View Full Version : LIVE: Studentsí protest in London erupts in clashes

19th November 2014, 16:15
Live now [Playback now]


[Mod edit: the video is now a report of what happened -- click on the "YouTube" icon bottom right of video window to go to YouTube]

19th November 2014, 16:23
You mean the cop's planted in the crowd riot?

19th November 2014, 16:29
Probably right MOJFK ... just putting it up as no one except RT was covering it

19th November 2014, 16:37
LOL RT just pulled the live link as I posted it here!

19th November 2014, 19:05
it used to be £50 and a lump of hash to a few known hooligans and a ride in a van to the hub...wonder how much it is now?
thanks for the post RichD

19th November 2014, 19:48
Makes me wonder what would happen if the guy with the megaphone started chanting "Four legs good, two legs better."

19th November 2014, 20:16
Every little bit of pressure on the PTB hacks away at their control