View Full Version : Stwart Swerdlow - interesting perspective on ebola

16th October 2014, 20:44
This is the preview from Expansions 12th Annual Conference, "Everything Oversoul + The Alien Agenda" starting October 17..
Some interesting views on ebola virus - highly recomended:


16th October 2014, 21:52
Surprised he didn't know the date "Russia invaded Georgia" (which was actually Georgia baiting Russia, by killing Russians in Odessa first) amazing how the propaganda even makes us phrase it thus! Since the Date was 2008 / August /08 (= Illuminati signature date...)

08 / 08 / 08 - I still think that was one of the most profound interviews that David Wilcock did with Brian and Kerry I think... because I had specific information that absolutely confirmed that event was premeditated at least a year in advance, (and according to Wilcock many years, as attempt to initiate WWIII... (and the non random date only supports this...) That is when I sent an email to David Wilcock to check out Winston Shrout's LA Seminar... (which contained the evidence)

(and I posted about that in detail on here somewhere ;p)

Anyhowsssss... ;-) I'd like to hear more, it's nice to hear someone speak about the conspiracy aspect in a rational and logical tone, music to my ears...