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20th November 2014, 06:33
excellent commentary with a very sobering closing statement by the judge, if its too long or you haven't the time the last 2 minutes are a must listen coming from Napolitano 4orlWZeF6sg

20th November 2014, 19:05

Thank you so much, jerry!

Peace Love Joy & Harmony,

P.S. I sure wouldn't have wanted to be the second speaker.

20th November 2014, 20:37
This is magnificent clarity of thought and expression of truth. I urge all to listen and reflect, understand and make it a part of your thinking.

The words with which this wise soul ended this talk:
"When the time comes, you will know what to do - because FREEDOM lies in everyone's heart. But it must do more than just lie there."

20th November 2014, 21:42
Excellent speech! Natural Law is the answer that must be implemented IMO.


20th November 2014, 23:21
This is one guy the PTB don't know what to do with. He's well spoken and respected, speaks truth to the heart and minds of all who listen

21st November 2014, 02:01
Powerful and hope it goes VIRAL on Utube and FaceBook..............I did my part in forwarding, how about you? :pleasantry:

21st November 2014, 18:54
Ron Paul explains how state intervention destroys civil society, and how free markets offer a better solution. Recorded at the Mises Circle in Costa Mesa, California, 8 November 20143agqK_aGbWM

21st November 2014, 21:13
Is Ron Paul the next speaker that Judge Andrew Napolitano referenced when he said in his talk:
"In this room, after I finish, is the Thomas Jefferson of our day, who never forgot his promises. Sadly this is an exception, because the government tramples natural rights." ?

On the topic of Judge Napolitano, I put down here some of his words from his talk for those who prefer reading to listening:

There are rights that come from our humanity. What are these rights that come from our humanity, and if they come from our humanity, how can our government trample them?

The concept of natural rights articulated by Thomas Aquinas is this: that there are areas of human behaviour for which we do not need a government permission slip in order to make free choices in those areas.

These are things like the freedom to develop your personality, the right to think as you wish, the right to say what you think, the right to express your thoughts, the right to worship or not to worship, the right to assemble in groups, the right to refuse to assemble in groups, the right to petition your government for a redress of your differences, the right to defend yourself. I must tell you the right to defend yourself, the right to keep and bear arms, does not protect your right to shoot deer – it protects your right to shoot at the government when it is taken over by tyrants. These are the quintessential American rights. The right to be left alone, codified in the Fourth Amendment, today called “the right to privacy”. We all know what has happened to privacy.

Today our government has such profound disregard for our natural rights that it tramples them to extremes beyond that which even George Orwell imagined in [his book] 1984.

If Aquinas and Jefferson were right, that these natural rights come from our humanity and not the government, things like thought and speech and privacy and travel, how can the government trample them?
The idea that the government derives its power from the consent of the governed is, like government itself, a fiction. The fiction is that we have consented to the surrender of our rights. The reality is that our rights have been stolen from us because the government monopolizes force.

In this room, after I finish, is the Thomas Jefferson of our day [referring to Dr. Ron Paul], who never forgot his promises. Sadly this is an exception, because the government tramples natural rights. Today our government, to which none of us has consented, claims it has the authority by majority vote to assault those liberties that are part of our humanity.
“THE PRESUMPTION OF LIBERTY” [an expression of our natural rights] says that the rights that we did NOT surrender to the government, we retained for ourselves, and they can never be taken away from us by popular vote or majority in the legislature or a command by a governor or a president.
...virtually everything the government has done OTHER THAN to protect natural rights has been wrong.
Question: Is there any legitimate activity a government has in a free society? Answer: Yes. To protect the natural rights of the people in that society. It means instead of assaulting my freedom, my life, my liberty and my property – PROTECT it! And a government that believes in natural rights will limit itself to those behaviours.

Understand the force of darkness among us. That force of darkness is the very government we have elected and empowered to impose the darkness upon us. The better we understand it, the more we understand it, the sooner we can be free from its shackles.

I expect that when I die it will be peacefully in my bed, surrounded by people that love me and faithful to “First Principles”. That will not happen to everybody in this room. Some of you will die in government prisons. Some of you, particularly the young people, must be prepared to die in a town square, to the sound of government trumpets blaring. When the time comes, you will know what to do, because freedom lies in everyone’s heart, but it must do more than just lie there.
- Andrew P. Napolitano

21st November 2014, 22:22
Ron Paul was the next speaker Napolitano mentioned,..... Who Else? :)

I personally want to Thank You! Meggings for helping to carry this message, one I feel is key and central to a needed shift in the way most mindlessly go about their everyday lives, without thinking of what it is that made this nation great, or what is it that has fostered the degeneration of our planet. I would implore all need to listen the message whether they grasp its meaning and ramifications' or not.

Your effort of placing Napolitano's words into text was a fantastic. I must applaud you, as these words are profound. Now a cut and paste, its placed in on line journals, various blogs, forums and personal notes, bravo!

22nd November 2014, 00:41
This completes the forum held with Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul, And lew Rockwell with a very intriguing Q&A session DFq6dtO9ZUw