View Full Version : Eve Lorgen - Interview on Other News Radio Show with Geoff Brady

29th October 2014, 15:56
Here are links to the interviews:


My brief mental notes of the first interview: She covers various case studies from her books and also some of her own personal experiences. By the way @ ~40 minutes, she also mentions Truman Cash (Avalon member), and some of his experiences with alien interference throughout his lifetimes.

One interesting case study involves a woman who had an egg removed, her mitochondrial DNA was extracted, and then that DNA was implanted into another woman's egg that was later fertilized. The child that was born effectively had 3 parents. One nuclear DNA mother, one mitochondrial DNA mother and one nuclear DNA father. After this child grew up, a relationship was orchestrated between him (who was then an adult man) and his mitochondrial mother. EEEEWWWW. The apparent reasoning behind this ET experiment was to test the potential energetic bonds that may have been present via the mitochondrial DNA connection. I remember hearing Eve discuss this case in another interview and I believe the man involved ended up committing suicide.

Another study involved a woman who lived in the high desert in CA which was apparently located near a DUMB and also an underground reptilian nest. This woman was frequently sexually assaulted by reptilians, to activate her kundalini, which increased her psychic and remote viewing abilities, so she could be be utilized as an asset. This woman said that some of her visitors frequently entered her home via a portal in a closet. As this portal was frequently used, it created a permanent energetic opening which allowed entry for many other "visitors". Strange paranormal activity occurred as a result.

She also goes on to talk about her own visitations, whereby she became aware of them using a portal to gain entry into her own home. She became attuned to the warning signs of their eminent arrival and would stake out the portal location to try to see how it worked. She mentions opening a door to look in (so I surmise it was possibly a closet) and seeing a light appear from the floor to the ceiling but then nothing further happened. (Maybe they became aware of her viewing so they aborted their attempt).

I have yet to listen to the second interview, but included it in case anyone was interested.