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18th November 2014, 07:40

"Published on 17 Nov 2014
These people can kiss my azhe. Funny"

18th November 2014, 08:26
I like this guy; gotta love british irreverence! He has an appropriate attitude (IMO) toward invasive and surreptitious request/demand. Oh let it be that he is among the majority!

18th November 2014, 09:11
Hi ktlight,

I had a brilliant laugh (in a nice way) with you this morning. You really presented the level of frustration most of us have with these "sheople" following corporate orders.
I was like you a few years back when I decided to cancel my TV license!
The level of harrassment was phenomenal. At the end I decided not to pay attention to the letters any more, as they are designed to create FEAR and these people feed on that.

With regards to the police officers, please have a look at this video:


Police officers are not there to serve you anymore, so please look into this.

Good luck!

Mike Gorman
18th November 2014, 11:56
Yes, these damned debt collectors chasing their purchased debts from banks - pennies on the dollar and a profit if they can intimidate someone into believing they have 'done wrong'
and are now facing the 'authorities' - pah - the debts are all extortion in any case most the credit agreements are non valid as contracts -fractional reserve banking
it is rotten to the core!

18th November 2014, 18:43
In north America, they are generally considered 'unsecured debts', and generally, depending on location, they may not be used to directly attack the debtor.

'Unsecured', means exactly that..which is that the debt has no surety, no surety that can be extracted from the debtor. No real means of legal claim, written right into the idea of the legal reality of a 'unsecured debt'.

Thus, the debts are sold off to collection agencies and collection groups, and those debts, once sold, are used as 'losses' in the form of tax avoidance and/or lessening, by the given corporation who issued the unsecured debt. They will write the debt off when it is useful for them to do so.

as for the agencies who harass, that is their primary weapon. The harassment alone is their primary weapon. "Unsecured' means they cannot extract funds or repayment from the debtor's properties via legal channels of enforcement.

19th November 2014, 14:21
I think this is the kind of crap that will continue to escalate as the power of corporations becomes more evident. I wonder what kind of cooperation they get from mailing out that kind of fear mongering mail. I think we would all be saddened if we knew. I can see the bulk of people running around gathering the info and making the required copies, following the directions on the letter to the tee. Of course, those few that dare to call the company will be met with a maze of recording that will never lead them to the answers they are searching for...... THIS IS FRIGGIN INSANITY!!!!!!! I wonder how far all of this will go???????

Thank you for the laughs,though....ktlight