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16th October 2014, 05:03
From Dallas Commissioners Will Declare State Of Disaster Tomorrow Over Ebola (Zerohedge.com) (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-15/dallas-commissioners-will-declare-state-disaster-tomorrow-over-ebola-fears):


While the message from the President is 'keep calm and avoid bodily fluids', it appears the commissioners in Dallas are slightly more concerned at the potential for Ebola to escalate:


While we are not sure where a "state of disaster" ranks relative to a "public health emergency" such as the one in Connecticut, we are certain of one thing - it will mean civil liberties will be reduced as government takes control.


I live 30 miles northwest of Dallas :).

16th October 2014, 05:10
Exactly how many people have been infected with ebola in Texas? Is it really a 'disaster' already?

it will mean civil liberties will be reduced as government takes control.
Maybe a test run of such things to see what people will accept.

16th October 2014, 05:36
Exactly how many people have been infected with ebola in Texas? Is it really a 'disaster' already?
As best as I can remember, there is one who died a few days ago, after returning from Africa, and one or two who had contact with him who are now reported as testing positive for Ebola.

778 neighbour of some guy
16th October 2014, 06:47
For once I'm going to listen to Alex Jones rant for a bit, this should be good, lol, I bet he'll make a killing of his products now, he'll advice people to snort gallons of iodine and silver through a garden hose while yelling "I told you so."

Someone please inform AJ of this tweet, while I make some popcorn, last vid on infowars YT channel was from 6 hrs ago, Paul beat him to the punch. Lol;)

16th October 2014, 06:54
Whether or not it's real or contrived will make no difference.

Once the first domino falls . . . Well, you know.

16th October 2014, 12:56
Exactly how many people have been infected with ebola in Texas? Is it really a 'disaster' already?
As best as I can remember, there is one who died a few days ago, after returning from Africa, and one or two who had contact with him who are now reported as testing positive for Ebola.
How the mighty have fallen! Time was when the US in general and Texas in particular were famous for doing everything on a mammoth scale. Yet here we have one guy died - that's not even a quorum for a tête-à-tête.

16th October 2014, 13:22
Ebola virus would be a great cannon fodder to take the blame for the financial ruin of the global ponzi scheme.

16th October 2014, 14:22
Amazing how it all works:

Ebola stigma: Sierra Leone student denied lodgings in UK virus panic (http://rt.com/uk/196436-sierra-leone-student-ebola/)

Published time: October 16, 2014 10:59
Get short URL (http://rt.com/uk/196436-sierra-leone-student-ebola/)

Image from twitter.com/Amarabangs

A student from Sierra Leone was denied accommodation when he arrived to study at the University of East Anglia because landlords thought he may be infected with Ebola.

Amara Bangura, 35, told the BBC he was initially accepted but then was refused a place to stay by two separate landlords in Norwich when they saw his passport and found he originated from one of the worst-hit Ebola countries.

“It’s very unreasonable,” he told the BBC. “And if you think everybody coming from Sierra Leone is affected, then that’s just completely unfair.”

Bangura is a radio presenter from Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown. In his radio show he dispels myths about Ebola.

In a letter, one landlord told him: “Under normal circumstance [sic] your profile would be a great profile to be one of our lodgers. However, given that the world is about to probably experience an Ebola epidemic, we have decided not to accept anyone that has been anywhere near the outbreak within the last two months, or is likely to visit those areas in the near future.”

Bangura has since found a place to stay so he can continue his studies, the BBC reports.

More than 4,400 people have died in the Ebola outbreak, mainly in West Africa, according to the World Health Organization.

Health workers remove the body a woman who died from the Ebola virus in the Aberdeen district of Freetown, Sierra Leone, October 14, 2014. (Reuters/Josephus Olu-Mammah)
[comment: to implement Jon Rappoport's protocol (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?74879-EV-D68-Illness-Fruit-Of-MMR-Polio-Flu-Vaccines&p=883583&viewfull=1#post883583): Do you see the virus? Do you see a dead body? If so, what is it dead from?]

Heathrow Airport began screening passengers arriving from Ebola-affected regions this week.

News of the landlords’ rejection comes after a nine-year-old boy, also from Sierra Leone, was banned from attending a school in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Kofi Mason-Sesay, who was born in the UK, was denied access to St Simon's Catholic Primary school after the parents of other students complained to the head teacher, claiming Kofi would put the other children in danger if he had the virus.

His mother Miriam, an aid worker who teaches English in Sierra Leone, told the Daily Mail: “The school and its governors have been extremely supportive, but I'm afraid they’ve been put under undue pressure by an aggressive minority spreading panic and ignorance about this virus.”

http://rt.com/files/news/2f/f5/40/00/1975177_10154627387530648_4604368347715008839_n.jp g
Kofi Mason-Sesa, who was banned from attending a school in the UK (Facebook)

“I like to think I am a reasonable citizen and mother and there is no way I would be wandering around with my nine-year-old if he had Ebola.

“There is a lot of misinformation out there. We have had absolutely no contact with sick people.”

Meanwhile, a GP from Manchester said he believes Skype consultations, in which patients can be checked for symptoms, could help contain the outbreak.

“We need a national strategy for GPs to access Skype technology and be comfortable using it,” Sirfraz Hussain told the Guardian. “At some time in the future there is going to be an outbreak of Ebola that will threaten lives. In the case of such an outbreak, we need service readiness and at-a-distance screening, to protect ourselves and the patients.”

16th October 2014, 16:05
Paul, whatever happened to "Don't Mess With Texas?"

Putting you guys on lockdown will indeed, I hope, make a ver-r-r-y interesting test of PTB manipulation and the public's response. I'm thinking here of the recent Bundy Ranch, Nevada, standoff between armed Federal officers and 200 irate citizens which forced the gov'mint to retreat. My sense is that they were not expecting the public to actively resist and this incipient Dallas lockdown is a beta test of their chicanery.

Federal officials have backed away from a growing confrontation over land rights in Clark County, Nev., citing “serious concern” about the safety of law enforcement officials and private citizens on the front lines of the standoff.

As WND reported, helicopters, four-wheel-drive vehicles and an estimated 200 armed officers of the federal Bureau of Land Management, or BLM, were deployed to the Nevada ranch of Cliven Bundy, while citizen militias rallied to the property, prepared to support the rancher.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/04/feds-retreat-from-nevada-standoff/#SS6Z2AT8awlm2wYc.99

Not to mention the 2011 H5N1 'pandemic' vaccine scam....

Best of luck to you all,


16th October 2014, 16:32
Dallas, eh!

The Idiotic Explanation Why The "Idiot With The Clipboard" Was Unprotected (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-16/idiotic-explanation-why-idiot-clipboard-was-unprotected)

http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/pictures/picture-5.jpg (http://www.zerohedge.com/users/tyler-durden) Submitted by Tyler Durden (http://www.zerohedge.com/users/tyler-durden) on 10/16/2014 11:21 -0400

Phoenix Air has released a statement explaining why the now infamous non-HazMat-wearing 'clipboard man' seen in close proximity to Dallas Ebola patient Amber Vinson (while the rest of the members of staff are fully protected) was unprotected... and it will blow your mind.

Why is "Clipboard Man" not wearing protective gear?

http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user3303/imageroot/2014/10/20141016_ebola3_0.jpg (http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user3303/imageroot/2014/10/20141016_ebola3.jpg)

Phoenix Air responds (via ABC News) (http://abcnews.go.com/Health/clipboard-man-hazmat-suit/story?id=26235850)...
The airline confirmed to ABC News that the man was their medical protocol supervisor who was purposefully not wearing protective gear.

"Our medical professionals in the biohazard suits have limited vision and mobility and it is the protocol supervisor’s job to watch each person carefully and give them verbal directions to insure no close contact protocols are violated," a spokesperson from Phoenix Air told ABC News said.

"There is absolutely no problem with this and in fact insures an even higher level of safety for all involved," the spokesperson said.

* * *

So - in summary - due to the restrictive vision when wearing an Ebola-protective suit, one member of staff must be sacrificed/exposed to ensure no one trips?

And these are who we are supposed to trust?

16th October 2014, 17:02
We all knew something big is on the way is it Ebola ???

Two recent threads and some recent Ebola articles, the dots are connecting....


The Pentagon’s ‘Operation Dark Winter’: June 2001 Bioterror Exercise Foreshadowed 9/11 and Anthrax Attacks

Another article about drills leading up to 9/11, I had not heard of this before.,
or if I have , I've forgotten.......

Drills do happen and are an important part of keeping emergency services up
to date , but a lot of these drills and wargames are already very suspect
as cover for real psyops attacks and heres another one....

NOTE...quote from below how blatant are these psyops....

Quote Iraq might have provided the technology behind the attacks to terrorist groups
based in Afghanistan.

Operation Dark Winter and The Hollywood Effect




================================================== ==

Dick Cheney warns next terror attack on U.S. will be ‘far deadlier’ than September 11

new Tuesday 14th October 2014 at 11:37 By david-icke


Cheney: Next Attack On Us Will Dwarf 9/11


Read More....


================================================== ====


VIRAL SIEGE: Ebola Fear Campaign & Cover-Up Masks Truth About Outbreak

October 15, 2014 By Shawn Helton 5 Comments

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

There are many questions surrounding the Ebola outbreak of 2014. Here is what you should know...

We’ve been told that the ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa has killed several thousand people in recent months.
According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) numbers, the virus has claimed well over a thousand more
lives (4,493) then the amount that are said to have perished in the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Currently, there are 8,997 suspected cases, with most being reported in the three worst-affected countries, Liberia,
Sierra Leone, and Guinea. The incubation period for the deadly Ebola virus is said to be anywhere from two to 21 days.

The virus has reportedly made its way to parts of Europe and the United States with new cases being announced
every week now.

The CDC recently confirmed that a second healthcare worker from Dallas, 29 year-old nurse Amber Joy Vinson has
been diagnosed with Ebola after treating Thomas Eric Duncan, the now well-known Liberian man who is said to have
contracted the virus while assisting an infected pregnant woman in West Africa. Reportedly Vinson had been traveling
by plane on October 13th, after supposedly making wedding plans. She made her way from Cleveland to Dallas on
Frontier Airlines flight 1143. The plane is said to have made 5 flights before being taken out of service. This has
resulted in airline stocks taking a plunge as the fear of Ebola grows across the country.

It has also been announced that Vinson had a low-grade fever while traveling. Shockingly, it was revealed that Vinson
was given the ‘green light’ by the CDC to travel by plane even though she had signs of being very ill. The CDC still
maintains that passengers onboard her flight were not at high risk of contracting Ebola.

Read More....


more on thread...


================================================== ==

As with many events Hollywood has paved the way, they
would argue they only reflect society and all these events
have happened before in one form or another , which is
also true........The 1001 Zombie apocalypse and other
movies open the idea that anything could happen....

World War Z Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Brad Pitt Movie HD


Published on 8 Nov 2012

Subscribe to TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/sxaw6h
Subscribe to COMING SOON: http://bit.ly/H2vZUn
World War Z Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Brad Pitt Movie HD

778 neighbour of some guy
16th October 2014, 17:18
So - in summary - due to the restrictive vision when wearing an Ebola-protective suit, one member of staff must be sacrificed/exposed to ensure no one trips?

And these are who we are supposed to trust?

LOL;), I guess plastic flowers will do just fine for his fake funeral.

16th October 2014, 17:42
Human crisis: ‘Ebola will eventually infect & kill more people’


Published on 15 Oct 2014

Members of the UN Security Council issued a statement saying that the
international response to Ebola has so far failed – and wasn't taken seriously
enough at an early stage. RT talks to Dr. Joshua Mugele, who volunteered at a
Liberian hospital which accommodated an Ebola patient.

RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air

================================================== ==

Going viral: Ebola 60-day warning spooks leaking US system


Published on 15 Oct 2014

Ebola Emergency mission chief says the steps taken by countries to counter the
virus are not nearly enough to beat the disease.

Even in the US, with its modern healthcare system, fears of a widespread outbreak
are growing - as RT's Marina Portnaya reports.

RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air

================================================== =

Ebola survival kits sales spike in US amid panic outbreak


Published on 16 Oct 2014

Meanwhile in the US, a third Ebola sufferer has been transferred to a secure
bio-containment unit. And as our US correspondent Marina Portnaya reports, panic is spreading.

RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air



16 October 2014 Last updated at 18:46

Ebola crisis: WHO focuses on preventing regional spread

vid on link....

The World Health Organization is to "ramp up" efforts to prevent Ebola spreading
beyond the three countries most affected by the deadly virus.

Fifteen African countries are being prioritised, top WHO official Isabelle Nuttall told
a Geneva news conference.

They will receive more help in areas including prevention and protection.

US public health officials are being questioned at a congressional hearing on
perceived failings in how the US has dealt with cases.


The transmission of the Ebola virus remains intense in Liberia, Sierra Leone and
Guinea, the WHO's Dr Nuttall said.

There was a "spike" in the Guinean capital, Conakry, said Dr Nuttall, and "intense
transmission" in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone.

In the Liberian capital, Monrovia, she spoke of "significant underreporting" and
problems with data-gathering making it hard to reach firm conclusions. But there
was a drop in the number of cases in Lofa district.

vid on link....
Farmers in Sierra Leone have deserted their land during the Ebola outbreak

Overall, cases were doubling every four weeks, said Dr Nuttall, the WHO's Director
of Global Capacities Alerts and Response, and the death toll was expected to go
above 4,500 this week.

Countries in the region must be prepared, she said, listing Benin, Burkina Faso,
Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gambia,
Ghana, Mauritania, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Togo.

She highlighted four nations directly bordering the worst affected area - Ivory
Coast, Guinea Bissau, Mali and Senegal.

"We will ramp up our support to the countries. We will work with them on a plan.
But a plan needs to be changed into action."

Action will include:

Rapid response teams
Engaging at community level
Training in infection prevention and protection
Having laboratories in place
Earlier, the WHO said the introduction of Ebola in the US and elsewhere was a
matter of concern, but a major outbreak was unlikely given the strength of health systems in the West.

In another development, the European Union is to examine whether exit screening
at West African airports is effective.


EU health ministers also agreed to try to co-ordinate measures taken at EU
airports. Some countries, such as the UK, have introduced screening.


Texas nurse

In the United States, questions are being asked about why two nurses who treated
an Ebola patient from Africa have themselves become infected.

Thomas Eric Duncan died at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital after arriving in
the US from Liberia.

Amber Vinson -undated photo Amber Vinson was not supposed to travel on an
aeroplane, health officials said Nurses Nina Pham and Amber Vinson both
contracted Ebola after treating him.

Both wore face shields, hazardous materials suits and protective footwear as they
drew blood and dealt with Mr Duncan's body fluids and it remains unclear how they
were infected, officials say.

Amber Vinson was allowed to take a commercial flight after treating him and
officials have been contacting the 132 people who flew with her.

Daniel Varga, the chief clinical officer for the company that runs the Texas hospital,
told the congressional hearing "we are deeply sorry" for the "mistakes made" in the
way Mr Duncan's case was handled.

Opening the hearing, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Oversight and
Investigations Tim Murphy accused the Centers for Disease Control of "changing
course" on measures that would have strengthened quarantining.

He also cast doubt on airport screening, saying those with a fever could avoid it.

But in his opening statement, Centers for Disease Control Director Tom Frieden said
everything was being done to prevent transmission of Ebola.

"There are no shortcuts. Everyone has to do their part. We are there to support. We
are there with world-class expertise to protect Americans."

New US Ebola control measures

A "site manager" will supervise how workers at the Texas Health Presbyterian
Hospital put on and take off protective clothing
Two nurses from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta will offer "enhanced training"
in Dallas
An immediate response team will travel to the site of any future Ebola diagnoses to
hit the ground "within hours"
New guidelines for testing at hospitals throughout the US, with special emphasis on
asking questions about travel history
Could it spread around US?

Confusing death figures

In other developments on Thursday:

Another Spanish healthcare worker, who came into contact with a nurse already
infected, is being tested for the virus
An Air France passenger with a high fever, reportedly from Nigeria, is to be
examined in hospital for Ebola symptoms after arriving in Madrid from Paris
A patient with "Ebola-like" symptoms is being monitored in the US state of
Continue reading the main storyContinue reading the main story
How not to catch Ebola:

Avoid direct contact with sick patients as the virus is spread through contaminated body fluids
Wear goggles to protect eyes
Clothing and clinical waste should be incinerated and any medical equipment that
needs to be kept should be decontaminated
People who recover from Ebola should abstain from sex or use condoms for three
Ebola basics: What you need to know

How Ebola attacks

Ebola: Mapping the outbreak



16th October 2014, 18:01
Members of the UN Security Council issued a statement saying that the international response
to Ebola has so far failed – and wasn't taken seriously enough at an early stage.
This is the same UN of the 'Brave New UN'?

The first director of Unesco (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_Huxley) was the eugenicist Julian Huxley.


Sincerity is not a characteristic of this latrine (UN).

16th October 2014, 18:01
1) Ebola has been around since at least 1976 and hasn't really mutated since (unlike the Flu virus which changes radically every year). If it spread as virulently as the news media would make us believe, the world's population would have vanished by 1977.

2) It only spreads via fluids, although the news always likes to show people in hazmat suits treating and transporting patients, leading us to believe that this is an airborne virus.

3) The news media reports cases of Ebola even though presence of the actual virus has not been confirmed, the patient only needs to exhibit Ebola like symptoms. In West Africa, where free health care is rare, many are showing up to health care clinics. They are not diagnosed and just treated for Ebola. If they die, either from their affliction or from the treatment that wasn't appropriate for them, then they are numbered as an Ebola death.

4) We were told to panic about Bird Flu, Swine Flu, SARS, and last year MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome), etc. and not only did we survive them but they didn't come anywhere near us or most of the people in the world. The only infection we got was the fear transmitted by the media.

5) The pharmaceutical industry is a major advertiser on news media shows and the fear of Ebola and other stories instill in viewers only gives them more power in our all too impressionable minds.

6) The Halloween season is almost here, so we can now turn to cultivating our slightly more rational fears: fear of Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, etc.

16th October 2014, 20:16
Paul, whatever happened to "Don't Mess With Texas?"
We've been messed with too :).

16th October 2014, 23:06
Dallas County opts not to declare Ebola disaster
Posted: Oct 16, 2014 5:08 PM CDT Updated: Oct 16, 2014 5:08 PM CDT

DALLAS (AP) - Dallas County commissioners have decided to not issue a disaster declaration after Ebola has left a man from Liberia dead and two nurses infected.

Commissioners held an emergency meeting Thursday afternoon, but took no action on the proposal.

Instead, commissioners said they planned to provide written agreements to the 75 health care workers being monitored for Ebola, asking them to avoid public transportation and places.

Thomas Eric Duncan was diagnosed while visiting Dallas. He died Oct. 8 at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Two nurses who treated Duncan contracted Ebola and remained hospitalized.

Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

17th October 2014, 07:19
Update - state of disaster tabled.

From Dallas County Disaster Declaration Tabled in Ebola Fight (NBC - Dallas, Fort Worth) (http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/health/Dallas-County-Judge-Clay-Jenkins-Creates-Order-to-Restrict-Travel-of-Ebola-Health-Care-Workers-279336932.html):


Thursday, Oct 16, 2014 • Updated at 7:16 PM CDT

Dallas County Commissioners tabled plans to declare a disaster over the Ebola virus at a Thursday meeting, deciding to restrict the travel of health care workers exposed to the virus without it.

Commissioners had been expected to make the declaration Thursday, but went into a closed-door session at the start of an emergency meeting. Afterward, the commissioners returned and said they believed a disaster declaration would ultimately hurt Dallas more than it would help.

"A declaration, in and of itself, would not accomplish what we think it would. With what's happening locally, we need to move cautiously with a declaration. It may be premature," County Commissioner John Wiley Price said.

Several county health officials had reservations about shelving the disaster declaration and urged the council to assure the deadly virus could be contained without the use of such an order. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said if the disaster declaration is eventually needed, it will be implemented.

"A new declaration would not aid me in what I need to do (to make community safe); we need to save that tool (the declaration) in our toolbox maybe for another time," Jenkins said.

Dallas County Commissioner Mike Cantrell first asked about the declaration, thinking it could cover the county's expenses in fighting the virus, now estimated at more than $1 million. Jenkins said the fight had not yet become a financial burden for the county and that state and federal dollars will help cover the costs.

Jenkins said the Dallas Emergency Operations Center will remain open without the declaration.