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4th November 2014, 14:17
Hi All,

The year this experience happened was 2010 when I was 20 years of age, and is my first ever lucid dreaming experience.

The Levitating Banknote

I remember being more exhausted than I have ever been before, taking a nap, and drifting off to sleep within minutes. Then the strangeness began.

I remember dreaming, it was unlike any dream I had before. It was very vivid and felt very real, as if I were awake, but I knew it was a dream. I had full control of my actions, and thoughts within the dream. One event happened within the dream which affected me even after waking, and which I still have feelings for today, in a positive way.

In the dream, I was phased, or transported to my kitchen, facing the counter top. The kitchen looked exactly as expected and true to real life, with no anomalies. There was a banknote on the counter top just sitting there, I don't know how it got there, perhaps from my subconscious? It was almost as if my subconscious had set up this little scenario to see how I was react. Almost like, "there's a banknote, now do something with it".

Before I continue, I must say, I have always had a fascination with magic and levitation, which I believe played a role in the action I took in the dream.

I looked down at the note, and with no effort at all, simply 'willed' it to levitate and sure enough it did! The darn note started levitating before my dream self's eyes.

I was genuinely blown away as it felt so real, in my mind, I had REALLY levitated the note.

After waking, I knew I hadn't really levitated the note, it was just a dream but didn't care, the levitation felt so real to me, that it was as good as being able to levitate the note during wakefulness if it were possible (if that makes any sense). It was a dream, but the feelings were very real. For that small moment I had done something truly magical, and it felt real enough for me to feel a sense of achievement even upon waking.

That was part 1 of my dream, there was much more that happened during that single sleep including my first ever sleep paralysis (talk about an eventful sleep hehe), which I will get to in a future post. I also have many more experiences, each one stranger than the last, one of which includes a sketch of a creature I seen during sleep paralysis.

Cheers, and thanks for stopping by to read about my experience.

4th November 2014, 15:48
Quite simple really. This is just your High Self, showing you what is possible. You just don't believe it... yet.

You don't believe it because you have been programed from birth... not to.

We all have this ability. It is who... we really are!!!!!!!! :wizard:

5th November 2014, 01:44
Now that the Earth is out of the spiral arm of the Milkyway , she is open to new energies from diverse suns , speeding up the human being and it's spiritual self as never before ... The only limits are the ones you put on yourself ... Try traveling without moving , your consciousness is able to do this , you can travel anywhere , just learn the ins and outs of how it works ...So many new things are in store for those who shred off fear and become objective , and have an open and willing mind to explore what it really means to be a human being ... we bare a spirit that is immortal , and knows everything , access to the storage banks is not exclusive , it waits for all of us , we left it there to one day be used for our evolution , millions and billions of years ago the storage banks were already complete and waiting ...