View Full Version : Steven Basset- what kind of agenda drives him?!

23rd October 2014, 00:31
Hey Folks,

we attended a venue of Steven Basset a couple of day ago. Usually, we don't head out for venues to get a hack of new information but to socialize and feel the energies of the attending people and speakers. So with this venue of steve.
During the night steeve made some very wired statements which I'd like share and discuss:

Steve said that:

the WTC was blown up by some middle class arabs....

In addition he suggested that there are basically no negative actions done by ETs, while he acknowledged that there are cattle and humans who were taken.
Furthermore he was saying that in the context of the "no negative actions done by ET" and that only humans do harm humans and that ETs doesn't harm at all.

No negative influence from ETs on the planet or on world events or sth. likewise ( He didn't said that literally but between the lines).

He continued with emphasizing that its mandatory to have disclosure very soon. The ET will supply humanity with technology, that will cure every disease and solve all energy problems on the planet. He tried to make disclosure tempting for the audience by promising that if disclosure happens, all the diseases of our loved ones and our selves would be healed and " we all would love to have this happen, don't we".....

Well, its more than likely that ETs who are around, would have such technologies IMO, I guess that these technologies are already in the hands of some humans.

Whats going on with Steven and this disclosure thing?

Don't get me wrong here, do do like the Idea of Obama getting on telly saying that there are some space guys out there. Even if i think that this is very unlikely to happen and even not knowing if this a good way to do it at all.....

Some much inconsistency, seems highly agenda driven to me and reminded me of the TVseries "V", where they captured the planet by given the humans technologies.

Most likely everyone has heard about the false flag alien invasion and the false/true alien invasion who gonna suggest that they will "safe" us...

Concluding, I would think that Steve is (most likely unknowingly) somehow related to some kind pre-planed setup, the bossboy so to speak.

So, whats your ideas about steven and did you experienced similar/contrary stuff with him?

24th October 2014, 14:59
I think you could be right about everything. I don't think the fake saviour scenario will come off, but their might be groups waiting to pull that off.

A lot of what you reported raises red flags. He might be sincere but it's common for leaders in the UFO scene to be manipulated.