View Full Version : BBC is caught on stealing Iranian ancient stargate documents

29th September 2014, 01:09
"Iranís Intelligence Ministry says it has thwarted attempts by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to steal Iran's cultural, historical and art documents.

In line with efforts made to make up for its failures, the Western media network has used its agents inside the country to pilfer historical documents from the countryís official archives, the ministry said on Sunday.

It added that the move, which was against media regulations and international law, has been monitored and nipped in the bud as a result of appropriate measures taken by the Iranian intelligence forces.

The ministry also noted that further information on the operation will be made public in due time."

Sorry, I couldn't find any Iranian source to confirm it.

Only close circuit people knows it and just whispering.

Iranian government trying to cover it.
They do not want to disclose this event's root, their and foreign mass.

I can give you a clue what they were try to steal.
Check Dr. Dan Burisch's limited dis-closer.

29th September 2014, 01:28
In 2012, Iran arrested two film-makers over alleged links to the BBC. They were released later. Months later, Iranís state TV claimed the BBC hacked its website to change the results of a poll about Iranís nuclear programme.

In June this year Iranian documentary film-maker and womenís rights activist Mahnaz Mohammadi was jailed for five years, charged with collaborating against the state with the BBC.


Iran should ask British government to return our stolen "Syrus Cylendre (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyrus_Cylinder)" known as "First Declaration of Human rights",the same Cylendre that during presidency of honourable Mr.Ahmadinejad was given to Iran for 4 months in 2010,Iranian should ask why this important ancient document shaped in a barrel shape to kept in UK,once it is return to Iran then we will speak about other issues.

30th September 2014, 10:02
This caught my attention, I find your post highly intriguing, but also a little cryptic, I would like to understand it better, can you provide more information, context, reference links, etc. You mention Dan Burisch's "dis-closer" not sure what you mean there. You got me hooked, especially this possible Dan Burisch connection... but I am not sure what the "dis-closer" part is referring to... I think you meant to type "disclosure"? Dan has quite a few hours of testimony. Can you be more specific, if you don't want to mention it here, maybe you can make a post in the "conspiracy" section, I will be looking out for any message from you... would love to get your insight on which particular interview or specific reference he made? (he made many!) Thanks