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2nd November 2014, 10:44
Heads up for alt info nerds like me. This is my new project.

Anyone interested in getting a good perk, or in getting involved,
go to: http://igg.me/at/altnewsproject
or contact me directly.

Thanks for letting me post this here - I am seeking awareness and support from the more 'experienced' alt news nerds around the net, and I know many lurk and post here.

Duncan Roads
Manager, Alternative News Project (ANP)
Editor/Owner, NEXUS Magazine

Please note that although I am owner and editor of NEXUS Magazine, this is a completely different venture, and is owned and run by a non-profit company.


The Alternative News Project.

The world's first real alternative news service, (local+global), delivered 24/7 to devices and PCs.

The Alternative News Project (ANP) aims to gather ALL the alternative and sub-culture news, delivered as an Infinite News Feed (INF) to PC and laptop browsers, and to tablets and smartphones via the free ANP app.

'Alternative News' encompasses the news, press releases, issues, research papers, product launches, event announcements, blogs, reports and more, from subcultures such as: natural/organic food; alternative health products; ecology and environment; paranormal and the unexplained (UFOs, crop circles, conspiracy theories); the sciences (fringe researchers into alternative energy, antigravity, cold fusion etc); activist groups and causes; motivational, consciousness and mind research; future watchers (tsunami, quake, solar flare alerts) and more.

The ANP draws upon a growing network of experienced researchers, writers, publishers and organisations from around the world. Our sources include magazines, alternative news sites, conspiracy discussion forums, whistleblowers, journalists, private intelligence networks, news groups, RSS feeds, relevant groups and organisations, and informed members of the public.

No sport. No politics. No fashion. No celebrity gossip. No religious stuff.
No satire. The ANP has no political or religious affiliations, leanings or agendas.

Lots more info at: http://igg.me/at/altnewsproject


2nd November 2014, 13:10
hello so why not just post it here?

2nd November 2014, 23:53
Here you go gardner2


Create your personal news feed from a dozen categories and seventy-two sub-categories, including:

ALT HEALTH & HEALING: Everything from Acupuncture to Yoga; Cures, Claims & Devices; Mass health issues; Big Pharma

HUMAN RIGHTS & CAUSES: Whistleblowers; Human Trafficking; Private Prisons; Natural & Common Law; Ethnic Minorities

SCIENCE, SPACE & TECHNOLOGY: Techno Breakthroughs; Alt Energy Research; Earth Sciences; Sun Space & Cosmos

CONSCIOUSNESS & THE MIND: Altered States; Out-Of-Body + Near Death Experiences, Meditation; Remote Viewing

ANCIENT MYSTERIES: Research, findings & theories about Earth’s ancient past and its lost civilisations, categorised by country

CLIMATE, NATURE & ECOLOGY: Environmental issues; Animal Rights & Welfare; Climate & Weather; Ecosystem Damage; Fracking

PREPPING & LIVING ON THE LAND: Power & Off Grid; Food from Animals; Community Living; Food Growing; Building; Equipment

GEOPOLITICS & WORLD EVENTS: Current Concerns; Conspiracies Past & Present; Finance-Currency-Gold; Peace & Disarmament

FOOD, DIETS & COOKING: Cooking & Recipes; Food Labelling; Good Food/Bad Food; Food Conspiracies

SPIRITUAL, PSYCHIC & PAGAN: Alchemy, Gnosticism, Theosophy; Divination & Readings; New Age; Spirituality; Wicca + Magick

PARANORMAL & UNEXPLAINED: Crop Circles; UFOs; Ghosts & Haunts; Strange Creatures; Strange Experiences; Disappearances

HOME, FAMILY & PETS: Birth & Breastfeeding; Education & Home Schooling; Healthy Home; Pets Care; Relationships & Self Help

Plus we monitor and provide alerts for a wide variety of potential problems

Solar flare and sunspot activity: x-class flare heading our way? You'll get an instant notification.

Volcano, earthquake and tsunamis: whether it is water or lava, you'll get an instant notification.

Significant financial fluctuations: a sudden shift in the Baltic Dry Index, or a run on the banks—you'll get an alert.

Social problems: Martial law, riots/protests, plagues, or anything else not being broadcast already, you'll get an alert.

Other: rest assured that if we confirm a zombie uprising, or mass alien invasion we will get off an alert to your device before being exterminated.


4th November 2014, 16:42
Well done, great idea. My cynical side wonders on the cost of running the show, from donations or advertising perhaps? Does filtering the news like this help us find great alt news or does it give our antagonists a onestopshop to subvert our info? Not sure of the answers, but love the idea, hope it does well... N

11th February 2015, 23:30

The ANP got 'blocked' by Indiegogo and PayPal - and by that I mean people were not even able to put money into the crowd funding campaign. We raised $12,000 during the ten days that PayPal allowed money in - the other 20 days were blocked.

We beta-tested all January - and improved functions, added features and upgraded the free apps (Android and Apple)

We are powering along now, with more and more people signing up every day, more content coming on every day, and we are now heading to be the biggest centralised source of alt info that there is.

I have massive support from existing alt media people, and so far every key researcher/writer and lecturer I have showed it to, is totally behind it. There are a lot of people who want this to succeed.

Right now we have a half price special offer - or you can easily use the service for Free - which is what most CT followers do.

Hope you enjoy your experience of the ANP.




Bill Ryan
12th February 2015, 00:55

Bump, and thank you! :)

12th February 2015, 01:28
The ANP got 'blocked' by Indiegogo and PayPal - and by that I mean people were not even able to put money into the crowd funding campaign. We raised $12,000 during the ten days that PayPal allowed money in - the other 20 days were blocked.
Did they state a reason? I dislike paypal now... I wish there was an alternative I could use but they kind of have a monopoly on ebay merchant stuff.

I guess this is a learning experience. Paypal = cabal and avoid unless necessity.

Thanks for your work Duncan, I'm sure many appreciate this service, myself included.

Bill Ryan
22nd February 2015, 15:36

Duncan sent this e-mail out today:

“We live in an era where the rulers fight to control what you believe, using technology that would have made Goebbels drool. We live in an era where independent thought is now a radical act in itself.”
— Duncan Roads, NEXUS Magazine, 2014

It is fair to say, in this day and age, that the disconnect between mainstream media “reality” and what is really going on is getting to the point where many people in society are not being told the full story—about almost everything and anything.

In geopolitics, we see media organisations such as Al Jazeera willing to totally fabricate events and broadcast them via BBC, CNN, ABC and other licensees.

In what is needlessly called “alternative health”, we see the might of transnational drug companies steering government health policies as well as affecting personal sovereignty in the form of forced vaccinations, freedom of choice in the treatment of serious disease, and the right to be able to purchase health products of our choosing.

In explorations of “fringe sciences”, including subjects such as the Expanding Earth theory or the Electric Universe theory, we see the unexplained anomalies regarding energy, gravity, electricity and biology, either ignored, suppressed or ridiculed. I believe that it is in the open-minded exploration of such anomalies, that we actually further our scientific understanding of our universe.

In discussion of consciousness and the paranormal, we again see mainstream media reporting distorted versions of events, mis-reporting factual data, not reporting it at all, and again, outright ridicule (snigger factor). The fact of the matter is that people want to know more about who we are as spiritual beings, about the role of consciousness in determining how we experience life, and the role our inherent beliefs have on how we live and treat other people. As more and more people are waking up to the idea that we are immortal beings of spirit having a human experience, we are finding that more and more people are seeking out ways to live in harmony with each other, and with their ecosystem. This is again ignored, obstructed or ridiculed by governments and mainstream media.

I believe that the vast majority of people on this planet want to live in peace and harmony with each other, and I also believe that there are forces at work, including the military-intelligence-industrial complex, that desire and profit from manufactured conflict.

We live in an era where the State is seeking to take control of our lives—but it is also an era where the State is not representative of the people, or the will of the people. It is an era of a controlled paradigm debate in the form of having to align with either left- or right-wing political directions.

We live in an era where more and more people are stepping up to blow the whistle on illegal and suppressed information. Information they believe is in everyone’s interests to be made public. Unfortunately, despite the assurances of protection to whistleblowers from world leaders, we actually see the opposite—the suppression and persecution of such people.

And finally, we live on a planet, where the way in which we live is dramatically affecting the entire ecosystem. Forget, for the moment, the distraction of the climate change debate and whether CO2 is the culprit we are told it is and consider the vastly more important changes we are causing to every living creature via chemical pollutants. Measurable levels of chemicals are found in the air over the entire planet—in the ground water of every continent, and in the oceans everywhere. Why is it noble to focus on CO2 and energy saving, while ignoring the death, disease and destruction of our habit and life forms, including our own?

I have created the Alternative News Project (ANP), not as a vehicle to fight the current mainstream-manufactured reality, but instead to provide a vehicle for like-minded, independent thinkers, to help create something new. Something better.

The ANP will be the first time that the independent thinkers of the world (i.e. you) will have a centralised location to both send alternative news and information, and to have the opportunity see more of what is going on in their world than they would have before.

This is literally the world’s first real alternative news agency, a project by the people, for the people. I welcome your participation on all levels of interest, and I ask for your patience with our learning curve as we expand and grow across the globe.

You are hereby invited to join in with the ANP, and to be part of the adventure.


22nd February 2015, 16:28
It looks like a worthwhile project.
Will it be Moderated to prevent trolling, profanity, nonsense and other abuses?

Nick Matkin
22nd February 2015, 16:59
Good luck with the ANP.

Would the philosophy of Slow Journalism (http://www.slow-journalism.com/) help you or be relevant, even if perhaps the content isn't?


18th July 2019, 05:50
I recently found this 2017 presentation from Duncan (NexusEditor) and feel it is still pertinent to current events -

I'm posting to bump his (free) alternative news agency concept as discussed around the 15 min. mark -
- and also for the big picture analysis he shares on topics like - the military industrial complex and the reign of the petro-dollar.

Duncan talks about news and trends, geopolitics and some ET stuff - sharing anecdotes such as how Putin's people chose to use Nexus magazine
as the vehicle to get the russian people up to speed on the sort of stuff the western governments deliberately occlude from the people.

He shares an account of travelling to Libya to discuss conspircy with Gaddafi and talks about Louis Farrakhan's 'visitors' - all the while
remaining refreshingly 'un-pc' about the 'official line' fed to the unawakened robots most of us run into most days.

From oil pipelines to ouja boards Duncan demonstrates the breadth of knowledge over three decades of collating this information affords.

Something about this presentation really resonated with me, especially at a time when many seem so aggressively polarised over
issues of questionable magnitude or importance.

Excellent presentation Duncan, thanks -