View Full Version : Norwegian dr mads gilbert on the horrors of gaza

11th October 2014, 20:12

This is a stirring piece on Gaza featuring DR Mads Gilbert. Is it the whole story? no of course not, but one that needs to be seen.
This is such a difficult topic loaded with all the sensitive buttons.
The truth gives no care to ethnicity, religion or beliefs. It is even, flatfooted and only cares for itself, the truth.
I have an Italian and Scottish background. I don't give a crap if the Mafia is Italian , Scottish or Aboriginal, if they have committed crimes they are guilty of , it has no bearing on me being Italian. And if found guilty to have committed a crime, I need to speak out against them! or who am I? a hypocrite to the most obvious degree.
And so I say for Israel the Jews and so forth . I don't care for your religion or your being Gods chosen people if it embodies itself in this madness, and I know many good and loving Jewish people feel the same.
If being" Gods chosen people" by any ethnicity, means justifying the mass killing of children and innocent human beings , than something is wrong with your interpretation of your God. And common sense says that stands for all people all religions everywhere!
On the simplest level, we all have the same wants and desires and all deserve to have them equally served.
Be a good, loving soul who cares and respects others no different then yourself and your God will be duly served .
Stop all wars ! Stop the killing!

11th October 2014, 22:27
isn't it great , there is nothing about killing that is spiritual , both sides claim to be servants of god ... it's almost like they fear their god and religion want survive unless it's at war and in total control of everyone ... without WAR what would they do , learn to learn to live in peace ??? naw , war is easier for them , then they don't have to get along with anyone ...