to be as accurate as possible. Some have boldly called Earth a “Grand Experiment” but it’s much more than that. What we perceive as reality through the R-Sim can only use our five senses. The processed combination of these senses by the brain helps us assess what our minds decide is real and what is not. If we view a 3D movie which projects objects and people right in front of our face, without lifting a finger we already know that we can put our hand through the 3D projection and feel nothing. We assume that the projected light itself is real, but accept that the object we see is only an illusion.

Yet we continue to believe observations of fleeing objects like ghosts must be absolutely real. But does this simple test categorically prove ghosts do not exist? Of course not.
So far in our exploration, we’ve seen that there are phenomena seen worldwide by thousands of people which defy a rational explanation. Yet they still take place nevertheless. We also know our perception of reality is easily tinkered with and altered by skilled human artists and software engineers who design flight simulators.

Now imagine what a race of beings who have technology a billion years ahead of us can do! We think Playstations and other advanced game technology are impressive – but try to imagine the complexity of a simulation the size our solar system running down at the molecular level. To highly advanced beings, Playstation and other on-line games we have today are like little children playing with jacks and marbles. They probably chuckle at us. Now consider that we are here, inside the R-Sim. Consider that we are just small components of an immensely HUGE, complex R-Sim. Creation of this R-Sim has given us the only reality we can possibly know for now. Can we even imagine the “home” environment of a race of beings a billion years ahead of us? Perhaps to them there is no longer any place like home. Several thousand years ago, humans lived in caves. They had no concept of high rise apartment buildings or farm houses. Just two hundred years ago, could George Washington have imagined life aboard the space station? Without a frame of reference, no human being can even remotely imagine this far into the future.

Countless aquatic sea creatures live in the very deepest part of the ocean * the Marianas Trench. At 36,201 feet deep, pressures reach 9,000 tons/square inch according to those who went down into the trench using the deep sea submersible Trieste. Yet sea creatures were filmed at the deepest part of the ocean glow with light they generate themselves.

Jelly fish in the Marianas Trench [3]
These creatures can thrive there because this is the only environment they know and were born there. Since the pressures inside the fish are the same as those outside, they do not feel any pressure and are not crushed. This is their world we have visited. These creatures quickly die when brought to the surface as cells burst inside their bodies. If a deep sea submersible sub did not bring these creatures to the surface for research, they would live out their normal life span on the ocean bottom. We too, are something like these deep sea creatures. Our lives start with the paradigm we are born into. The majority of people on Earth will die, living out their lives within the same paradigm they were raised with.

Consider billions of people in the world’s under-developed countries. Unfortunately, this is the life they are born into and most likely will die there. Relatively few people will escape this fate. Even in developed western countries, people born in the middle class usually die in the middle class, save a few who do well in life and go higher. The same is true for both lower and upper classes as well. We truly are creatures of habit, not all that unlike the very pets we keep. This is the Earth paradigm. The only known life-forms on Earth that have the potential to escape the paradigm they are born into are human beings.

In the section a few pages back “common threads” we noted that there are known, observable common observations for all of the “paranormal” phenomena, whether or not we choose to accept them as real. If the watchers and keepers of our R-Sim decide to test us by throwing us a wringer to see how we’ll react, we have little choice but to react. Even no reaction or expressing disbelief of paranormal events still creates a test result. Hence, the logical conclusion is that there will always be some type of reaction.

Perhaps even bleeding statues or other stigmata (if these actually exist) may be just another manifestation of the R-Sim. These strange events may be designed by the controllers for their entertainment, to further human belief in God or simply to see how people will react. Even the presence of alien life-forms may not be what we perceive it to be * they could be nothing more than another test created for the R-Sim injected into our reality.

Another curious observation points to how Earth has not been hit with a devastating asteroid impact in many thousands of years. This fact flies in the face of about 20,000 known objects flying about our solar system, each with unique and complex orbits. Approximately 1,068 potentially hazardous asteroids (as of this writing) have been catalogued and document having orbital paths that either have crossed Earth’s orbit, or will be. Yet somehow to date, none of these massive objects have hit the Earth. Some of these objects which have passed by Earth in recent years are closer than our Moon’s orbit. Yet no one asks the most obvious question * why haven’t we been hit by at least one of these killer objects? Did someone prevent it? If so, who are they?
Either we are just incredibly lucky, or someone or something is out there protecting our little rock. There is also a third explanation even more disturbing * that these objects may not exist. Even though they are visible by telescope or on deep space radar, how can we actually know they really exist? We cannot. When we sent out a spacecraft and landed it on an asteroid, how can we prove that actually happened? There is no way to do so. Many science and space fans yell “We received pictures and data from the spacecraft! It must have landed without any doubt!” Yet that proves nothing.

It becomes a difficult question to produce hard physical evidence we are in a simulation. Even if our best computer scientists were given a copy of the R-Sim source code we would not be advanced enough to read even the first line of code. As humans inside R-Sim we are given only have access to the tools we’re allowed to have by the masters of R-Sim and nothing more. If our capabilities were allowed to be greater, we might alter the R-Sim itself creating a disaster in our reality we could never, ever predict happening. And we could never correct the mistake in time.
The theory of operation behind a popular phenomenon known as “The Secret” states that we can change the “thinking stuff” in the universe by how we think. And with it, completely change every aspect of our lives. That is exactly what the creators of the secret call it. However, although I have tested the power of altering my own reality and found that it does work, I do not think that there exists “thinking stuff” that we can change. Instead, you are actually changing the performance parameters of your simulation in the R-Sim. Assuming the R-Sim exists, this theory makes perfect sense.

Here are a few of the unanswered questions

Will we ever be told the truth of R-Sim? If so, could we handle it as a race? Such knowledge would create a deep shock wave to our self-esteem as a human race, comparable to someone learning their brother is also their father. How will the future of humankind be affected? Will society fall apart? Christian churches would probably shut their doors almost immediately as people dropped out of churches everywhere, since it would cast serious doubt on the concept of eternal life.

What will the controllers of the R-Sim do with us after telling us? Press the reset button and start over? Perhaps this is what 2012 is all about. Maybe the Mayans were told by the controllers that 2012 is the year our program is terminated. Since ancient Mayans couldn’t understand the concept of R-Sim, perhaps it was simply called “The end of time.” Which if the R-Sim is true, it just might be the end of time for us.

Would our human race scattered all over Earth even believe the R-Sim is real? Pride and vanity could prove to be far more powerful obstacles than learning the real truth about our simulated reality. Of course, this is all just a theory to support observed phenomena seen by countless people, so don’t toss out your crosses and rosaries just yet


28th October 2010, 17:04
All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;

(W. Shakespeare)

Ethereal Blue Being
28th October 2010, 21:40
The One, this thread took me way out of my personal comfort/control zone if there is such a thing---thanks, It gave me alot to think about.