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19th November 2014, 01:32
I vote Mark Passio as one of the top light warriors on this planet. His emphasis on the fact that we all need to take "action" is what i believe we are here to do. I think the infiltration in the New Age movement preaches passivity..mostly coming from channeled information from Abraham-hicks etc that teach us to look away. I declare Bull**** to that just like Mike Passio. We are all here to take action. Help awaken the masses so we can save the planet and ascend Gaia.

P.S. what if 1000 light warriors posted information on youtube and yahoo news daily for 15 minutes. We could reach and help awaken thousands daily. Unlike what the New Age movement teaches us to not awaken others, i think this is B.S. implanted by the dark forces to keep them in power and keep Gaia at lower frequencies. Every person that awakens raises the vibe of the planet called the Schumann Resonance.


19th November 2014, 15:59
Thank you posting this - I love Mark Passio's work and had not seen this particular one.

Over the last year I have passed on his teachings to numerous people on my email list that I know who have fallen unwittingly into the traps of the New Age movement - it has been recieved mainly with a very positive response encouraging them to think so much bigger than just meditating on the problem magically going away. Imho, Mark is alighting a new fire within for those who listen to his message.

What I also love about Mark's work is that he puts his work out on the internet for free allowing all walks of life to have access.

I am looking forward to when his book is ready to purchase.

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19th November 2014, 18:22
. Every person that awakens raises the vibe of the planet called the Schumann Resonance.

I agree with the message of your post, just be careful with concepts you use, the schumann resonance is a physical property of the size of our atmosphere in relation to the circumference of earth (or volume of the sphere more accurately); so unless we somehow change either one of those the schumann resonance will continue to be the same.

It is important to be as accurate as possible when discussing these topics; your entire message can be "written off" by "debunkers" that catch one small thing like this (it happens a lot).