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20th October 2014, 23:19

Published on el 04/02/2014

More evidence of an advanced civilization, long before the Egyptians, Sumerians, or Mayans. It's time we start changing our views of how long advanced humans have been around.

21st October 2014, 00:19
I enjoy Klaus Dona's lectures.

At 48:04, Klaus says that the expert who examined the disc told him: "we are not able in our days to do the same artefact". However, ArchyFantasies presents another version:

The Genetic Disk (Updated) by ArchyFantasies

I was able to get in contact with (Dr. Vera M. F. Hammer) and she gave me some great insights into her involvement with the disk. Thanks again to Dr. Hammer and to Edward Habsburg who connected us.


[...] As I stated at the beginning of this post, Dr. Vera M.F. Hammer recently contacted me to answer my questions about her involvement with the disk. She was very kind to do so, and it was very exciting to talk to someone living who is involved in something like this. I have reproduced Dr. Hammer’s account here.

Dr. Hammer is a Mineralogist, not a Geologist as some sites (myself included, sorry.) have said. Since 1992 she has worked as a curator for the Natural History Museum in Vienna, Department of Mineralogy and Petrography. According to Dr. Hammer she first encountered the disk in 2001 through Mr. Klaus Dona, an individual I didn’t touch on last time, but will get to this time. But first, Dr. Hammer’s account:

I was asked in the year 2001 by Mr. Klaus Dona, who curated the exhibition “Unsolved Mysteries” in the same year in Vienna, to make XRD analyses of some of the exhibited objects. Most of the objects include new materials and I told him that this were fakes, but this is not what he wants to hear… Even other scientists from our Museum told the owners of the objects, and Mr. Klaus Dona, that all that stuff is not what they believed. Some of the exhibited objects were curiosities by the nature, others man made new stuff which you can buy in any touristic shop in that areas. But anyway, our comment about the so called „genetic disc“ was only that it consists of feldspar, quartz and mica, which was proved by XRD measurement.

My former director who was petrologist said, that this rock could be lydite (a grey to black fine grained schist) or an artificial product made of this minerals. I never classified the disk or any other of these objects to a special cultural period or give any statement of age, which in fact are not part of my competence. So, this was the only information we gave, not more! All interpretation of symbols and signs, age or anything else arise in the head of the owner and/or the curator of the exhibition! There was no author given in the catalogue about “Unsolved Mysteries”, so in fact, I don’t know who writes all that nonsense!
Dr. Hammer’s statement pretty much concludes this whole thing. The one and only official researcher who is mentioned as having studied the Disk tells us it is a fake.

Source: http://archyfantasies.com/2013/12/12/the-genetic-disk/

PS: Surprisingly enough, Klaus doesn't feel comfortable when he talks about the disk in the video above, it seems like he is having a hard time with it, or am I the only one to notice this (see at 48:35) ?

21st October 2014, 01:39
History is no longer hidden , it just takes time for people to work through the information ... Edward Albert Meier has posted 23,000 pages of contact about everything that almost everyone seeks knowledge about ... He claims the information comes from ET's 3,500 years in advance of us ... they spill the beans , it's up to the individual to work through it at their own pace ... When the old Lyrians came to earth , they said they found traces that humans from other worlds have visited earth 22 million years ago before them ... in contact report feb 1995 Edward gives history of the Universe going back over 12 billion years and forward up to the year 3,999 ... contacts are still ongoing to this day ... 72 years of face to face talking with humans of Lyrian decent called now the plejarens , they say their forefathers were gods of earth , and they don't want another religion created that's why they conceal their presence ... it would only cause War and panic , for our understanding is still limited , most humans don't want the truth , they are comfortable in illusions and gods and going to a heaven , always keeping someone else responsible for their thinking and actions ... the plejaren say we must learn to be responsible for our own thoughts and actions ... they were once at a crossroads similar to us today ... religion destroyed a planet where now circles the asteroid belt ...they have been sending spiritual teaching to earth for 13,500 years now , in the form of Enoch , Isaiah, Elijah, Jeremiah, Immanuel, Muhammad, Beam , each time the teaching is corrupted by man for power and control ... they even sent a letter in 1979 to enter into a working relationship with America during the Carter administration , president Carter chose to ignore them ...

21st October 2014, 16:36

many thanks for posting this-

I have the utmost respect for Austrian Klaus Dona's research (this man is sensational) but I think an even better start is to read the monumental Michael Cremo/Richard Thompson "Forbidden Archeology," so one can appreciate Dona's research even more and put everything more into perspective;

then throw in the research of Graham Hancock, Michael Tellinger, etc.

the only reason why I bothered to comment on this posting is because ancient history has absolutely fascinated me since my childhood; I even felt back then, without any other given perspective, once I was made aware of ancient civilizations that there was (gut feeling) something mysterious/hidden about these civilizations-

please be well all-