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Pharaohs Maze
22nd October 2014, 03:41
Ive been involved in music my whole life. Its what I do for a living. Ive been to deep places with it and Ive been to shallow places too.
For me its perhaps one of the powerful art forms. One can make associates on other dimensions through a mediative musical state. A master of the art can traverse dimensions and become part of unseen organisation. In-fact many of my musician friends whom have struggled with psychic problems due to their practices.

Ill leave a song I wrote here.
Feel free to let me know what you think.

If your particularly interested Id be happy to discuss what the song is exploring.


22nd October 2014, 04:37
Wow, more than what you are "exploring," it is what you are knowing and sharing!!! What powerful energy. It restores my hope for what male energy can become.

Everyone who suffers from learned helplessness and/or depression needs a "dose" of your music every morning.

Amazing!!!!!!! It is what I want for our planet. Any CDs available?

22nd October 2014, 05:20
Love every thing within this music including the energy and message. Thank you for Sharing :)

22nd October 2014, 06:06
Was trying to stay awake at work and now thanks to you I have lots of energy :)

Pharaohs Maze
22nd October 2014, 22:26
Thank you guys for the kind words…
gf100, this work is not for sale at the moment but you can listen for free on youtube and feel free to share with others.
there is really no greater reward for me than people connecting with the music.

26th October 2014, 05:31
Very nice mate :)