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25th October 2014, 20:14
Hello Everyone:
Here is an alternative to having wifi from others in your neighborhood coming into your home.


Grandma blocks Wi-Fi and mobile signals from her house with $6,400 paint
By Williams Pelegrin ó October 23, 2014

Up to this day, evidence is not clear as to whether serious health issues stem from the signals wireless devices send out. However, 72-year-old grandmother Stefanie Russell isnít taking any chances. She paid out £4,000 ($6,412) to specialists to paint her home in anti-radiation paint, in hopes of blocking harmful Wi-Fi and mobile phone signals, reports the Brighton Argus.

According to Russell, who resides in the U.K., she suffers from electro-sensitivity, a medical impairment that induces headaches. The pain is so harsh that she canít take the bus due to the sheer number of mobile devices used onboard. ďIíve not been diagnosed by a doctor but my GP surgery is aware of my condition,Ē Russell told the publication. ďIt makes it difficult for me to get around and see people. I donít touch the Internet or email ó itís not safe.Ē

Her solution? Four layers of anti-radiation paint, which Russell says has helped minimize the strength of wireless signals that enter her house. ďThe painting inside and outside my house is nearly complete,Ē said Russell. ďI feel much better now Iím more protected. I have a device which helps me to detect how many wireless signals are near, and Iím reassured that I will not have unwanted Wi-Fi guests coming into my home.Ē

Russellís next step is to warn children in schools about the dangers of Wi-Fi and the possible health risks that could stem from it. She believes that broadband is a safer alternative to Wi-Fi.


26th October 2014, 04:17
Sounds like a placebo effect to me. Wifi can go through concrete

26th October 2014, 07:32
Sounds like a placebo effect to me. Wifi can go through concrete

Nope. It works. Painted my walls, and measured radiation before and after. The paint is carbon based, I think.

This is where I got my most recent batch http://www.ecosorganicpaints.co.uk/

27th October 2014, 01:59
Is this paint available in the states?

27th October 2014, 10:22
Is this paint available in the states?

Actually, I painted most of my appartment with the Y shield paint: http://www.yshield.com/?___store=noneu . I suppose one could get that in the USA.

I painted my floors too, since we live a couple of floors up, and have hung Swiss Shield fabric on my windows.

27th October 2014, 13:10
The paint seems to create a Faraday cage. How interesting...