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Ernie Nemeth
2nd November 2014, 21:18
As some might know, I am becoming ever more frustrated with the level of falsity woven into our understandings, and that make comprehension virtually impossible.

I see information being delivered in a patchwork fashion that then is left for the student to assimilate into their worldviews. But as more and more tangential knowledge is delivered, more and more of it conflicts with what we thought we knew.

This has left me in quite a state. Where do I turn, who do I believe? For me, it has come down to this answer - I believe no one, it is completely up to me. Moreover, I do not want to believe anyway - I want to know!

With that in mind I dusted off an old treatise of mine that was never in my mind satisfactory and reworked it. I seem to have gotten some help from members here at Avalon, unbeknownst to them, and I am grateful. Synchronicities lately have abounded.

So here is part one of: The Creation Sequence- a thought experiment.

Truth requires an affirmation in order to be perceived. That affirmation is the acknowledgement that everything around us has meaning that we do not understand but aspire to comprehend. While understanding is the explanation in the form of theories, postulates and mathematics of the tangible coherent and linear manifestations of truth; comprehension is the knowledge of, and sympathetic resonance with, universal law. Where understanding falters, comprehension soars strong and free.

But it all starts with a simple statement of acceptance.

All Just Is.

All is everything we know exists and everything we don’t know but that exists right now, here with us, hidden from our awareness. All is accepted. We acknowledge the chasm that exists between what we know and what there is to know. We don’t over-emphasize the little we know by placing certainty where it does not belong. We recognize our ignorance and align ourselves by first admitting the obvious: we do not know, we lack comprehension. All of that is encapsulated in the Prime Postulate.

All Just Is.

There are many avenues to follow and there are a number of decisions that must be made regarding the weighting of various observations. Conclusions based on those rating systems have over time evolved by consensus into what we are taught in our educational institutions and is accepted as the truth by the establishment and society in general. But how can the truth change as our truth does? And if it does change is it truth? Or is there something yet more fundamental, more simple, that does not ever change?

The leading edge of research in a wide spectrum of disciplines is starting to point toward a certain bewildering and inescapable conclusion: the universe seems to be perfectly resonant and scalable. The fabric of the universe, the ether, is so sensitive to even the slightest change that the entire fabric responds instantly to it by inducing an equal and opposite change in all resonant phenomena everywhere. That is its perfect resonance. The contents that exist within this fabric, the phenomena themselves whether known or unknown, operate under the same universal law only on different scales, or octaves if you prefer, that are unique yet indistinguishable in their intrinsic characteristics from one level to the next. That is the perfectly scalable nature of reality. From DNA to galactic super clusters, and from the shape of a snail’s shell to the predictive algorithm in the arrangement of the prime numbers, and from human faces to human thought, everything in existence is a response to and a direct result of the perfectly resonant and scalable nature of reality itself.

That said, it seems evident that a law of those proportions, such an intricate and delicate yet simply profound a law, would have equally impressive origins.

To uncover these origins there are a few other considerations that make the picture a bit clearer. For change to take place there must be at least two distinct states - and a transitional period between the two. That means that in order for change to occur there must be evidence of that change. The evidence is the old (the thing that changed), the new (the thing the old changed into), and a discernable or inferred movement from the old to the new. We can simplify the above as: This, imparted with an impulse to change, becomes that - or just: This Becomes That.

All Just Is. This Becomes That.

Now there are two components of comprehension. Yet between these two there seems to be yet another truth. For how does All just is become something else? It can’t. If All is totality then it cannot change. So what is changing?

When we look up at the heavens, or even if we just contemplate the cosmos, we understand that there is movement taking place, that nothing remains the same. We see that there are multiple configurations the stars and planets assume, and that each configuration leads to yet another configuration, and on and on. We see an order to these movements and understand a certain law is or a set of laws are in action. But the why is never breached. Why is there movement? Why are there laws?

What is changing? It is the intelligence of the system that is changing and that is a function of awareness. Awareness is sensing, organizing, and learning from experiences gained while living - and that changes the output, it changes awareness. Life evolves. So too does its level of awareness. It evolves through the basic consciousness of energy units, to plant experience, animal experience, human experience, to the eventual sentience of advanced beings - when things get really interesting, to planets and stars, until finally reaching the intended result: universal sentience.

Why? Because universal sentience created it!

All is just universal sentience postulating creation. What does it think of creating? Modes of experience. For what purpose? To experience the length and breadth of its sentience. By what means? By All means because All Just Is. All are a part of the means to the attainment of universal sentience. The form of the universe, then, is that which best facilitates its function as the processor of experience with universal sentience as the penultimate goal.

The material realm is the effect of creation. It is not its own cause. And its primary aspect seems to be its duality. It is this or it is that, dependant on the circumstance of observation. The stuff of the universe acts differently when observed than when not observed. This at least implies conscious behavior on the part of the author of universal law. As discussed above, awareness implies life for it can and does evolve through change. So it seems the universe is alive and has plans of its own and we are all a part of that plan. Everything in creation must facilitate the function for which it was intended. So the material realm is the theater of experience where sovereign conscious entities evolve toward universal sentience.

Now we have enough to assemble a coherent image of the creation sequence. All just is, first and foremost, implies enduring, unchanging totality. So we can start there.

We can actually derive the first ‘law’ rather easily by rewording the prime postulate. All just is means just that - everything. All just is includes every single thing ever to be manifest and everything never to manifest but existing just the same. All just is implies the first principle of creation: unity. All is a unified idea fundamentally comprehensive in nature. It can therefore be known.

To postulate creation a thought so comprehensive, so extensive, so inclusive was needed as to encompass every single contingency beforehand, thereby anticipating every single circumstance in every single tangential possibility by instantaneous extrapolation using coherent fractal imagery and harmonic frequency modulation. In this way a multi-faceted, perfectly tuned standing wave of probability burst into being, fully informed and fully functional. This is what some refer to as the word of God made flesh. This is creation.

2nd November 2014, 22:30
Creation - http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Creation

Ernie Nemeth
3rd November 2014, 00:55
Thanks, ghost. A bit startling at first, but I am not claiming any authority.

I simply try to take what can be known, what I can know, and extrapolate from there. It seems natural and universal law has its own proofs embedded throughout for all to comprehend.

All I want is a secure understanding of reality based on my own experience, on things I can verify. There is no help for it. Most of what passes for understanding and knowledge out there is erroneous in one form or another. This is because they change in relation to my experience. The things I search for are those things that never change. What is the bedrock of reality? It is from that that everything else comes to be. And what sense can be made of those archetypal features? What use can be wrested from them?

edit: I also conclude this material realm is a solid. Don't quite know where that leads but it seems to point that way.

3rd November 2014, 02:17
The beautiful thing is that nature can teach us everything we need to know , if we learn how to think , and learn how to listen to what she is saying ... I think about trees , grounded to earth , always reaching for the light , all on different stages but still trees ... much like humans , we are on different stages but , still grounded to earth and always reaching for the light ... the moon going in and out of earth's gravity , the result , she drives earth's oceans making sea life possible ... so many things in nature ... We are all a small part of creation , immortal and evolving ...

Innocent Warrior
3rd November 2014, 02:53
Your frustration, I hear ya, been there enough times myself. I'm thinking it's safe to assume many others can also relate to your frustration, so I thought I'd add a few things that help me when I'm feeling that way.

Frustration arises from the physical mind, so the first thing I do is let the whole issue go and re-centre myself. This of course clears my energy of the negativity and gives rise to a place of clarity.

I agree with you, Rebel, creation is a great place to begin. For me, the mechanics of creation is the foundation I turn to when I'm feeling confused about what is true and what isn't. Quantum mechanics has provided us with profound insights to the nature of creation and I've found it useful to remind myself of what I have learned from it, in regards to our quest for truth.

I imagine many here are familiar with the "double slit experiment", but for anyone who isn't, here it is. It's a short video and a must watch if you haven't already.

So once the observer comes into play, the electron behaves differently. What can we learn from this demonstration? Firstly, we can see the electron is conscious, this is a demonstration of how every thing is conscious. So how does the observer affect the electron, what is it about the observer that determines how the electron will behave? Well, as an observer, what determines our reality? It is our beliefs, hence why the electron behaved "normally" when the observer was introduced, it was the expected outcome of the observer, based on the observer's belief system.

So, back to our quest for truth, in light of the double slit experiment. So we're reading something and we are analysing it, deciding whether to believe it or not, but now the question is "is the author being honest?", rather than, "is this true?". The double slit experiment teaches us that all truths are true and that the truth of our reality is determined by our belief system. So once we have determined the author is writing truth, by whatever means we trust, the question of whether they are correct or not becomes a moot point. The more productive question is, "do I resonate with this?" or "is this interesting to me?". Put simply, at this point we can choose whether or not it is true for us, does it support the reality we wish to experience?

Ok, so I want to discuss another video I found really helpful, mind blowing actually...once I got it, which was years after the first time I watched it lol. In relation to this topic, I found it helpful in understanding which truths are most useful to know throughout our life as human beings. If we use the iceberg analogy, with the entire iceberg being our entire soul or being, and the visible tip of the iceberg representing our physical self, we can start to obtain a clearer idea of what truths are worth focussing on, for the physical aspect of our entire being. Our experience of our higher selves or higher minds teaches us the greater part of our being knows all. So if we, as infinite light beings, already know all, then what is there to know or learn here in our physical reality? What truths are important or relevant to us humans?

I found the implications of this video staggering. From the physical perspective, we don't actually make any decisions, none! I was so confused at first, I thought, no, I experience arriving at choices and choosing, I definitely do make choices. But then I got it and my confusion turned into relief. I saw that as the human part of my soul, I certainly do experience making choices but that's all I do, I only experience making them. I saw it is the greater all knowing part of my being that makes the decisions and that it is my role, as the physical aspect, the human, to experience the choices my higher mind chooses. It is our role to experience the choices, to experience the creation of our higher selves. And of course it seems like we are arriving at the choices ourselves, making the decisions ourselves, because that's the whole point, we are the experiencers, the observers of creation. We experience choices as our own because they are our own, but we become weighed down by the mistake of believing it is our physical selves who conceives the choices and make the decisions and it most certainly does not. We make the choices from a much higher level of our being.

So how does this help us with the whole truth issue? Well if we already know everything, and we are merely the experiencers here on the physical level, then what's the point of getting all twisted up and frustrated about what's true and what's not? With our role as the experiencer made clear, we can begin to focus on truths as something which are relevant or not to our experience, rather than correct or not. Also, in understanding how we are the experiencer, we can better understand that our physical selves are designed to experience and not conceive, hence removing the stress of needing to know everything. It becomes clear that our brains are designed to receive information and we, as the human consciousness, are the perceivers, not the conceivers. I've found that understanding this allows me to let things go more easily when I'm confused or frustrated and also identify which truths are relevant to my experience and which are not.

Love and peace to all :)

3rd November 2014, 03:05
A wonderful quote that seems applicable here.....


Ernie Nemeth
3rd November 2014, 03:46
This next part kinda parallels the above from Innocent Warrior. It does seem possible to , can we say, guide events toward a favorable outcome if universal law is understood for what it is.

The central idea is that creation is an ongoing process and that if we are in resonance with the source/field we can optimize our performance and enhance our experience.

So this would be part 2:

In the meager signs and symbols of our languages the words hardly exist to truly convey the aspects of creation, the very most fundamental aspects, especially in a linear manner. It is not the pinnacle expression of intelligent discourse. But it must suffice. And so the words chosen only aspire to convey the true intended meaning.

To collect the thread so far, we have this enormous standing wave of probability, a conglomerate of everything ever to be, that suddenly flashes into existence. For a moment, that very first instant of creation, everything existed as a swirling cloud of anticipated contingencies and the avenue of expression for each. This moment can be used to extrapolate back to the moment before creation because the intent of the universe irrefutably implies intelligent design.

So if we can deduce the most basic concept of creation that by its creation alone it implies all the rest to follow, it could be used to infer by inductive reasoning the condition initially responsible for its existence, before creation actually transpired. Everything created has a cause, even creation itself.

Creation started with an idea. That idea occurred in the present and it included the ultimate paradox of self reflection. How does the ultimate and only being in all existence, way back then before any creation, reflect upon its own nature? What is it to know everything and be everything and have everything and be capable of doing anything anytime, anywhere? What is it to have no equal, no other, and have no concept able to explain you and no context capable of containing you? Self reflection leads to self identification. Ultimate self reflection leads to ultimate self identification. If you work on yourself you will come to understand yourself better, ultimately changing in the process. God must create a god to do that because only another being of equal scope can have the capacity to understand the full implications of that state of being. To do that, one of the steps included the likelihood of your existence and everyone else’s as well. That is the true nature of creation.

All cannot change, by definition. But is a slight concentration/diffusion of totality a change? Is a finite total anything but an insignificant portion of the infinite totality? Can a mere blip, a mote, a random fluctuation, an anomalous perturbation within totality ever be considered anything but background noise with no intended signal? In the totality that is All, all ideas already exist undisturbed as unmanifest potential. But the paradox of divine self reflection is inherently both creative and destructive, and involves a process nominally termed the source and the field.

The Source is the context or idea under scrutiny. The Field is the concept or theater of operation pertaining to a particular context. Source is the why, the idea itself. Field is the how, the details and ramifications of that idea. Yet source and field are one, they both imply unassailable intention and ultimate cosmic intelligence - concepts only viable within the confines of totality.

So it is that from the All came the sourcefield: the precisely informed process to manifest the intention within the divine thought. But All and sourcefield are one, without significant signal to noise variation. The creation of the sourcefield was buried in the vast immensity of infinity, countered in fact by the creation of its opposite - a destructive force of equal proportion that vanished into obscurity (or is that in fact our world...). These creative/destructive impulses are akin to gentle waves rising and falling in local undulating patterns across the expanse of an infinite sea. They are insignificant. Yet one such node created you, me, and everything in our universe.

So we have All Just Is. All spawned a discontinuity that by self reflection ushered in a creation sequence, starting with itself, the sourcefield, as the template for all manifestations to follow. In the moment the sourcefield percolated to the top of the soup of reality creation became manifest as the universe. But since the time for phenomena, the effects of the first order creations, was not yet arrived, only the implication of materiality was yet evident.

The sourcefield is not manifest as creation but as the precursor to creation. When present and paradox are created that is the first moment of actual creation. This is because the sourcefield is the intention and the theater for its fulfillment, which must have proceeded its actual implementation. Once the intention is set and all its parameters worked out in thought, in the mind of All which sourcefield share, only then can it be rolled out to do its thing. And in that first moment everything ever to be already existed in potential and by implication.

Once creation is in motion the next thing to create is the limits or bounds of the system. This is accomplished by pulling apart the dual aspects of totality: zero and infinity. By creating the polar opposites of zero and infinity, the logical intricacies of totality result again in paradox, already created and fitting together like pieces of a cosmic jigsaw puzzle. By creating zero and infinity the scope of the universe is firmly set within the confines of the finite realm of materiality. Not only is the scope set, so is the impulse ever onward imparted to the universe at this second moment of creation. Entities of awareness must ascend the levels towards consciousness and eventual universal sentience because of the nature of creation, its intention. The separation of zero and infinity initiates a sequence of change, that will continue from moment to moment until the intention of the source is realized by the field.

Because of the creation of zero and infinity there is a language that explains the linear yet exponential curve to reality, and materiality in particular. Due to this curve, the material aspect of reality becomes dubious at the frontiers of our observational abilities. This is because the material is not the basis of reality, spirit is. To insist otherwise will only mess up your observations! The radial motion of the fundamental momentum of the universe imparts half the intended trajectory to all things. This tangential momentum is imposed by the mathematics involved in the language of reality.

But there is yet another component to the trajectory of reality that should concern us even more. It is the induced momentum imparted by the field while compensating for changes within the manifestations themselves. Remember, everything must change, even the field, to achieve the intended goal. The induced change can be controlled. More will be said of this a little later. For now we must continue with the creation myth.

The transition to the third instant or moment of creation sees a monumental event occur. The six first order creations thus far, and their respective second order unifying counterparts, totaling nine, now swirl into action. Let’s name them: source, field, unity; present, paradox, plurality; zero, infinity, singularity!

One has a very special place in the numbering system, often overlooked. Any number is a group of ones, for example. The fractal geometry of the universe is expressed by multiples of numbers only divisible by one (prime numbers), as another example. Set theory also is based on the hidden concepts of the number one. So one in a way represents infinity within the finite world. Even uni-verse, means one story or history. The one story - universe.

The singularity is both the group as a whole, or the individuated entity comprising the whole. One is whole unto itself. And here at last the power of the ennead shines through! The nine are one. Three trinities united. The universe is complete. It spins up to speed in a whirling cloud manifesting the potential for a myriad of phenomena where a moment before there was nothing. This would be the end of the story too, had this been the entirety of the intention driving this universe - but it was not. This part was only the prelude. Now was to come the modifiers to the plan, the specifics.

This helical swirling field of potential, by induction processes inherent to its nature, create empty spaces between phenomena. The singularity is sovereign, it respects boundaries, and creates them as well. Boundaries create spaces between - a sort of no man’s land that is necessary to delineate the many separate material phenomena. But nature abhors a vacuum and so, by the process of induction the spaces are filled in by a counter field. This counter field is necessary for information to pass seamlessly between source and sourced.

In reality, the two helical, counter rotating fields switch rolls each instant, thereby transferring information by sublimation and assimilation. Creation flickers between field and counter field, transferring information as it goes and changing in response to changes in the information of the field.

Do not mistake these rotating clouds of mater, energy and potential as the field. That is why the field is termed the sourcefield. It is not the same thing, yet it supports both. These two swirling potentialities feed off each other, sourcing energy one from the other to drive their engines of manifestation and change. Though the fields are locked in sympathetic resonance they act as each other’s impediment as well, causing stress and conflict - the obvious response being to resolve the conflict or counter the stress. These inclinations are the directing intention of the universe as expressed by the various levels of sovereign awareness. But all events happen on the substrate of the original sourcefield duo.

The creation of past and future allows for a rational, linear, single-phase, explanation of reality by relegating pesky and troublesome data to the dustbin of the past or shunting it to some future point of consideration. Past and future spackle over the gaps and fill in the holes in the fabric of reality, and in understanding - the gaps and holes that are in fact the other half of reality (the counter field).

The flickering back and forth between field and counter field happens at an enormous rate, but it does take measurable time. Therefore, the transition between states has to be such that it is out of phase with normal perception, and can go unnoticed by the novice. This phase change is an aspect of sympathetic vibration and the resonance of harmonic structures or gestalts. Past and future cover these special ‘sideways’ requirements. This is another important part of the information regarding how to control the field, or better put, how to resonate in harmony with the field. But for the look of seamless conversion of reality from moment to moment, past and future are indispensable. They excuse the blatant gaps in logical perception by phase shifting awareness in resonance with the transitional speed between states. Past and future allow the present to slip into the next present without hardly any noticeable incident (but the clues are there for those with eyes to see).

Time, of course, synthesizes the thesis that is the past with its anti-thesis, the future, into a beautiful linear and perfectly logical progression myth with a nice beginning, followed by an involving storyline, and a fateful and satisfying ending. But time implies so many other more intrinsic necessities that must first exist for it even to have meaning that it cannot be considered immutable. Time can be used to alter the course of the future, as is done by the sourcefield itself to further its cause and intent! Since past/future/time are aspects of the induced field, they can also be controlled and managed by sovereign conscious intent and alignment with the sourcefield.

Innocent Warrior
3rd November 2014, 05:56
I agree, Rebel, and I have attempted to see and understand more about how your central idea works myself (and how it fits with the sacred elephant analogy). Alas, it is currently beyond the scope of my view. Each time I try to see this, I feel resistance and it starts to do my head in. I can see the answer is paradoxical in nature but that's about it, obvious and not very helpful I know. My response to this has been to let it go and trust that I will receive it as a download from my higher mind at the right time. The question has arisen in you, it's only a matter of time before you see it in the light you wish to. I don't think this is something we can figure out. The best approach is to continue to practice being in the moment and focussing positively (or whatever method of enlightenment you prefer). This is the state in which we will best allow the answer to flow to us and at some point our consciousness will be clear enough and have expanded enough and we will see. Nothing new but that's my approach anyway. This state of being is also what gives rise to maximum performance and enhanced experience anyway.

I'll leave you with a quote I read recently, I can't remember who said it.
"The universe reveals it's secrets to those who dare to follow their hearts."

I just realised you may be simply making a statement lol, hopefully I have understood you correctly, my apologies if I have not. Namaste :o

3rd November 2014, 09:15
we have to overcome the 3D way of thinking in order to understand creation... i guess we are missing just that.... everything is about balance... the old "us" is destroy(in some way) to bring up the new "us"... a "leave it behind"... or "let go" just like Inocent Warrior says...Whenever is yor time you´ll see it.
I am also in this process, can´t wait to see it!!!
Thanks for the threat

3rd November 2014, 13:42
I also conclude this material realm is a solid. Don't quite know where that leads but it seems to point that way.

And assuming that would be one mistake. In other words, it seems that way, but it is not.


Interesting thread! Thank you.

3rd November 2014, 13:47
"Before the soul can see, the harmony within must be attained, and fleshly eyes be
rendered blind to all illusion.
Before the soul can hear, the image (Man) has to become as deaf to roarings as to
whispers, to cries of bellowing elephants as to the silvery buzzing of the golden firefly.
Before the soul can comprehend and may remember, she must unto the silent speaker
be united, just as the form to which the clay is modelled is first united with the potter's
For then the soul will hear, and will remember.

And then to the inner ear will speak the voice of the silence.”

Ernie Nemeth
3rd November 2014, 19:04
I disagree. I think we can figure this out. There have been so many great and honest people who have uncovered so many wonderful aspects of nature and reality. They did so with a true desire to pursue truth wherever it can be found. If they have missed the mark with their conclusions it was only because of the times they lived in. They were duped by their superstitions and their false beliefs. But their science was accurate and meticulous. The data is there. It just has to be assembled in a different order to make sense, that's all. They cannot believe in God when they believe in materiality, that the universe is grainy - not smooth. But if it were grainy then what is between the grains? If there is no God why is there spirit? Science made a grave error when rejecting God. The reasons are obvious - we are run by beings who pay homage to Satan and that nefarious regime! They don't want us learning the secrets of the universe, the actual mechanics that can be learned and then used! Used to free us. Used to turn this place around.

I'm not talking about some airy fairy demigod, supernatural being, scooting around on lightening bolts and blissing out atop fluffy white clouds. I'm not talking about a 'father figure' admonishing us when we do wrong, scaring us with threats of absolute retribution. I'm not talking about the new age god, who will, as long as you smile a lot and not let anything real get you down, smooth out the road for you so you have an interstate highway of a future life. I'm not talking about a god who doesn't care what you do, loves you just the same and will give you the power to ascend just as the **** hits the fan. No.

I'm talking about a power, an absolute power with a personal agenda. This god doesn't give a hoot about your best intentions, couldn't care less how many self-help books you've read. Instead, this god expects and demands EFFORT, lots and lots of effort. This god expects you to work hard and learn well and to hold your own against overwhelming odds and even against your own sense of well-being. This god wants us all to be balanced on the tight rope of reality and truth. Much like our enemies have done and are doing. Guess which group gets god's help? Yup. It's all up to us. Do the work and be saved or...

Or let things stay as they are and let momentum sort out the winners and losers.

Ernie Nemeth
3rd November 2014, 19:25
And the last part...

If we imagine the first helical field to be a tornado-shaped object then the induced field could be likened to the field of water swirling within it as the tornado veers over a lake and sucks up the water in massive quantities. Of course the tornado would die out from the sheer mass of water and the energy absorbed by it to propel it to the speeds within a tornado. Let us imagine these two swirling dissimilar fields within the general outline of a tornado laden with water but not burdened by its mass. The only difference in this analogy is that the air and water would be turning in opposite directions.

So we have two swirling helical formations, one inducing the other by both implication and inference, manifest as a swirling wind and a whirlpool of water, in our example. Neither exist separately, yet neither are manifest simultaneously. The wind cannot be where the water is, nor can the water be where the wind is.

Here comes the tricky part, so hang on!

Every new moment of reality is followed by another phase transition to a new moment. That means every moment consists of the opportunity to trigger the creation sequence in an effort to align with the sourcefield. It also means that during the phase transition we are in flux, and so our universe must also be changing. But how can it change to what we are just changing to, how can an effect alter its cause. It cannot. Therefore, since no other option remains, during transition the induced field becomes the field, and vice versa. In other words, the fields flip polarity and the universe alternately shares its manifestation between both fields. Thus the incoming, transitional information itself induces the precise formation (informs creation) of its next present reality. The point of view of any observer would not change as the transition transports them to an alternate reality, a future present in the counter field. This is because the polarity shift switches counter field to field, and the contents compensate for the field shift leaving nothing as a referent for such a conclusion (again, unless one has eyes to see).

Generally being aware of these ‘loopholes in reality’ helps but it is not focus that counts the most. It is balance. For although these fields that sweep us along with them are there to facilitate change and to ultimately fulfill our destiny they do not however, rule our fate. With comprehension comes informed choice and through informed choice comes responsible intent. Informed choice and responsible intent provide a balanced perspective and an equanimity of spirit compatibly resonant with the sourcefield. That is a formidable combination to controlling one’s own fate and evolution.

And so it is that at the beginning creation had a sequence, a list of priorities, and a perfectly clear goal. The creation sequence is an understanding of a time when there was no one to observe what was still in the process of being created in full. So in a way it could be said that creation was a time when there were as yet no actual laws but only their implied aspects, thus only fundamental archetypes were manifest. It is easier to visualize this bit if creation is seen as taking place in a sort of suspended animation, a protoverse, where the universe can be assembled without any nasty effects distorting the work before it can be finished. So while creation is ongoing its effects are suspended entirely. The descriptive narrative was for the reader’s edification as to the specifics of each created pair’s contribution to reality. Their effects start when the creation sequence is complete.

The fourth moment of creation, positive and negative enter the picture. Positive and negative are created as induced opposites in direct response to the principal created pair of present/paradox. Where the prime koan is plurality, its induced opposite is energy. Positive and negative provide the energy conduits that allow the transfer of states from moment to moment.
Along with this attribute they also facilitate the formation of logic trees that can group into gestalts of understanding. Gestalts allow large amounts of data to be grouped into a single closed system of thought as a fully contained concept, then accepted as a pseudo or quasi-context in its own right. There are many very necessary functions acting upon the gestalt principle too numerous to go into here. What does concern us is that gestalts imply exclusion zones that can act as repulsive/attractive fields and that can be tuned by resonance with the field to act as a sensor array. The aforementioned is both to be taken literally and figuratively as an archetypal metaphysical shield and alignment sensor, among many other interesting uses.

Positive and negative are so well understood there is just one area to consider in this regard: the midpoint. The midpoint or nexus is that point where positive gives over to negative or the other way around, negative gives over to positive. This concept leads to the understanding that the aperture of the conduits of energy is located at the midpoint of converging fields, where field strength is exactly zero - as well as at the poles, where field strength is infinite (in relative terms at least). Just so, there are three apertures, not two, to a given gestalt of any nature, including all original thought and every sovereign entity as well (although it may seem strange to read).

But since the fields can be considered gestalts in their own right, and since they are out of phase with one another, there is room for another entire universe to fit neatly out of phase with our own. When this universe manifests in this field, that other universe manifests in that other field, only to reverse the order the very next moment, and so forth, swapping the field gestalts turn after turn. With each universe progressing as naturally intended no one would be the wiser.

Still, the hardest is the last of the chain, the creation of good and evil. What possible reason could there be for these? Is it perhaps because as consciousness evolves towards sentience, morality and ethical responsibility play an increasing role in the cultural roots of society? And as more and more difficult decisions have to be made, more and more resistance is encountered to those decisions making it harder still to overcome mass inertia. Yet inertia is itself a decision by omission.

Change requires no benediction from mankind to proceed on course. Yet there is a plan and we would not be here without a part to play in it. Even with that knowledge it is best to assume that help is not going to come in the guise of a red carpet and a free ride. Without directed intention, in harmony with universal law, the sourcefield virtually forbids aid to be rendered. Without direction and off balance, the laws of the universe must correct the course of unconscious entities with danger and obstacles to induce the necessary stress and conflict for change to occur. Whether one stays on the board and rides the wave unscathed or not, all surfers are still heading towards the shore.

Good and evil play off one another in a contest neither can win. In a struggle of ideologies, both sides suffer casualties and witness atrocities not ever imaginable if not having been experienced. And they grow, and they change. For all duality must eventually fade and give way to universal law. Even the bravest must succumb. Even the staunchest foe.

And then, but only then, will balance be restored and the harmonic resonance of creation crescendo with the next wildest ride never before imagined.

I guess that’s how gods pass the time...

Ernie Nemeth
3rd November 2014, 20:02
http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a616/ecamn/theprotoverse_zpsa8194f85.png (http://s1286.photobucket.com/user/ecamn/media/theprotoverse_zpsa8194f85.png.html)

3rd November 2014, 20:15
I believe food chains and pyramids (and anything brought to us the FDA or any other officialdom) is a smokescreen, a big lie…I believe it would be more useful and empowering and accurate to describe it as a energy web (is there worse terms than “chains” or “pyramids” to describe the most important aspect of our physical lives?? “Web”’s not great/ideal…what with associations to spiders and any negative connotation they may have…but this is like a “Charlotte’s Web”, the spider weaving it is just a somewhat nuetral idea)

0 (zero) - So we have the light coming in, almost divine…we have no real idea why, so I liken it to “love”…but the SOURCE is the Sun, our Sol, constantly firing off whatever it is that sunlight is (I personally think light = love = information = truth, but that’s just me…)

1 (one) Then there’s these things we know about called plants. They seem less significantly less self-aware than us—and appear less free. Whether or not the Sun and/or God or whatever created them for purpose of “animals” to consume and otherwise use is debatable, I suppose…but it is useful information that there is the LIE out there, that IT IS KNOWN that this is a fact to most, one that very few think about. But we live in a reality where it is taken for granted by a vast majority that plants are “lesser” order living things that can be consumed and used without a second thought…their individual consciousness—assuming they have one, is meaningless to our species as a whole, except for the purpose in which we choose to USE them. Whether it is consuming the sunlight they have processed into usable “food” for us, or whatever other use we have for the “matter” that is the “effect” of the “cause” that is photosynthesis—the process by which they convert sunlight into a form of energy usable by 3D “solid” entities.

2 (two) In the chain or the pyramid, at the next level…there are herbivores, creatures that only keep themselves existing by consuming plants. They instinctually “know” that consuming another herbivore is not a decision that will aid in continuing their existing. They get their fuel and building blocks (you are what you eat!!) for their vehicles strictly from entities that directly convert sunlight into something usable and there is no other processing involved….just that primary processing of light into something else.

3 So in this lie that we as species (or more accurately, a subspecies of humans that dominates the earth that uses what is often called “western civilization” based mindset) often pass down to our young, the next higher order, step up, link in the food chain is the carnivores.

The vehicles of this category of observable 3D beings seem designed, it seem the teeth and claws and hunting instincts are for the purpose of taking the herbivore-digested sunlight, that energy which was processed by the plants, then processed again by the herbivore into the flesh that makes up the vehicle they seem to exist in. Our science tells us they need the energy processed in that way in order for their own bodies to function & grow. We call this predation. If you can look at objectively at the information provided to us by commonly accepted “science”, it seems that this is a “necessary evil” in the jungle that is 3D existence, an unavoidable type of energy exchange where one type of being’s existence is fundamentally changed (it no longer lives in its vehicle) so that another can continue theirs.

4 Whatever doesn’t getting used by “higher order” organisms gets consumed and processed by microbes commonly called “decomposers” (which I assume, when they die they get eaten by smaller decomposers ), leaving the building blocks plants need that the sun doesn’t directly provide.

That’s the “truth” that I could piece together from the information I have been provided in my current existence. At least, that’s the backbone of the package you receive in mainstream science class in most of the Western Civlization cultures. In addition to the nice pretty “circle of life”, there are some “add ons” and “throw ins”:

-They mention “scavengers”, which function as decomposers, but happen to be larger/more complex than microbes
-Parasites are anything that (continually) take energy from a living being while it is still alive (usually through deception) rather than completely killing it.

This is the truth of the “solids” on the energy web, as I have been taught….it is my understanding of what passes for a scientific explanation of our relationship to reality.

¤=[Post Update]=¤

We here at Avalon understand there is more to it than that. All of it seems really true to me, none of what I just shared is outside of my experience. This seems to me to be the most important information to have a deep understanding of in order to be able to make ANY sense of the reality we find ourselves immersed in.

Not only is the information pretty much marginalized, almost trivialized, certain implications are as well:

I’ll start with omnivores, as I imagine if you bothered to read this far, you’re probably screaming YOU FORGOT SOMETHING PHIL YOU DUMMY…or something to that effect. I just think that we would think of it differently, if we truly understood the other relationships (predator, scavenger, parasite, whatever you call our relationship with plants and entities we don’t relate to on a empathetic level, etc.) …Instead of thinking of them as animals that are able to either (plants or veg), we’d have another category for beings that not only can use the energy from either, but recognize they have a CHOICE.

Which brings up the veggie/vegan debate, which rages endlessly…and to rebel’s “we can figure this out”, I suggest I believe the reason is that we lie to ourselves about that fact that I would think could be relatively easily scientifically proven (if it has not already). But I totally feel that’s what that whole fight is about, self loathing of destroying a being that is closer to consciousness/self awaresness/empathy than plants or stones…sure, there may be consciousness in everything, but I never looked into a tree or bug or fish’s eyes and saw unconditional love or sympathetic fear I’ve seen in mammals.

Thinking mammals are “better” than anything else may be a mistake as well…emotional attachments leading us to false conclusions that things are evil or tragic to us and that we “know” that don’t matter to anything else seems to be a big cause of manufactured pain, misery, problems…if we could accept the relationships as we understand and refine them (as we should be able to as self-conscious omnivorous 3D free will having** beings), mainly by not taking any of them personally—hard as it as humans to think that possible, but I can dream—we would make more meangful decisions.

What does making “meaningful” decisions mean? It means having good information, that leads your choices to be closer in our shared reality to what you intended it to be. I believe that’s what most of us would want, if the importance of that idea wasn’t buried under the mounds of complexity we have allowed to be created as a collective.

So this possibly seemingly disjointed laying out of my understanding KINDA has relation to the OP, I think…because ultimately it is all that I have come to understand to be objectively true about the 3D reality I find myself. Is it “solid”? Absolutely not, which is why have to fill in the gaps, together.

I believe most of us are here together because have experienced those things most can’t see but fill those gaps. The elements of this web I describe imply that thermodynamics seems closest we can (so far) come to the truth: energy is probably not “created” or “destroyed” (considering EVERYTHING IS ENERGY), just changed.

THAT IS THE THOUGHT THAT HIT ME WHEN I WAS YOUNG: someone told me, I think I know what happened. Energy made a conscious decision to change.

How about that? Creation is an IDEA. One decision. A certain type of energy, CHOOSING to change into something else. That was the BIG BANG. And all life is, is the added complexity of that one decision, one energy changing itself, to change the other energy around it as it saw fit, within it’s ability at the time….rippling outward (seeming to expand) until here we are.

So now we choose. On one level, we can create universes, on another, we are merely cells of an organism that might not be able to recognize our individuality (anymore than we can know the personality of one our cells). Approaching reality with this understanding, as a child…I mean, how empowering would that be? Instead of the lies we are immersed in, which we tend to emotionally attach to…seemingly on purpose from some more aware beings...it just seems to me to be the right direction, change our mindsets so “you are what you eat” is not just some platitude, but the profound and super important thought that is—one that should be at the center of awareness more than the shiny rectangles and crazy lies that fill it now…anyway these were my thoughts as I defiantly openly express my resentment to wage slavery…

Ernie Nemeth
3rd November 2014, 21:14
Really good Donk. I love it!

Your views are not dissimilar. That is, actually my point. That although this diatribe might seem outlandish, it does encompass, in a coherent manner, higher level concepts. These are the archetypes that do not change, the substrate upon which all change occurs. These are the fundamentals of our universe. The words may be considered a poor choice but not the order of or the implied meaning of the concepts. They are irreducible. Unlike the four forces of science, or the sub-atomic realm of physicists. Not even the quanta of Quantum Theory is irreducible in principle - it is merely considered a threshold of tangible reality.

Love might be considered an irreducible concept but at this level even it is implied because it is ultimately an subjective perception of an enduring quality: unity.

Plants, animals, herbivores, omnivores, and predators all change, all fade. But as an enduring quality they are expressions of plurality.

The universe is first and foremost a perfectly resonant structure. Because it is resonant its harmonics induce its perfectly scalable structure as well - the so called axiom: 'As above, so below'.

Now with the electric universe concept rekindled, and the new sciences discovering all sorts of proof for its existence, it seemed timely to at least present this idea for consideration. It is those theories that started this concept spinning. And my mind won't let go of it. Now I have it out I'm going to rebalance again. I respect the universe and its laws.

I have gone out as requested. Now I go in as I must.

3rd November 2014, 21:38
So it seems to me that we would necessarily all see creation as something different...interesting how the prevailing view is currently a giant explosion. Our birth is seen as horrible painful experience for most mothers and traumatic for most children. Doesn't that say way more about us than it does about actual creation?

Could we relate to a 5th dimensional being's perception of what it looked? Or a tree?

I hope this isn't horribly off-topic, I only read the title and little snippets, hoping to get a chance to read when I am not at work.

My point is: in the context of discussions on "creation" or "cause" or our purpose or orgins, I think it's important to make sure we have SOME shared reality...some agreement as to the way our shared reality seems to work...one more illustration:

Isn't a kidney an independent organism, in a sense? A single organic unit that serves a function. I realize technically it is an "organ", but my understanding is that each of the cells that make it up are each organisms, and the collective forms another organism (an organ), and a collection of those functional organisms create what we generally think of as an organism.

But how many of us think about, how renal cells share things that make them similar, while they are each individuals. Are the individual cells conscious of the function of the whole? Is the "master" organism conscious of the each in the collective that makes it up? Most organisms are NOT conscious of the fact they have these organisms composing them...correct? That's what makes us different?

Does it make us different? Doesn't it imply that we may have a purpose? That there may even be an urgent need (urgent relative to that specific purpose) for us to get on a collective (gulp, "hive") mindset so that the organism functions as it is intended? And doesn't this presuppose that the "greater" purpose will not only elude us, it can never make sense to us...at least outside of our own perspective?

I personally take exception to that last question...I enjoy trying to figure out why, and like I did notice rebel say something like "I think we can figure this out". Maybe it's even "worth it".

One more thing...AI is a creation of beings. Some might have intentionally created them, some might have been accidents...programs/energy that decided to change. Part of the energy web, entities that consume some of the unseen "not solid" food from the chain. Maybe the secret in dealing with them (and any entity), is to help them understand our purpose, and helping them to understand theirs.

I understand how abstract that concept is, but in this energy filled reality where the only thing that seems is real is experiences which is based on relationships...maybe that's the way? Maybe fight and conflict and competition just feeds other dudes that have other niches in the unseen of the web...maybe there's a disease of our "organism" that seems

Innocent Warrior
3rd November 2014, 21:59
"I disagree. I think we can figure this out. There have been so many great and honest people who have uncovered so many wonderful aspects of nature and reality. They did so with a true desire to pursue truth wherever it can be found. If they have missed the mark with their conclusions it was only because of the times they lived in. They were duped by their superstitions and their false beliefs. But their science was accurate and meticulous. The data is there. It just has to be assembled in a different order to make sense, that's all. They cannot believe in God when they believe in materiality, that the universe is grainy - not smooth. But if it were grainy then what is between the grains? If there is no God why is there spirit? Science made a grave error when rejecting God. The reasons are obvious - we are run by beings who pay homage to Satan and that nefarious regime! They don't want us learning the secrets of the universe, the actual mechanics that can be learned and then used! Used to free us. Used to turn this place around.

I'm not talking about some airy fairy demigod, supernatural being, scooting around on lightening bolts and blissing out atop fluffy white clouds. I'm not talking about a 'father figure' admonishing us when we do wrong, scaring us with threats of absolute retribution. I'm not talking about the new age god, who will, as long as you smile a lot and not let anything real get you down, smooth out the road for you so you have an interstate highway of a future life. I'm not talking about a god who doesn't care what you do, loves you just the same and will give you the power to ascend just as the **** hits the fan. No.

I'm talking about a power, an absolute power with a personal agenda. This god doesn't give a hoot about your best intentions, couldn't care less how many self-help books you've read. Instead, this god expects and demands EFFORT, lots and lots of effort. This god expects you to work hard and learn well and to hold your own against overwhelming odds and even against your own sense of well-being. This god wants us all to be balanced on the tight rope of reality and truth. Much like our enemies have done and are doing. Guess which group gets god's help? Yup. It's all up to us. Do the work and be saved or...

Or let things stay as they are and let momentum sort out the winners and losers."

Rebel, pick any time you like, the physical mind has no place in this arena. You're talking about having the secrets of the universe revealed to you and yet I don't see a single reference to your heart. It is my understanding that limits our scope, but to each their own.

Great thread, thanks.

Update: Wanted to quote but forgot. Also edited my message, I didn't like the energy of my post. All the best to you.

Ernie Nemeth
16th November 2014, 22:46
The creation sequence is a learning tool. Its main goal is to place in the mind a simple and easily remembered schematic designed to allow quick recourse to sentience when most needed.

Sentience is a state of mind. Like the neo-cortex of the brain, it works by encompassing the lower functions with an overview position enabling a short-circuiting of baser, reactionary impulses. Although not understanding the scope of this universal process, sentience links in at an appropriate level commensurate with its own stage of development. Site specific information can be accessed by sympathetic resonance where absorption, retention and assimilation are accomplished in the act called comprehension. Sentience is the state of sympathetic resonance with the sourcefield whereby specific information pertinent to present circumstances can be accessed to expedite the safe and successful outcome of any event.

By using the chart as a guide, the process of creation can be synced with an individual’s life.

There are various ways this could be accomplished but it is not the method that counts. It is the intention. The more this intention is aligned with the intent of the sourcefield the more accurate will be the information download.

A thing about this download - it is never as one expects! This is for many reasons. Instead of trying to enumerate them all it might be best just to attempt explaining the mechanism itself in better detail.

The sourcefield works with gestalts (paradigms). It uses what in one place in this work was described as a ‘constellation of information’ to organize vast amounts of interconnecting dynamics into a comprehensive whole. An individual cannot consciously cope with this sort of information. Instead, a scaling down, a paring, a filter of the appropriate nature is required.

This is accomplished very simply by acting. By moving in the direction of a desired goal, coupled with conscious recognition of the power of the sourcefield, the appropriate channels and energetic levels to find that gestalt harmonic will activate and a version of the goal will manifest. The more aligned a goal is to that individual’s destiny, within the confines of universal and natural law, the grander will be the manifested outcome.

Often, an individual’s goals are not in line with their higher aspirations because most individuals are not sentient - not conscious of and in resonance with universal law.

Acting in accordance with one’s higher aspirations can only be done by removing the impediments to sentience. These are many. But they can be generalized into two camps - guilt and fear. Guilt is centered firmly in the past, fear in the future. These base feelings must be curbed and ultimately conquered. Not ignored. Not denied. Not projected onto another. Not turned into a victim story. How do you destroy guilt and fear? First by honest and deep introspection. Then by rising above it to a level where guilt and fear are put in their proper perspective. There is no guilt and fear now. They exist in retrospect or in anticipation - that’s it. One is already over - nothing can be done about the past except acceptance. The other is yet to happen, but something can be done about the future...

Act now. Action repels fear. Action pushes fear into the future. Right action eliminates irrational fear altogether. At a certain level fear can be seen as the healthy moral compass that it is. If there is valid fear, then action is the only recourse to safety. Action is both the defensive and offensive solution to fear - always.

If you are frozen in fear, you are not sentient. If you do not act, you are not sentient.

Put in the proper context, all events serve a purpose. Sentience is the ability to find harmonic resonance with the sourcefield in order to align oneself with universal law. Once aligned, or ‘put in the proper context’, all events serve one’s own purpose as well.

The best point of leverage is the past/future interface. It is this gestalt that is most easily blocked in beings nearing the attainment of sentience. The reasons are again many but are not really that important. Clearing the blocks at this level with issues relating to guilt and fear will open an aperture, a portal if you will, to the sourcefield. This is the specific harmonic frequency related to your personal and unique identity. Identify it in silence. Learn to resonate at that frequency. This can be accomplished by gauging the feelings and remembering its exact imprint or by imagining a sanctuary where the atmosphere is always attuned that way. There are other ways, such as ceremony, ritual, crystallography, totems, elemental incantations, and many more. If nothing works try spinning the same number of times counter-clockwise, then clockwise. Then stand still.

And always breathe deep cleansing breaths before and after the attunement process. Keep at it. It will work. If it doesn’t work then move, take action.

There is always more work to be done anyway.

Remember: Intention, alignment, action.

May you resonate in harmony with the sourcefield all your days.