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29th October 2014, 04:54
Ronald Hubbard provided the science of the Golden Age of Mankind in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course Taped Lectures.

When I studied physics in highschool, on the branch of physical and mathematical sciences, I wondered why the discoveries on the field of physics ended up abruptly in the first part of the 20th Century. I wondered "Why does the field of Quantum Mechanics theory has not advanced as it should have in the second part of that century. The answers come clear now, after listening to the Philadelphia Doctorate Course tapes. First, the discovery of Einstein's formula, "E=MCsquare" was finally what was needed to blow humankind out of the surface of Earth. Nothing else needed to be discovered to send mankind into oblivion. Second, the only other alternative to Science and that equation was a science that meets spirituality, and that is the description Hubbard makes of Quantum Mechanics in relation to the phenomena of life, how an atom behaves in the same way as life. Now, we finally discover the living Universe and can develop a new way of thinking (paradigm). This new way of thinking can provide us with energy not to blow mankind out of the surface of Earth but energy to make a clean and ecologically friendly energy supply for a true civilization. The formula would be stated something like: "An atom behaves and follows the laws of life".

The key taped lecture, to understand how science meets spirituality, is Philadelphia Doctorate Course 32 FLOWS, DISPERSAL AND RIDGES, 10 December 1952

The year 1952 indicates that the flow of discoveries on the field of atomic science continued in the second part of the 20th Century, but was made unavailable to the general public by the stubborness and short sightedness of "official" science.

Scientific American magazine, Los Alamos Laboratories, Fermilab, Oxford and all scientific schools around the world are practicing 1920's science... A CENTURY GAP ON SCIENCE! No more that gap for me or anybody who can grasp this "An atom behaves and follows the laws of life" discovery made in 1952.

What’s an electron? It’s one of those spheres. And if you can get one of those spheres to jump once, R-1 to jump out to R-2, it releases what? One quantum of energy. And this is the subject called Quantum Mechanics, because it takes a… a… a mechanic to be as jerry-rigged and jacklegged about explaining this as they are. It really takes a mechanic of the kind and variety that Rube Goldberg employed to repair his models.

Link to the tape: http://www.matrixfiles.com/Scientology Materials/Tapes&Lect/PhiladelphiaDoctorateCourseLectures TRANSCRIPTS/PDC 21-40.pdf

NOTE: I didn't put this thread in the "alternative science" subforum because this is not "alternative science". This is in fact the continuation of science, the continuation of the discoveries made in atomic phenomena made in the first part of the 20th century. This is what SCIENCE should be now. What we are being presented as science today in places like Oxford or Los Alamos and Fermilab is 19th and early 20th century discoveries, 100 year old discoveries!

29th October 2014, 17:04
This doesn't mean that this theory is the final word to say regarding atomic phenomena. This means that the way of thinking (paradigm) has changed. The new paradigm is that life and its laws are senior to mater and the universe. The previous paradigm was that mater and the universe was senior to life.

Repeat. The Golden Age of Mankind scientific paradigm was stated in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course taped lectures and it says that mater and the universe follow the laws of life and the spirit, because mater and the universe is the creation of spiritual beings.

29th October 2014, 17:14
on the other hand,..
we didn't have star gates, time travel and
consciousness transplantation technologies in the 1920s.
.. so perhaps there has been some progress. :-)

30th October 2014, 03:42
on the other hand,..
we didn't have star gates, time travel and
consciousness transplantation technologies in the 1920s.
.. so perhaps there has been some progress. :-)

Yes. There has been progress in the black projects out of the reach of common people, like Star Gates, time travel and Earth made UFOs. I don't know exactly what does "consciousness transplantation" means. Is it remote viewing or is it placing the consciousness of a person into another.

The fact remains that this latter achievements of the black projects are made on the paradigm or idea that there is some connection between mater and consciousness, but that they are separate things, like in the driving of UFOs by the power of the mind, or the connection between consciousness and the creation of realities with the help of machines, like in some descriptions of the Montauk Project. Descriptions made by Preston Nichols and Al Bieleck.

In the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures it has been discovered that it is us who made this universe, and we agreed to its laws, and then some of those laws were concealed from us and those are the laws the black projects are finding to create atom bombs, UFOs and Star Gates. The difference now is that it has been discovered that everything in this Universe has been created by us and those creations follow the laws of life and the spirit. Consciousness and the material Universe are not now separate things or related but different things. Now it is known that the material Universe is our creation and follows the laws that govern us like spirits.

One example of this can be seen in the movie "Lucy", where a woman is victim of a drug that allows the brain to gain 100% full operation, while the rest of humans uses no more than 10% of it. With increased percentage of brain operation this woman can become aware of many perceptions, like electricity, electromagnetics, can influence even thought in other people, can perform psychokinetics and at 100% full brain operation she becomes omnipresent and like a god. She can travel in time and can even interact with people or beings in that time. Can scan forward or backwards and could even affect the outcome of the future by changing the past.

All this is interesting because there is a tape in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course where a being, a person as a spiritual being, regaining his abilities he can re experience the past, change it or scan forward and backwards. He, in that condition, can even see the totality of a particular location in the universe instantaneously, because he knows that time is the result of having just one occurrence separated from others. All of this phenomena are much like those in the movie "Lucy", but in the movie it is the brain and in Scientology it is the spiritual being, You, who can travel in time or change it and become omnipresent in a sense.

Here is a quote on that tape:

It’s just endless what you can do with perception. You can actually take a look at Carthage the day it fell. Sitting right here. And you can see the way Carthage fell. And you weren’t there. Take a look at it. You can also get viewpoints all over. You’re just investigating the havingness which was Carthage which is in the stream of existence – which havingness still exists because the agreement existed and because time is simultaneous, but you have stretched out time in terms of havingness in order to have action.

You can be, in other words, anywhere you want to be at any time... and he says it’s like… like being suddenly given a ticket to all the motion picture shows, uh… wonderful.

Of course, he really isn’t satisfied to be a spectator. It’s maddening to him to see Carthage falling and he thinks he ought to pull the walls down and he’ll think it so hard that he ought to... pull a couple of walls down or something of the sort in an effort to change the havingness of Carthage. There’s a lot of people that were agreeing on that. Then if he wanted to pull the walls down of Carthage at the right moment so they’d fall on the right legion in order to win the battle for Carthage, he would have to be prepared to take the responsibility for the entire change of the Punic Wars.

And if he was willing to take that responsibility, he would have to reach out then and take the responsibility for a complete alteration of the fate of Rome. That means that he would have to take responsibility for what he would then do by that consecutive action. He’d have to take responsibility for all of Christianity not existing. That guy just isn’t willing to take that much responsibility so he doesn’t change those agreements.

...Because you see how much responsibility a person conceives he’s able to handle, how much detail he’s prepared to handle and so on – you can have the whole cockeyed universe if you want it, but you, I’m afraid, have to take responsibility for every alteration that would take place because of that. You can have the management of any part of this... universe. Its laws kind of run backwards, but you might even repeal and change those.

I’ll tell you a much easier one: Build one of your own and that… that way you can do anything you want to with it.

Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture 30 FLOWS: RATE OF CHANGE,

http://www.matrixfiles.com/Scientology Materials/Tapes&Lect/PhiladelphiaDoctorateCourseLectures TRANSCRIPTS/PDC 21-40.pdf