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22nd October 2014, 18:31
Hi Everybody

Yesterday I was struck with a memory or vision that was so vivid that I was totally disorientated for a few seconds.

"It is an alien invasion. Most of humanity is killed. My family and I and some other people are living in a cave close to a lake. We are hiding from the aliens. I remember that we were spotted by an alien saucer like aircraft. We used some electronic device to disable the alien craft and force it to land. A door on the ship opened and I threw an explosive device into the ship, turned around and ran away from it. I remember hearing the explosion and when I turned back, the ship was blown into pieces. I remember that afterwards we collected all the debris from the ship and disposed of it."

Can anybody shed some light on why this felt so vivid and real?

22nd October 2014, 20:02
things like this have happened to me and its so hard to say. is this a vision, premonition or imagination, and is there even a difference? every day i live , i get less sure of what i thought was real the day before. i know i was not any help, but thats what i have to say at this moment.

22nd October 2014, 22:48
This is happening more and more to people as our awakening begins to take shape. It can simply be recall from another life, on another planet. This has happened in the past on many other worlds. No we are not alone and there is a Universe out there absolutely teaming with life, of all kinds, that has been going for tens of "Trillions" of years, and not the few billion that our illustrious scientific community tells us. Just a cool memory to enjoy. chuckle chuckle chuckle.

22nd October 2014, 23:32
I have had a very similar dream in the past. But its been about 6 or 7 years ago. I also wonder if some of this stuff we think is going to happen, may actually happen in a different dimension/ or dual reality.