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26th October 2014, 01:28
Recent controversy over violent player behavior off the field among other things has landed current NFL (National Football League) Commissioner Roger Goodell in political hot water, and the media move seems to be underfoot to put Bush sycophant and alleged satanist Condoleezza Rice into the chair. Ms. Rice expressed a specific interest in the job in 2002: "I think it's an American institution."

It can be argued that the NFL, which has been exempted by Congress from US Anti-Trust laws for years, is the Ankle Biters' #1 mind control program. If the SHTF it may well happen on a late Sunday afternoon when half of America's programmed unfortunates are drunk. There have been more than a few shall we say unusual major moves in the world of professional sports lately (this rabbit hole does not end with Donald Sterling and Bernie Ecclestone), including Ms. Rice's appointment to the NCAA's College Football Playoff Committee. (!) As the National Enquirer tells us, "It demonstrates she knows the game." In more ways than one, of course.

Former Bush employee and current stooge Alan J. Steinberg calls it in by extolling the virtues of Condi's candidacy.

Some of our British friends may find this of interest as it seems they are now getting the opportunity first-hand to experience the grotesque spectacle of boredom that is the NFL.


26th October 2014, 14:17
It makes perfect sense. The NFL is about distraction for the violent-leaning herd. More and more it is used to inject propaganda and reinforce false flags and promote blind militaristic nationalism. That's why it frequently includes military in game ceremonies, programming and symbolism from controlled Hollywood entertainers, "Sandy Hook children" and such. The Boston bombing false flag was then reinforced during Red Sox games. The elite surely see it as a great tool for maintaining the fake reality control matrix and I expect to see them try to use it to greater and greater effect. People who religiously follow sports don't notice much of the real world and that's the way they like it. I occasionally visit a local site that discusses UK basketball (a religion around these parts), partly as a fascinating social experiment (long story). These people know sports like scientists but when conversation ventures to actual real world topics, they are as dumb as the leather ball that is thrown around the field they're watching but, what's worse, think they're on top of things.
This is filtering into all professional sports and now college athletics. Many colleges are letting corporations purchase name rights for their stadiums and have "military days" and moments of silence for false flags.
We have crossover from pharmaceutical and other major corporate executives into politics. It makes sense we'd see crossover involving professional sports. Condi would be a great choice to take it to another level of propaganda and control.


26th October 2014, 14:27
It's about time. Now they have leadership that can declare war on violence in the NFL. We can only dream she does as good a job as her past track record. America, f*ck yeah!!

26th October 2014, 16:43
To paraphrase Mr. Orwell, "We'll keep them distracted with football, beer, and gambling."
Condi: "It's my dream job."

It's about time. Now they have leadership that can declare war on violence in the NFL. We can only dream she does as good a job as her past track record. America, f*ck yeah!!


26th October 2014, 16:55
Condoleezza Rice means bad news whereever she is at, as it means total control from the cabal.

26th October 2014, 23:22
if one has read Cathy O'Brien's "Trance Formation of America" and believes she is genuine she states that the outcome of all major sports events are rigged (Mafia betting)-

just recently Scottish Wimbleton tennis winner Andy Murray (sp.?) went public even stating names of tennis players who were bribed to lose certain matches (Mafia betting?- no!!!)-