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17th October 2014, 06:43

NSA leaked slide showing SENTRY EAGLE program where different DHS, DOD, and NSA clasified programs are hidden within less classified national programs.

On October 10, Peter Maass and Laura Poitras writing for The Intercept, released more powerpoint slides from leaked NSA documents concerning highly classified programs that are hidden from public scrutiny. The documents, originally leaked by Edward Snowden, reveal that “Sentry Eagle” is used as an umbrella term for hiding the NSA’s most sensitive programs that are classified “Exceptionally Controlled Information” (ECI). Several powerpoint slides show how ECI programs are hidden beneath less classified programs as a cover. The leaked documents support claims made 16 years earlier by Dan Sherman, another NSA whistleblower, who revealed that he worked in a secret communications program with alien (extraterrestrial) entities that was hidden beneath less classified NSA programs as a cover.

The Intercept article discusses a 13 page “brief sheet” about “Sentry Eagle”:
“You are being indoctrinated on Sentry Eagle,” the 2004 document begins, before going on to list the most highly classified aspects of its various programs. It warns that the details of the Sentry Eagle programs are to be shared with only a “limited number” of people, and even then only with the approval of one of a handful of senior intelligence officials, including the NSA director.

Among the leaked power point slides is a set called “Core Secrets Slide Slices.” These slides (see slideshow) reveal how ECI programs are only made available to a few select individuals within the Intelligence Community with a strict need to know access. Two of the slides show how Sentry Eagle acts as an umbrella for hiding its most sensitive ECI programs under less classified programs. This supports the claims by Dan Sherman who worked for three years as an electronic intelligence specialist with the NSA.

Dan Sherman served with the US Air Force for twelve years (1982-1994), and received a number of awards including the Commendation Medal and the Achievement Medal. He revealed that he was recruited into a classified program, “Project Preserve Destiny” (PPD), that was conducted under the auspices of the National Security Agency (NSA). The training was for Sherman to become an “intuitive communicator” with extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs). Essentially, Sherman would learn to telepathically interface with EBEs and pass on this information through a secure computer system to his handlers within the NSA. Sherman’s training for PPD was conducted at the same time while training for a conventional military career in electronic intelligence (ELINT), which itself was classified.
Sherman NSA Certificate

Dan Sherman’s NSA Certificate. Extracted from Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny, p. 69. (Dan Sherman)

Sherman described that his ELINT training acted as a cover for his participation in PPD that spanned a three year period (1991-1994). In his book, Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny – Insider Account of Alien Contact and Government Cover-Up (1998), Sherman revealed how he was recruited and trained in a way unknown to his normal ELINT military trainers. The training occurred over the same period as his normal training in ELINT. When he was subsequently assigned to the NSA, Sherman worked on a specially designed computer where he could perform both his normal ELINT work, and also work as an intuitive communicator with EBEs.

This is how Sherman describes, in his 1998 book, the rational for hiding deep black alien related projects under the umbrella of a less classified program:

When someone is assigned to an alien project they are also assigned to the collateral black mission (cover mission). One of the reason for this is if someone were to reveal any alien information, by extension, they would most likely reveal something about the cover project and it would be on this basis that someone would be prosecuted for divulging classified information. (p. IX)
Sherman’s claim of working within a deep black project hidden within a less classified NSA project has been corroborated by the leaked NSA documents. “Sentry Eagle” operates precisely in the way described by Sherman’s account of his time working in two classified programs for the NSA from 1991 to 1994.

The leaked NSA documents reveal that Sentry Eagle has six programs:
Sentry Hawk (for activities involving computer network exploitation, or spying),
Sentry Falcon (computer network defense),
Sentry Osprey (cooperation with the CIA and other intelligence agencies),
Sentry Raven (breaking encryption systems),
Sentry Condor (computer network operations and attacks),
Sentry Owl (collaborations with private companies).

Sherman’s claims that he was recruited from the USAF for the NSA alien program while training as an ELINT specialist with the USAF suggests that Project Preserve Destiny was likely part of the Sentry Osprey program that involved cooperation between the NSA and other intelligence agencies.

After officially retiring from the USAF and ending his classified work with the NSA, Dan Sherman went public with his 1998 book in which he supplied documentation of his training and work with the NSA as an electronic intelligence specialist. Sherman’s claim made 16 years ago that he worked in a highly classified (“above black”) program hidden within a less classified NSA “black” program has not been corroborated until now with the leaked Snowden documents. Sherman’s claims suggest that within one or more of the NSA’s Sentry Eagle six compartments, there are ongoing alien (extraterrestrial) projects that are hidden within less classified NSA cover programs.

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17th October 2014, 07:09
Great read. Thanks Links. Has anyone read his book? Does he describe his alien contacts? I am most interested in that testimony. May buy this book when I get paid. :)

17th October 2014, 09:27
Great read. Thanks Links. Has anyone read his book? Does he describe his alien contacts? I am most interested in that testimony. May buy this book when I get paid. :)

Here it is for free in .pdf format:


17th October 2014, 09:46
Dan Sherman's book Above Black was a milestone in my investigation. A felt he was telling the truth.
Here is more about him. http://information-machine.blogspot.com/2011/10/dan-sherman-above-black-project.html
Also, there is a Project Camelot interview.

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17th October 2014, 09:49
LOL, No Such Agency, has cheapo Xeroxed looking graduation certificates with its name on it, not quite sure what to make of this to be honest.

17th October 2014, 10:10
Great read. Thanks Links. Has anyone read his book? Does he describe his alien contacts? I am most interested in that testimony. May buy this book when I get paid. :)

Here it is for free in .pdf format:


I'm to page 23 and it is quite interesting. Well worth the read. Thanks so much for posting this. :) According to him, the Greys contacted the US government in 1947. I haven't found much info on ETs yet, but so far I do love this read...

17th October 2014, 11:53

You can also watch Dan Sherman interview on Camelot . He's one of the few people whose testimony I consider , personally, credible and who are in my opinion, not embellishing or adding more to it .

The book Project Preserve Destiny (https://www.indybay.org/uploads/2012/05/31/destiny.pdf) is equally good reading .


17th October 2014, 16:47

I've never heard this guy until today. But page 52 of that pdf struck me like a brick in the head! Noise cancellation. Until I got to that page I was in constant conflict if this was real or not until that page.

17th October 2014, 21:52
No blips on the BS radar with this guy. He's right up there with Clifford Stone in my book.
One interesting prediction made by Mr. Sherman based on his experiences:
The future of weaponry is related to sound.

17th October 2014, 23:51
Just finished reading the book, and I liked it. It doesn't cover the whys etc of deeper UFOlogy truths. However it was a stimulating read from I believe, a truthful source.

A quote from the book:
"I asked if they can travel through time: for example - can they go backward or forward in time? He told me that it was not possible to witness a reality that occurred in some other time but the present."

This^ coincides with my own ET contact. I was told time travel, in terms of going back 1,000 years, does not exist. Based on the variables involved in time travel if it existed I find it very credible that it does not exist in the forms many people think. However according to my contacts time is open source to some degree. So you can slow it down, speed it up etc, and it has qualities that are not set in stone... In other words one is always in the 'now', and cannot travel to the past or future separate from the 'now'.

• Other intelligent life -
"According to Bones[A Grey], there is a vast number of other “intelligences” in the Universe. I got the feeling when I asked this that he felt it was a dumb question."
This made me LOL.

Thanks again for posting the ebook cursichella. :)