View Full Version : From the folks who brought us "THRIVE" a very uplifting video. Please watch.

17th November 2014, 02:11
Here is a very timely video by the folks who brought us THRIVE. It is telling us of the hope they have for stopping the downward spiral we are caught in presently. I for one am very excited by this news and holding my high intent for this to happen. We can certainly use some good news right now.....no?

(I hope I pasted this link correctly)

http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001O6WqKJBVZXuCtJPhh4OXJKi8Oh4SQ9VM7MJisR d_YyM_57WfefCyB6NOyrAyLLLc5Tyc_sRuuKTagJEze_RLASvp 4fygdhyeE7G2czDITCAV5gS0Y3MFwauQ_sjQiAf3NHr3LxnQ5V V8HD2QwfrVGMntMQpQf1vl0r9uqsyzHodTX_K1SEVzx2_hKCXf ZULj2BzB-35SRtaOhL9yRigYew==&c=cmvazgAO_ItBo5cjbljzOccMv0g2jtq7qlVPfmdwh2BIVFhe nQ749Q==&ch=Wtv-v3fZD1i7baGkRC7h_5NRRhn1HCk6tZC8cCXrhh0d8x2gCxSQFw ==

17th November 2014, 03:31

17th November 2014, 06:21
Thanks for that Jackson... very encouraging :)
It is a much more pleasant sounding future that this vid conveys, than massive cataclysmic events!