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19th October 2014, 13:36
I'd appreciate it if the Project Avalon community could visit this new post (http://charlesfrith.blogspot.com/2014/10/the-british-establishment-royal.html) on the subject. Thank you.276452764527645

19th October 2014, 16:23
Thank you for posting. I didn't know you were an Avalon member; I go to your page all the time.

The vast majority of Americans are completely oblivious and unaware of the pedophile scandal that has been inexorably creeping toward the Royal Family in recent years. :sleep: However, thanks to Monty Python, they do think that England is a country where men put on women's clothing to go to the pub.


19th October 2014, 16:27
So what are you actually saying?

Are you accusing any particular individual of being a paedophile?

If so you will have proof of course?

Please if you have proof of paedophilia report it.

If you don't have proof then your comments are speculation, and possibly subject to legal action.

Sorry but these are the facts of life.

20th October 2014, 00:49
A literal creme de la creme of British Big Wigs... man, but some of those pics were pretty creepy... (just me...)