View Full Version : History of US and UK Intervention in Iraq

27th September 2014, 05:37
"The main themes that emerge from this history - which must be understood in the context of the global and regional agendas of the US and UK - are:

+ First, for at least 100 years, U.S. and British actions in Iraq and the Persian Gulf have been guided by, not by the lofty concepts of freedom, democracy, self-determination, justice, human rights and international law bandied about so freely by imperial officials and their media stenographers, but by cold-blooded and ruthless calculations of global empire, regional dominance, and control of Persian Gulf oil - specifically, suppressing revolutionary and nationalist struggles for self-determination, including just struggles for self-determination by the Palestinian and Kurdish peoples; preventing rival imperial powers - most recently the former Soviet Union - from gaining influence in the region; and building Israel into a sub-regional gendarme for imperial interests and control.

+ Second, in pursuit of these objectives, Washington and London have acted covertly and overtly, wielding the carrot of aid and the stick of military assault - installing and overthrowing governments, exerting economic, political and military pressure, waging wars, even threatening the use of nuclear weapons - committing enormous crimes, staggering duplicity, unfathomable hypocrisy, and cold-blooded betrayal along the way.

+ Third, as a result, neither the UK nor the US have ever brought liberation to the peoples of Iraq or the Middle East, but have instead inflicted enormous suffering and perpetuated oppression. While deep national, social and class divisions run through the societies of the Middle East, foreign imperialist domination - by the U.S. in particular today - has been and remains the primary obstacle to justice and liberation.

+ Fourth, US/UK actions have brought neither peace nor stability, but spawned a deepening spiral of resistance, instability, intervention and war. America's current so-called 'war on terror' is in reality a war OF terror against the peoples of the planet in service of greater and more dominant global empire -- and its 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq represent a further, horrific escalation of this deadly spiral of intervention - an arrogant, yet desperate, effort to forcefully resolve the growing contradictions that the imperial powers themselves have engendered in the region.

+ Finally, the history of US/UK intervention in Iraq and the region shows that grand ambitions of conquest and control are one thing; realizing them is quite another. Oppression breeds resistance, actions provoke reactions, and events often careen beyond the control of their initiators in unexpected ways - as the resistance and struggle in Iraq once again demonstrates."


This article is worth a read, the current developments are constantly being manipulated by those in power, and the media.