View Full Version : Benjamin Fulford website now says his .net domain name has expired - WTF

17th November 2014, 12:01
I tried to access Ben's last report at www.benjaminfulford.net and it says the domain name has expired!

His other site www.benjaminfulford.com is still up.

Hope it's just a glitch.

17th November 2014, 12:40
I added the word ".net" to this thread's title. The title originally seemed to be claiming that Fulford's one and only domain name had expired - which would have been a more dramatic event than having just his .net name expired.

When I go to www.benjaminfulford.net now, it appears to be working. So I suspect that this was a brief and temporary event, in any case.

17th November 2014, 13:05
sometimes people forget to pay their bills... especially on websites.

17th November 2014, 13:44
That's strange...I still get the same message. Maybe a virus on my end???

17th November 2014, 14:06
That's strange...I still get the same message. Maybe a virus on my end???

Right now, several others with whom I was discussing this were getting mixed results. Some see no useful site, some half a useful site, some see an expiration notice, and some see the entire site just fine.

I'm guessing that Fulford just "paid his bill" and the cache updates are working their way through the web.

If so, then most everyone should be seeing it fine again, within a few hours.

17th November 2014, 14:07
Thanks Paul...

17th November 2014, 14:10
Latest Ben Fulford post is up now and available in full from other sites:


Joe Akulis
17th November 2014, 17:22
A lot of Ben's articles tend to prop up the "cabal" as the US/UK/Vatican and their puppets, and they are the bad guys. And on the flip side, anyone who stands up to them, or helps the world to push the "cabal" off the map is the good guys. But my attitude will always be thus:

If you're still spending tons of money to construct huge pipelines to transport hydrocarbon-based energy sources all over the continents, then you're still not helping us. Start leaking information about free energy initiatives, or I will still think of you as just another cabal of a different color.

I like some of the changes I see coming from the BRICS, but I don't see anyone trying to set us free yet. I still have hope though!

17th November 2014, 17:42
Excerpt from Ben's report:

"The Hyksos/Satanist factions are now being purged both in England and from the Vatican according to multiple sources. Pope Francis has removed thousands of pedophile priests from the Vatican, cleaned up the Vatican bank and otherwise ended their influence on that organization.

In England, stories that used to be on the far fringe of so-called “conspiracy theory” are now appearing in newspapers and even in the BBC. The stories talk about a pedophile ring filled with high ranking political, military and other figures killing and raping young boys.



Scotland Yard is investigating and mass arrests are expected, MI5 officials say.

When the same sorts of incidents are prosecuted inside the United States and the rest of the EU, then the horror perpetrated by these cultists will finally come to an end."

The last paragraph is the one that gets me. When will the stranglehold on the media be broken, so people can find out what is going on and
demand en mass that these people be prosecuted?

A Voice from the Mountains
17th November 2014, 17:55
The webpage mentioned by the OP is not working for me either.

I'm sure Ben will just get somewhere else up for his weekly articles if this creates a problem. I'll just have to change my RSS feed and that'll be that.

17th November 2014, 23:44
Geez, still can't get on Ben's site.... Guess the universe is trying to teach me patience.

jake gittes
18th November 2014, 00:06
You can get his weekly reports here: http://eclinik.wordpress.com/vital-issues/ben-fulford/

- at least for now

Reports are listed from most recent to least recent.. with the larger font headline being the latest.

A Voice from the Mountains
18th November 2014, 00:10
If TPTB got to his domain host then it probably won't be back up. He'll have to get a new website.

But altogether, it's not so bad. Ben loses a web domain, while the Satanist cabal continues to lose secrecy around their sacrificial and abusive rituals and loses their immunity to prosecution. That's a good enough trade off as far as I'm concerned. :)

This week's article was posted in another link above and Ben linked to two UK articles discussing at least one or two MP's under investigation for the murder of a young boy back decades ago. Scotland Yard is finally sticking its nose into these cases and its boots hopefully up some Satanists' arses.

18th November 2014, 01:05
Ummm mentioned his latest report was available several hours ago at post #7