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17th October 2014, 03:18
Synchronicity stems and works from higher dimensions where higher laws are.
We can and are creating the everyday reality everywhere, not just on Earth here and now.
Few days ago by divine law of synchronicity Greybeard, dear friend Chris, started the thread Awoken.
Now I release the second code; step two in taking our innate power back for a divine (our) cause.

After a period of waking up (more or less for everybody here or visitors), now came the time of our personal threshold. Namely where next?

1.go back to oblivion
2.do nothing
3.sitting on the fence cheering and eventually being taken by a wave
4.proactively or creatively go forward

I am the one who chose No. 4.
Thus by actively behaving according to my choice I propose that we now consciously join our innate, God given power of creation and start creating A and THE new paradigm.

First of all by telling here about direct personal experiences of how, when, where, why each one of us did anchor a code for the new era.
Codes are manifold and coming in all shapes and forms. What matters is the intention behind it thus the original though thus the lowest possible energy behind. That energy actually moves the universe. It`s the very seed of new reality.

Just like in tiny Sequoia seed (as big as tomato seed) an information is encoded for the mighty tree to grow into the Sequoia.

I will start with this;

recently I traveled to one country in Europe where I met with several people. All of them a very nice and spiritual people. Some of them are highly acknowledged scientists of quantum physics who collaborate with scientists and academy of sciences from Sweden, Russia, Serbia, Japan, USA among few others. They all are extremely serious experts in their fields of physics among other- quantum physics.

They all confirmed me all what we are here knowing and exploring in Avalon and other forums for years.
Then by actively working on this light codes we have set up anchors of light inbetween higher and our dimensions. This serves as permanent energy amplifier whose strength grows continually, ceaselessly. There were and are technology which operates in different spectrum of frequencies thus was unseen for the humanity en masse, those were dark tech apparatus which anchored the dark and negative conscience all over the planet.
Thus this is a counter placement so that the effects of dark tech are diminished and totally removed so that people could start actually thinking out of the negative radiation spheres.

As one friend scientist said: "Magic be it dark or else is a dirty spiritual technology which usually damages the people involved, a remnant of dark ages."
And a new science which grows from quantum physics and understands the spiritual energy of conscience is using the spirit technology right, namely if starting point is never used for dominating will, mater or energy-we are able to create anything, without fear of creating chaos and dealing with the repercussions of it.

Friends, we are beginning the new era, new technology- spiritual tech.
Not a single prophet of God in all history and nations on Earth, not a single teacher and sage were talking about anything else but essentially this tech. A new level of human experience and existence. An era of miracles where we abandon all relic tech form the past which damaged the world and life and embrace the new (really the ancient-ours-God`s)...Remember now Christ`s words about our possibility to create even bigger thing than he did...really to the one who knows and is from the higher perspective, all that is needed is a word (frequency order of high magnitude) and voila!
World, matter everything rearranges itself according to the command code.

Mainstream science is lagging behind because as we know they are political scientists. But for the new era there are scientists who are sticking to the core value, taking all into consideration however improbable it may be.
Spiritual quantum physicists.

They all are united in next;

1.we have scientific proofs of links from conscience and shaping the universe and all in it in all dimensions
2.delving into negative conscience creates chaos in all dimensions
3.recognizing the original template conscience of Love is the sole starting point of A and THE new paradigm
4.by actively tuning our conscience with the original template, we create as God or Source is

The power of ours is recognized. We remembered.
Now let`s unitedly focus of whatever is needed.

I now understand how it came to me few years ago here while writing on Avalon- the inspiration to put this sentence and realization into my signature here; Love, love and see what happens.
Action, Creation, Life, Love.


19th October 2014, 14:27
Another code, 7,83 Hz .
That is the frequency of Earth and also human being.
By aligning him/her self to this frequency we are entering into the creation frequency.

World around us because of the higher frequencies such as 14 or above constantly, is actually creating a very uneasy state of mind thus the chaos surrounding.
By measuring the brain`s activity it was discovered that when one is praying the brain goes into alpha waves frequencies ( around 10 Hz) , that is a state where one can move forces who are moving the universe.
Prayer, meditation, listening the music with alpha waves, all these are tools. Key is to consciously calm down and create new reality, from tiniest to mightiest things, behaviours, realities, possibilities.

19th October 2014, 14:39
The absolute of Will is not the domination of other or outer beings, it resides with the domination of one's own self, in that the higher order or pattern may find expression through us and thereby begin to catalyse the reality we experience. This might be the code that opens access to every other code.

Thanks, Beren.